How many more chances should Arsenal give Ozil? If any?

How many more opportunities should Ozil get at Arsenal? By ThirdmanJW

Because of Ozil’s recent appearance in a friendly, his first game in many months, speculation has been rife about his chances of playing for Arsenal this season. Was Arteta just short of numbers on the day, or is he seriously thinking about given Ozil another chance? In all honesty, friendlies rarely tell us anything, and he was left out of the squad again this weekend.

However, Ozil’s surprise inclusion/possible comeback, got me asking myself a question… How many more opportunities should he get at Arsenal? It is a tough answer to quantify in fairness, because one has to factor in the many different elements that could hinder a player’s performances: A new player needs time to settle in during that first season (especially when coming from another country), we have had 4 different managers during Ozil’s time at Arsenal, so each manager may give players a clean slate, is the player being used in the correct position/system, personal issues (e.g. Ozil and wife being attacked), injuries, and so on.

In regards to Ozil, I feel he has had enough opportunities, and that he shouldn’t be picked anymore. He’s been at Arsenal for over 7 years now, the majority of his playing time coming under Wenger. Although we saw the best Arsenal version of Ozil under Wenger, many would still argue that Ozil flattered to deceive even then. And Ozil’s performances have been so dead since signing his last contract, he’s pretty much been in semi-retirement over the last 2.5 years.

So only one top quality season in 7 years, for a so called “world class player” is not acceptable, especially given the financial outlay on him. Ozil’s performances over the last few years have been nothing short of embarrassing, whilst simultaneously being one the of most expensive midfielders in the world! Ozil was fading under Wenger, and has pretty much disappeared since his departure in 2018. There may be reasons why Ozil’s form has been dreadful, of which I stated earlier, but we’re not talking about the odd bad game, or a poor few months. It’s years of consistently poor performances. A player/manager should never be judged over a short period of time. It’s only over longer periods, that one can really assess their contribution.

Now to give this article it’s context, and relevance to today, should Arteta give Ozil another chance? Well Arteta already has, has he not?. Pre-lockdown, Ozil was given a clean slate, and a really good run of games, and offered almost nothing! One assist I think, and one goal, which was actually a goalkeeping error. Pretty much the same Ozil as we’ve been used to, although he seemed to be working a little harder than usual, although he was still way off the levels expected. Most importantly, we haven’t missed Ozil in the slightest post-lockdown. A couple of trophies won, some great wins, and performances against the top teams is evidence enough that we’re coping just fine without him. Even if one argues the point of more creativity with Ozil playing, the team overall will lose more than it gains with his inclusion. Ozil doesn’t have a strong work ethic, and offers almost nothing defensively, and these are two key elements of Arteta’s system. We have been very successful in the big games of late, because we don’t have any passengers. Everyone is reading from the script, and working their socks off. We would often get battered in the past against the top teams, not just because of poor tactics, but also due to many lazy players like Ozil playing.

There is the argument that whilst he’s still an Arsenal player, and the club are paying him a monstrous wage, we might as well use him, but that is flawed logic. Ultimately, it’s about performances, and will Ozil’s inclusion, help or hinder the team. As stated already, Ozil has proven without doubt he cannot cut it anymore, and has had enough opportunities to change his ways. At some point, one has to draw a line in the sand, and give others a go. Ozil has great technical ability, but if we’re only seeing flashes of his brilliance a handful of times per season, what is the point? I would pick ESR over Ozil for example. At least he’s an unknown quantity, whereas we all know we’re guaranteed lackluster performances from Ozil. It does seem that some fans feel that Ozil deserves unlimited chances, which again is very flawed logic. That’s basically saying that performances are irrelevant. How does that benefit the team? Many had that attitude with Wenger, and look how badly that turned out for Arsenal. Another reason to leave Ozil out, is the PR headache that surrounds a big-name player like him. Cutting him out completely is better in the long run, rather than having him in and out of the team, and then dealing with the fallout from the constant press speculation, if he doesn’t play each and every game, or if he gets subbed. It worked post-lockdown. At first it was big news, before slowing dissipating. Eventually we got used to no Ozil.

