How Man United can help Arsenal to WIN Premier League!!

Although it looks like Arsenal have booked their place in the top four by beating Liverpool today and stretching the gap between us and fifth place to nine points, it is not all done and dusted. What Arsenal fans want now though is to keep winning games and to give Chelsea a real fight for the title and Man United could be a big help.

The spuds could close that gap to seven points tomorrow by beating Burnley away from home so the Gunners cannot afford to ease up. We do not want fourth place now, however, as that would seem a disappointment from our current position. The fact that United keep winning is keeping us on our toes, though, and that is one of the ways they could help us.

By having to keep taking all three points in every game, the Gunners have already closed the gap a little to Chelsea and with the great form we are showing and the end of our injury problems, there is no reason why Arsenal cannot win our remaining seven league games.

One of those games is at home against Chelsea, which would close the gap further. Before that, however, Jose Mourinho’s side play host to Man United and I have never wanted United to win a game so much. Even getting a draw at Stamford Bridge would do us a huge favour and would have the mouthy one feeling the pressure.

United hos Man City next week, another of our title rivals, so they are going to have a big say on the way the season ends. Of course, we also want them to be off colour when the Gunners travel to Old Trafford in May. Have you got all that Mr. van Gaal?

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  1. One game at a time. Let us not go over board. All it takes is one game to lose all confidence. Ask liverpool, they were tamed by MU at anfield and that started their downfall. I still think City will be fighting for top 4 with liverpool and its going to be between Arsenal and MU for the second place. Although, still a long way to go before we start counting chickens.

    1. nvm. rib injury i have been informed. hope he’ll be back soon. ospina needs to be kept on his toes no matter what.

      still buzzing bc of the win today.
      making all the ozil doubters eat their words.

  2. As above wo wo wo slow down! We could slip up as could any of the others at the top. I think Chelsea are out of sight but I’d be delighted with 2nd this year, retaining the facup would be the icing on the cake 🙂

    1. Retaining the F.A. Cup and the Chelsea and Utd games are the biggest for me.

      Assert dominance over Liverpool – check
      City – Check
      Utd – Chance to beat them twice at Old Trafford, have we ever done that in a season before?
      Chelsea – have had it over us. a big chance to make them think twice going into next season.
      Two consecutive F.A. Cups and the Community Shield (better than not winning it!) over City will be huge. Though it’s still far from the league or CL, it would still show leaps and bounds in regaining the winning mentality.

      Last season we were simply not good enough in big matches. Overall, i think we’ve shown a massive improvement in that regard. Still not 100% there, but a massive improvement.

      Still ecstatic over the win… All goals were a lot different than we usually score. Not intricate play (which we still showed plenty of) but individual brilliance and half chances being converted. Very, very positive.

      1. Agree with what you said but don’t agree with you about the goals we scored. Those are the type of goals we have been scoring this year, great team goals littered with individual brilliance. Except the free kick we haven’t seen too many of those!

        1. haha well a disagreement over the goals we’re scoring is a pleasant one to have 🙂

          Bellerin’s goal, the move was created by a beautiful ball by Ozil and some nice passing and movement so wasn’t referring to that one.
          But both sanchez and giroud’s goal were two nice touches followed by a rocket/a curler from outside the box. I was referring to those elements as opposed to say, if the Cazorla move that hit the post had been converted which I would’ve classed as a more typical team goal. A beautiful team goal at that.

          P.S. How unlucky has Cazorla been this season?? The constant victim of World-Class saves (notably De Gea) and the woodwork..

          1. Ya you are right then I was more referring to the build up like Alexis’s goal WOW Ramsey’s first touch with his back to goal after the ball was fired into him was mesmerizing.

            Haha your right about cazorla poor guy maybe he’ll score a screamer in the FA fup semi final like he did in the final last year

  3. I am looking forward to next season. We have to strengthen and not just sit on the laurels. City will buy some quality players, Chelsea will as usual buy for the sake of buying and MU well with the champions league football now, they would surely attract some world beaters. We have to buy some quality players quietly. No need to go to the bidding war stuffs but just go and buy couple of quality players. For starters I would want us to buy a solid midfielder.

    1. Wenger buys quality.
      Ask Pool where the Suarez money went?
      Ask Daniel Levy where the Gale money went?

      Wenger spends WISELY.

