How many Arsenal players would get into rival sides?

Paul Merson has claimed that a number of our first-team stars would be overlooked at rival clubs.

The Gunners secured a comfortable lead in the opening leg of their Europa League last 32 encounter last night, but are struggling to keep pace with their domestic rivals.

Our side fell to seven points behind Tottenham in fifth place in the division at the weekend, with Liverpool and Chelsea an extra two and one points ahead of Spurs.

Paul Merson has now moved to claim that Arsenal’s defensive personnel are simply not up to scratch, and claimed none of them would start for any of our rivals.

“The thing that surprises me with Arsenal is that you look at their team and there aren’t many that would get in all the other teams,” Merson said.

“The goalie, the whole of the back four, Xhaka and Elneny wouldn’t get in.

“They wouldn’t get in anyone else’s team in the top five. Nobody would take any of them. That is the worry.”

He moved onto add that our neighbours players would all be wanted by the big English sides, further claiming that our players are below the level.

“With Tottenham, you could reel off a lot of players who, if they all went up for sale tomorrow, the big boys would snap them up,” he added.

“Arsenal have got lost a bit.

“We point the finger at Arsene [Wenger] but players aren’t good enough.”

Would any of our defenders get into a top-four team? Is Bellerin not a Barcelona target?

Pat J

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    1. Apart from Monreal, I think Bellerin, Kolasinac and Mustafi could be first team players for the current top five clubs in Premier League

      And why did Arsenal buy Xhaka for 30 millions, if he is not a good midfielder? Xhaka was also famous for his quality before joining Arsenal, that was why most Arsenal fans wanted him badly

      Xhaka could be Arsenal’s Toni Kroos, if Wenger uses him as a creative midfielder, instead of forcing him to play as a DM

  1. Pigshit. Look at Luiz, the bloke is a walking lump of turd and yet he gets bought by some of the biggest clubs in the world. The Arsenal back line could play in most teams when paired with other players, they don’t always work well together.

  2. All our defensive players over the last 8-10 years including the goalkeepers have all been turned into donkeys, eventually.
    The reason is Wengers lack of organization, especially lack of organization of attackers and midfielders, when the opponents have the ball. This makes Arsenal so easy to play against, as any team will get into our third of the pitch quite easily and the pressure on the defense and the goalkeeper is simply too big.
    Just look at Tottenham as a contrast. When they loose the ball all 10 players work hard at pressing and defending until they win the ball back. Even Kane works defensively and still manages to score loads of goals.
    Wenger has never grasped this change in modern football, so under him our players aren’t developed to work the right way, and the become…. donkeys.

    1. And Spurs haven’t won anything for years unless you count champions league as a trophy.If so Arsenal have won 20 of those

      1. Another dinosaur, living in the past and content with minor honours and no challenge for a serious trophy since 2006 in CL and 2007-8, when we blew a five point lead over United in MARCH. SOME OF THESE DINOSAUR FANS HAVE ZERO AMBITION.

    2. Apart from Wenger’s obsolete ideas for Arsenal, he does not seem able to motivate his players to fight

      But no worries, because his contract termination is creeping out. If he does not get any of the League Cup, the fourth position and the Europa League, the board would have no other choice but to replace him

  3. And Chelsea wanted and got Giroud a bench warmer. I just shake my damn head at some of these brainless ex-players.

    1. I just know his thoughtless comment will make JA. I have heard a lot. It is usually how many of our players would play for top teams in England. Now that Manu took Alexis, Chelsea took Giroud, Liverpool took the other Alex, Everton took Wally, it is our defenders that shit. Typical nitwit associated with arsenal, nothing arsenal has a player never good enough. I don’t have to listen to this man to know our problem lies with Wenger.

  4. Merson is not my cup of tea but he is entitled to his opinion in our free society.As usual however, he tends to over react and in the case of Bellerin ,despite having a mixed season, he would most certainly attract interest from teams above Arsenal in the EPL and from abroad from the likes of Real Madrid, Barca, Athletico and Juventus who are all in the market for a right back.Merson ,it has to be said is correct with regard to our goalkeepers and centre backs who have little in the way of resale value.

    1. on current form, Bellerin is a donkey. Under a better manager he’d become world class. Pep would make him an amazing player. Bellerin needs to take blame for his underdevelopment as well. Seems unmotivated and wants things to be easy. He’s one of the Arsenal players comfortable with being average, especially since nobody is threatening his position at all.