I should finally add, there could still be some hope for Ozil. Just because his Arsenal career has been over for years, it doesn’t necessarily mean he is completely finished as a player, should he move on to another club. There are countless examples of players flopping at one club, then hitting form at another. Just look at how the likes of KDB, Salah, and Lukaku improved after leaving Chelsea. Given Ozil’s age, the fact he’s super rich, is retired internationally, and has won the World Cup, I feel he has no motivation to up his game, and that he’s definitely finished at the highest level though. The EPL seems too much for him as well. That said, I am sure if Ozil moved to an easier league, at a smaller club, playing regularly, he would rediscover some form. With a club’s backing, and full support of a fanbase, we may still see some quality from Ozil, but one thing is for sure, that quality will not be seen at Arsenal…whether he plays or not!



  1. Why are you still worried about Ozil? Arteta is not playing him. He is not in the match day squad. He is training all good and well. Let him train and if the manager wants to play him he will play.

    Why waste your time writing this article about Arteta if you so concerned about media scrutiny. When you are bringing Ozil up in articles.

    I trust Arteta to make the right decisions. He has proven he can and have been doing it successfully.

    1. If you don’t like Ozil articles then don’t read or comment on them.

      We are given a wide range of different articles / topics to read and comments on. If the Ozil ones don’t interest you then don’t click, read and comment on them.

      Thank you very much.

  2. your being too harsh on the player.
    He is not supposed to score goals,
    he is not supposed to defend
    he had no quality around him
    no winter break
    bad coaches (according to his fans)- Unai , Fredie, Mikel
    pay cut politics (as per his fans)
    and finally the stadium seats are too hard, need some cushioning
    And then we have the janitors, tea lady, doorman, groundsmen, the maintenance personnel, the laundrymen and next who? The Archie??

  3. MA will use Ozil if and when he feels he needs him and is ready. The problem is I dont think he is needed or suites are system. I am not a fan or ozil THESE days however I am a fan of MA and if he puts him to use i would respect that. I jist get annoyed by those who feel the need to call for his unnecessary inclusion based of their own favoritism.

  4. Anything ozil gathers traffic, that is the real reason of this thread. Ozil is not leaving till seasons ends, either you like it or not, he will continue to get his salary and cheap blackmail ain’t gonna change that. I personally like how the team plays now, so ozil should just enjoy his money till season end and move.wish him the best

    1. If you are happy for ozil to scrounge £350,000 a week from our club doing fck all, then you should also be happy for us fans to vent our frustrations towards him.

      We need to sell players and re-allocate the wages to deserving or new players. Ozil is refusing to be a deserving earner of his astronomical wages but also refuses to move.

      Isn’t it?

  5. Sooner Ozil leaves the better is anyone in sny doubt that he is running down his contract for the money and doesnt give a shit about Afc.

  6. Mikel is handling this situation so beautifully. No drama no fuss, just pure disinterest in Ozil’s nonsense. Tells the world everyone has a clean slate, gives him minutes in a friendly to let him sweat it a bit so he can run and tell the world his fit and ready only to be not included in the matchday squad. 😂 if we have a whole season of this he can stay. Mikel should try him in the carabao cup with the youngsters in an away game, I wanna see something 🤔😂

  7. Guess who is having the last laugh.
    Here is a hint. Not Artera and not Arsenal.

    During the transfer window and at the beginning of the season fans optimism runs wild. But when the team gets smacked in the face few times during the season reality sets in. This season won’t be different. Give it time. Just give it time.

    1. Are you saying that you don’t believe in our coach and the team? I remember winning the FA Cup didn’t come at the beginning of the season, beating Liverpool, City and Chelsea didn’t come at the beginning of the season either so let us know what you’re on about. I can infer from your post that you think Arteta is making a mistake by not playing Ozil, if winning important games and trophies is a mistake, I hope Arteta makes a lot of mistakes this season. Just support the coach and the team (whether Ozil plays or not) I honestly can’t wait till the end of the season so all of this ends and we know who’s an Arsenal fan and who’s an Ozil only fan.

