How many League goals will Lacazette get for Arsenal this season?

New Gunner Lacazette tipped to net 18 goals

Sporting Index predict 18-goal debut season for £45m striker

Leading spread betting company Sporting Index expect new Arsenal signing Alexandre Lacazette to notch 18 Premier League goals this season.

The Frenchman has put pen to paper on a five-year deal to make him the Gunners’ record-signing, and Sporting Index’s traders believe the striker will be a hit in his first season at the Emirates.

Sporting Index’s Ed Fulton, said: “Arsenal fans have been calling for Wenger to splash the cash for the last few seasons, and Alexandre Lacazette is certainly the type of player to excite supporters and get them off their seats.

“Last season Alexis Sanchez was the first Arsenal player to score over 20 league goals since Robin van Persie in 2012, and they could look to cash in on the Chilean frontman if he refuses to sign a new contract. That leaves big boots to fill, and Lacazette could be the man to step up with the lion’s share of goals for Arsene Wenger’s side.

“He has scored over 20 times in each of the last three seasons for Lyon in Ligue 1, however asking him to score 20 in his first season in the Premier League is a big ask. If he notches eighteen times in the league, then he’ll surely be deemed a big success in his debut year.”

Sporting Index Spread Betting – Football – Player Specials

Alexandre Lacazette Total Premier League Goals in 2017/2018 season 18

I think he will score a lot more than that! How many do you think?

Watch all 37 goals that Lacazette scored last season on our new Arsenal Videos Page


      1. A person is fake if they have an ulterior motive. We only know what people are really like, if good or bad, when they believe in nothing besides the material world. If there was/is a god, he would put the well behaved non believers ahead of all others, because they’ve totally been themselves.

        Id say Lacazette will score 21 league goals.

    1. Get over it Aubameyang would not have been as prolific for us. Have you watched him play he needs space to run into to score lots off goals and that is something he won’t get in England where most teams play against us with 10 in and around the box. Lacazette is a great signing all you people complaining now will be the first ones singing his name when he starts scoring plenty off goals with the players we have feeding him balls.

      27 league goals next season for me I think he will score.

  1. He will get his first chance to score a league goal when we kick off the Prem season live on Sky on Friday night, 11th August, at home to Leicester.

  2. I can’t wait to see his first goals
    I also believe it won’t take Lacazette to adapt to the PL
    He is a fast clinical finisher

    As long as he is healthy, I predict around 25 premier league goals

  3. We have too much creativity unutilized at Arsenal. Look at number of chances created by each of our attacking players against conversion by our strikers, so alarming. To me, Lacazette can even notch a golden boot in his first season if we keep Sanchez and Ozil, who are our top goal creators. I like Lacazette’s directness, target and the good shot in him. With Ozil behind him, Xhaka long passes behind him, Sanchez’s wing crosses, and poison that with Mahrez’s creativity, we can turn Laca into a beast and top goal scorer for both Arsenal and the league. COYG

    1. You have said it all. Keeping Alexis & Ozil is key. We will win the league with Lacazette as EPL top scorer in his first season.

  4. I think a big factor will be Ozil’s performance. If he plays like 2015-2016 when he led. League with assists, then I see a huge amount of Lacazette goals

    Ozil needs to step up. No excuses now

  5. 18 goals for 45-50 Millions are simply not good enough… He must score in the range of 25-30 goals…

    1. 18 goal is justified if Sanchez stays and Sanchez himself scores 20+ that would mean that players are taking defenders out of play by ruining wide and allowing for teammates to score in a less congested box

    2. How many did De Bruyne scored last season? Laca getting 18+ league goals will be amazing.

    3. You need to face the reality, Kedar. It’s not as easy for any player in a debut season. Frankly speaking, if Lacazette made 18 in PL in his first season then I quickly regard him as highly prolific. Let us just get behind him and cheer him up all the way to greater glory in the coming season. One love.

  6. Lukaku, 24, 75Mil (add-ons very much possible considering his age and the original price Everton quoted for him)
    Lacazette 26, 52Mil (with add-ons)

    Lukaku is a good player no doubt, but for that price you would expect world class or on the verge, that he is not.
    His all round game needs to improve, he’s quite one dimensional.