  4. Just want us to keep our form up and keep winning. Our UCL run has been unfortunate but our BPL and FA in 2015 has been just unbelievable. Never expected us to handle Liverpool so easily. And I know folks said we took a back burner in the second half, but I think that was all part of the tactics. Keep it up, that’s all I have to say

    1. exactly. we sat back. rightly so, and picked em off. seriously ppl are hyper critical. if we go gung-ho -> arsenal don’t have tactics. we sit back and defend -> we went off the boiler in the second half.

      at 3-0 why the flying f’ should we do anything? liverpool want to get into the topfour, they need to score. seriously give it a break pundits, we beat em comprehensively and wenger got one over on brenda.
      5-1 from last season rectified i think

  5. And it’s so hard to count on other teams to win their games for us. So us and our ability win ourselves is the safest way to go.

  6. Let’s just keep winning our games and we can then see where we end up, the rest is out of our hands.

    7 wins ensures 3rd minimum.

    Ozil was class today, but big ups to Coq, real fighter just what we needed

  7. I think we’re all just brushing Man City aside as if they’re not there. They’re a point above us and have the easiest remaining fixtures of any of the top teams. Doesn’t mean they’ll win the league, but catching them will be a task in itself before thinking of Chelsea. City are the Champions, they’re a very good team and have the best striker in the league. Once Aguero gets in goalscoring form, nothing stops him until an injury comes along. Silva is magic and Toure is back from AFCON. I don’t think we need reminding of how good City are when they get going, but lately Kompany has been woeful to say the least, that’ll hopefully give us a chance to get above them.

    1. we are brushing aside and they are a point behind us….7 games left anything can happen

  8. I agree with all those who say one game at a time.
    Lets focus on Burnley.

    Burnley Beat City, drew with City and drew with Chelsea, so we shouldn’t underestimate them.

    ALeo next Chelsea plays away to QPR. Lets not think it’s impossible for them to take points away from Chelsea. We may not need to wait until United.

    Anyway, best thing is not to concentrate on other teams. Lets concentrate on Arsenal

    1st place isn’t in all in our hands but 2nd is. IF we win all our matches we will be guaranteed 2nd at least. And we win all our matches by concentration on One Game At A Time.

    1. If both us and City win their remaining fixtures we will finish 3rd. We are 2 points ahead of them having played a game more.

  9. One game at a time, fact of the matter is its not in our hands and while United could do us a favor that could also boost their form and propel them to beat us. Realistically speaking Chelsea need to drop 8 points for us to win it and every game they win makes that harder for us. But more importantly we need to realize that just as we are capable of winning it, so are United and City.

    We can’t hope only for United to beat Chelsea, all we can do is keep winning and hope that Chelsea slip, United falter and City slip which is a BIG ask. At this point it’s not only about Chelsea dropping points.

    1. we need to take 3 points from them and them drop another five..
      they have united, liverpool us and QPR and sunderland in the relegation fight as well. They’ve played well except when those lower teams go at them 100% and defend like their lives depend on it Chelsea have looked vulnerable.
      It’s a very, very long shot.. though I still suspect there will be a few twists yet.

      1. Problem is the crunch games for Chelsea come too late. They play Sunderland on the last day of the season by which time or all intents and purposes the match could be meaningless. The Liverpool game may also be too late. Moreover as Chelsea have to play the possibly relegated teams we have to play Sunderland Burnley (away) and Hull (away) as well plus Chelsea and United at Old Trafford.

        Its not over till its over but we also have massive games. People forget that as much as Chelsea’s form has dipped they’re unbeaten in their last 10 league fixtures.

        1. Hence why it’s ‘a long shot.’
          I’m aware there’s a 90(ish, somewhere)% chance that it won’t happen.
          Wenger was right, it’s theirs to lose and we must be perfect.

          But still, if they manage a loss before we play them… and then we beat them. that gap’s going to feel an awful lot tighter. anything could happen.

  10. Our major work is man u n chelsea game I will b so api if we can beat chelsea. Well, a game at a time. The league is still open to chelsea, man city, united n arsenal.

  11. If we keep playing well and pick up 21 points from our last 7 games I don’t much care where we end up in the league. Chances are we’d place 2nd if that happens, but you never know. Still a winning streak of 14 games is insane for a EPL team so that is an achievement in itself, especially beating Chelsea, Liverpool and Man Utd in that run.

    We’re 9 points clear of 5th now, we have to just keep playing well believing the important thing is our own form and not the position in the table.

  12. This is the season wenger breaks curse against mourinho
    Chelsea getting very nervous as they get closer to title
    The way they playing Liverpool, Man Utd and Us will take points off them
    The pressure is all on chelsea and they lost it last season
    If we continue to keep this form and play with freedom the league is ours

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