    2. Hahaha, right again pal. Wait for all the delusional fans which this site is full of start hoping on you. Any one who gives them a reality check is not tolerated here. We beat newly promoted Fulham, form get me wrong we played well but all of a sudden these fans think we are now title challengers, William is GOAT and Chelsea are crying to let him go. The same GOAT who got three assist one from deflected shot, one from corner and other pure Auba magic. When you see how fans celebrated us signing a £27 million defender shows what level we are on, they are happy because we rivaled Napoli for his signatures and won. Hahaha. MA is an exceptional manager but when we will realise we don’t have world beaters in our team apart from Auba. I agree, we do have some talented youngsters in Saka, Martenelli, Saliba, Tierney, Gabi, MG and EMR so future looks bright but at the moment if MA makes it into top 4 then consider this a trophy with this squad. It is very highly unlikely that we will be challenging for title for 2-3 years even if we get so called another GOAT called Partey.

      1. Can’t you just be happy we won? Can’t you just be happy we’ve got a manager with a plan?
        Can’t you just be happy with who we’ve brought in?
        Can’t you just be happy that Auba has signed?
        I’m not saying for one minute we’re going to go and win everything domestically as well as in Europe, but jeez, I’m bloody ecstatic we’re heading in the right direction!
        We’ve got a lot to be excited about…
        Up the gunners!!

        1. @Sue: You seem to be a reasonable person. Some of us have been Arsenal fans for 30 and 40 years. Some of us saw happy days and and not so happy days. We laughed and cried under many managers. We deserve the right , like you do, to express our feelings the way we see things. Personally I was happy many times with what we brought in till I was burned in the behind. I was happy with new managers till we were disappointed. Our world evolves around results. In other words the new players and the new manager and his plans have to prove themselves like placing 4th instead of 8th. It does not mean we won’t root for them. It does not mean we won’t support them and it does not mean we are not an Arsenal fans..

          1. Mine is one year shy of 30 years…I understand completely what you’re saying, Icw, but the thing that gets me is how we called for a new manager, we got one. We wanted new players, we’ve got some and more are incoming. We ended the season with a trophy and started this season with one. We won our first game, which in the past has been a nightmare! We’ve got the best striker in the league and some people still aren’t happy!! Yes things aren’t always going to be hunky dory, but give credit where it’s due… I’m sorry but with some people on here even if we won the PL, EL or CL, they’d still find something to whinge about.
            I’m sorry Icw, but that’s how I feel 🤷‍♀️

          2. I’m surprised you didn’t answer the questions posed by your earlier post.

            I would say Sue is a more avid supporter than me but with her years of support and mine we add up to 80 plus between us

            Why were you so adamant that Arsenal and Arteta wouldn’t have the last laugh? I ask why they would want it and against who? From a team that was in dire straits a huge amount of progress has been made and there is something to be cheerful about. What on earth has made you so negative about our chances?

            1. SueP: Adding “so adamant” to my post is not fair don’t you think? That reminds me of all the faux quotes attributed to Artera about Ozil and the adjectives thrown at the man out of thin air.
              My comment is supported by at least 5 well respected professional EPL players who think the current situation does not benefit Arsenal or Ozil. Since Ozil is making 350k a week and sitting at home, in my opinion the only looser is the club. Maybe Arsenal made a mistake giving him all that money so making a second mistake by freezing him out is plane dumb. It is the job of the manager to protect the club and spend money wisely. It is the job of the manager to get the best out of his players. It is the job of the manager to find a suitable trade partner even if the club pays 70% of the player’s wages because 70% is better than 100%.Management failed to do all those things because they embarked on a childish character assassination that backfired. That’s BAD BUSINESS. Ozil will have the last laugh because he is making 350k a week without subjecting his body to wear and tear. He will have plenty of suitors next year to add to his bank account.