    Lacazette’s pedigree can’t be questioned, and with the services of Giroud as another option I think his addition to the team not only strengthens the CF position but it changes our whole game (provided Ozil and Sanchez sign).

    Don’t tell me we haven’t made a brilliant signing and a truly fantastic deal.

    1. Yes. I’d rather pay what we paid for Lacazette than what Chelsea or United will pay for Lukaku

      No wonder Maureen is letting go of Rooney.
      If you think about it United are paying £75-100 million plus £10 million to Rooney plus Rooney to Everton for Lukaku

      Lacazette was very good business
      A top striker for a reasonable price

  7. We need more than 18 league goals, and I think he”ll get more.

    OT – A lot of fans getting their knickers in a twist about this 400k p/w Sanchez is apparently demanding. I think it’s emanating from the Daily Mirror, hardly a reliable source! Probably around 95% of all rumours are completely made up, or are coming from ridiculous sources. Calm down folks!

    Even if it is true, then sell all day long, because that’s too much. The max I think Arsenal should go for is 275/300k p/w. But this is a problem all of Arsenal’s making. Because they pay insane wages to bang average players (140k p/w for Walcott springs to mind), you then have the problem of renewing contracts with top players (like Sanchez), or bringing in top players, because they’ll see what an average player earns, and rightfully want a hell of a lot more. The club really needs to completely restructure their wage system because of this, and we’re also having trouble offloading players, as clubs won’t/cannot match the wages.

    1. The wage system does not need to be restructured.
      The decision making that leads to players like Walcott being given £140k a week needs to be reconsidered.

  8. I think with Arsenal performing consistently (which has been a problem) he could get 25-35 goals a season.
    He has some excellent stats it has to be said.
    Our squad is top heavy and we need to sell some under performing players like Gibbs and Wilshere and bring some new players in like Thomas Lemar or Mahrez.
    Should be interesting…

  9. He’ll score more Goals when Ramsey isn’t in the lineup ?? that greedy fork will keep on shooting instead of passing to Lacazette.

    Logically, with the amount of possession we get in around our opponents box ( penalty area ?) you would expect someone with Lacazette eye for Goal to capitalise on the chances that we normally create.
    As long as he is fed the ball, there’s no reason (apart from injuries ?) why he shouldn’t score 30+ League goals in his first season.

    1. hi FG
      as i said many times before Thierry Henry’s first goal didn’t come until January so you never know but lets hope so that he gets the golden boot on his first season

    2. I was so disappointed with Ramsay’s performance last season

      Wenger starts Ramsey even when he isn’t performing well. This silly type of loyalty to players needs to stop. If a player isn’t playing well or not working hard enough then he should not start

      1. When I said not working hard enough I was referring to Ozil. He is extremely talented but last season he seemed a tad lazy

      2. Ramsey’s one of the hardest working players on the pitch

        Won us the FA Cup

        He’s just not given the freedom he needs because of Ozil

  10. Fist league game is on Friday 11 August, 7.45pm Arsenal vs Leicester. I don’t like this timing. League should be starting on a Saturday like it always does with a lunchtime kickoff to hype things up for the other MD1 games to come after.

    This game won’t feel like a season opener because it will kick of late in the evening which usually happens for games towards end of season or mid season.

  11. Lacazette will score 22 (including penalties). If Sanchez leaves then hat number could go up to near 30, not above.

  12. If you look at the chance conversion rate for lacazzette, and the number of chances we have had and missed over the last few years, it can only be a good combo. He is good at finishing from all angles in the box, good in tight situation as well as running in behind, like a far post run as well. He suits our style. I just cant wait to see him play for us.

  13. Losing ALEXIS just because of lacazette that couldnt make the french team for euro 2016 would be 10 steps backwards. If ALEXIS and Ozil are still in the team then Lacazette will score 20+ EPL goals this season.

  14. I’m thinking 16 goals for his first season. It’s a tough league, and he will need to adapt. Whether he does adapt and how quickly that happens is why I think mid teens for goals.

    Of course he could go mad and score 20+…hope so!

  15. 20 for a start won’t be a bad bargain having in mind that Ozil and a possible addition – Lemar are on the team list.

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