      1. dead on! if he fails to make it hes only got himself to blame. stop focusing on arsenal tv and focus on your own game. this kid should be WC

  5. Just 4
    *Kolsanic- we need to start him more. I believe he is better than Monreal
    *Aubameyang (He is better than Morata, Giroud and Firminho at least)
    *Lacazette (same as above)

    Koscielny a few years ago but not now
    Cech a few years ago but not now

    Question is would Xhaka and Eleny (or even Ramsey/Wilshere ) even make Spurs bench?
    Spurs have Dembele, Wanyama, Dier, Sissoko.

    That’s how bad our central midfield is.
    It’s Dier (pun intended)
    I think we should offload Xhaka and Eleny. And sign two top central midfielders at the level of Kante, Matic, Gundogan, Toure, Wanyama, Dembele, Pogba. Like Seri, Goretzka, Nainggolan, Carvahlo, Matuidi and Keita.

    Our defense is acceptable but not good enough. It should be improved at CB and RB positions. At LB we are good. Perhaps get an understudy

    1. How the hell can “our defence be acceptable but not good enough?” It is NOT good enough and that is unacceptable. Such sloppy and inaccurate English which makes NO sense however you try to understand the point you are trying , but failing , to make. Any fan who knows football at top level can easily see our defence is nowhere near the required standard. Only Wenger (and you, apparently,) think it “acceptable.”

  6. Not a single defender or keeper at our club would get even a sniff at any other top five club. That is obvious and that is also WHY they are top five. They all have managers who realise defence is a vital component of a successful team. Under Wenger , we don’t. The last decade is the evidence I refer to. Merson is completely right and is unafraid to speak the truth, unlike “sit on the fence Keown”, who as a pundit, I have lost all respect for. He knows our defence is rubbish but will not come out and say so in plain English. Well said MERSE!

    1. And this ridiculous comment is all you could contribute to what is hopefully a sensible and educated debate?

  7. Pundits are there to give opinions.Some sit on the fence and some tell it straight.Roy Keane would slag off his own Granny if he felt she deserved it.Gary Neville tells you his opinion and so does Paul Schoals who never ever gave an interview when he played.FFS even that Danish TWAT Schmiecal tells it how it is when he is on a panel.Ate you starting to see a pattern here?
    These players were in a team coached by THE most successful side(s) in British Football History.Their Manager DEMANDED and EXPECTED nothing less than TOTAL SUCESS.His players had drummed into them that nothing but winning would be acceptable.It was common to hear of all Manure players taking control of their team and with this brought years of domination of the EPL and contention in the CL on a regular basis.
    Merson is the one ex Arsenal player (with the occasional exception of Ian Wright)who are prepared to give their own opinion and view no matter what.Be it in print or on the TV Merse will tell you his view and more often than not he is right.
    Furgesson BRED a WINNING CULTURE in his players and team.
    It sort of explains it don’t you think

    1. Rarely read a more astute and intelligent comment. So many of our fans are pitably “one eyed” when it comes to deserved criticism of our own players. They are too thick to realise they are harming, not helping, our club, by settling for the status quo and settling for the poor standard Wenger brings. So the club have done nothing for years past to remove him. THERE SHOULD HAVE BEEN AN OUTCRY AGAINST HIS INCOMPETANCE MANY YEARS AGO. WATCH IT START THOUGH IN EARNEST AFTER WE LOSE TWICE TO CITY.

  8. Bellerin would get in and Kolasinac would too, we weren’t the only team after Kolasinac and Pep wanted Bellerin before getting the spud. Merson for once would you just think on something before running your pie hole off. Elneny is a squad player, how does Merson know if another team wouldn’t keep him as a squad player. I don’t even think the other managers know that yet. Ozil would get games at Tott Manu Liv, maybe Che. Mkhit just arrived in a swap deal and Klopp would play him in Coutinho’s position. Aubameyang, would certainly fit into other teams. Lacazette has a decent shot at fitting into a creative side, it’s not the worst call I would have heard. Ramsey would get into Liv Che Manu with his strong driving runs forward. Wilshere could surprise and get into City when Gundagon picks up his next injury, some teams might well afford him some game time as he keeps the ball well. In the very least what I say here is argumentative, debatable, and of course I can’t be certain, but that bit of knowledge always seems to escape Merson’s pie hole.

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