How many games does Pablo Mari need to play to prove his worth to Arsenal?

Pablo Mari seems keen to remain at the Emirates. Who can blame him? The Spaniard has hardly had a home in his footballing career.

However, he will not be offered a permanent deal at Arsenal just because he wants to stay.

He has played just two games for the Gunners but seems to have made an impression in his short spell at the Emirates, including in training.

The Spaniard hardly put a foot wrong in those games, but are those two games enough to give him a permanent deal?

There is a good chance that he will not play for Arsenal again, that is if the current suspension extends until August.

I think to offer him a permanent contract shouldn’t be a rushed decision, not when you do not have sufficient games under the belt.

However, Mari does looks a good fit for Arsenal. If he can deliver the performances he did in his first two games, I think he has the base that Mikel Arteta can develop his game from.

But we simply do not know right now and I would suggest that at least a good six to ten more games in an Arsenal shirt would be enough time to see if Mari is indeed destined for a long career in North London.

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    1. Well I still don’t know the precise answer Robert. Perhaps I should eat nothing but baked beans and prunes, to find out, since the answer is apparently “Blowin’in the wind”!

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