              1. lcw
                Well unfortunately here I disagree with an awful lot of your reply because in my opinion Özil hasn’t been frozen out at all. He hasn’t performed to the levels required and can’t even get on the bench. I do believe Arteta is a good manager and would play Özil if he raised his game. It’s up to Özil really isn’t it?

                As far as the adamant bit goes, it read that way to me

                Regarding the situation being a distraction, I think it is for the likes of you and me who like to voice an opinion but I’m not sure Arteta or the hierarchy gives a flying
                Nobody wants him either so it seems therefore, in financial terms, it’s definitely a win win for Ozil as he has his contract.

            2. Here’s the thing SueP I advised you that there would still be those will find negatives to write about, no matter that we have just won two trophies and hammered Fulham 3-0.

              How are we progressing as a fan base, when we are seen to ignore all the positives that MA is bringing to the club, in order to just regurgitate the exact same words, that were said so many times previously, about one single player?

              Can ANYONE tell me what is being achieved by this article? Because for the life of me, I cannot see one single positive – instead we are once again debating an individuals pet subject – Mesut Ozil.

              As usual, my glass is half full, make that 100% full, and I am so positive about the future, I have no time for such negativity, especially as we have heard it at least three times before from the same source. YAWN YAWN YAWN

              1. Ken
                Sometimes I get diverted when I should stick to my guns
                I admit to being sucked into a particular post which with the benefit of my old friend, hindsight, I should have avoided
                However, Admin post these views in articles and as usual the response is bigger than most other topics.
                Regardless of our opinions on the effectiveness of Özil, I do rather feel his opportunity to play is limited. That said I believe that my aim is to attempt to unify the fan base around Arteta and his plan for our great club. I thought AW had many glorious years ( the end wasn’t great) and do so believe that Arteta is the future for a while ahead.

                The negativity FLOWS from both sides of the Ozil argument and it really does need to fade away

                I’m looking forward to a reinvigorated Arsenal. I don’t think I’ve put all my eggs in one basket with Arteta. I think he’s the real deal. I maybe crap at tactical stuff but I can recognise a good manager when I see one

        2. Spot on Sue. For some people the glass is always half empty. Can you imagine some of these lot actually sitting next to you at a game…first to boo first to moan.. I would rather sit next to the away fan first at least you know why they are there. Some fans on here are always talking doom and gloom, for heavens sake at least be happy when we win and save the doom and gloom for when we loose. fingers crossed it that wont be any time soon.,

          1. If that was the case, I’d definitely need earplugs 😂
            I don’t get it, I really don’t… all we ever want is to win a game, scoring a goal or 3, put in a solid performance and unfortunately for some it still isn’t enough ☹
            Yes, fingers crossed, Arsenal family!!

      2. What a misery guts you are Mohsan
        I don’t feel in the slightest bit delusional about thinking Arsenal are in a better place than they were last Autumn.
        It’s a shame Arteta andEdu can’t wave a magic wand but building for the future means a degree of patience and for me I feel optimistic that there will be success under Arteta

    3. So vicious. Almost sounds like you are waiting for us to lose just so you can try and justify an Ozil inclusion. That happened under Emery remember, and Ozil was still bad. Enjoy following Ozil to his next club in Saudi Arabia or USA.

    4. ICW so in other word you want arsenal to fail so ozil can have the last laugh, wow you are really an arsenal fan.

      1. Just take a moment and think about what you said. If somebody does not agree with you, then they must be wrong. You are taking way too much credit for your ability to discern right from wrong. Me thinks

  8. Ozil is like a gold digger in sporting world. Arsenal should let him rot in reserves and move on with players that can actually contribute.

    1. I bet you any money you won’t mind rotting in a corner like Ozil making 350k a week. But of course you are not.

  9. Wish he would just leave for the sake of his career but he doesnt really seem to care as he looks semi retired already and will probably retire after his next contract when he leaves for a free as some club will snap him up for nothing guaranteed!

    We need rid as we need him off the wage bill and tbh all parties involved should cancel his contract and let him move on. We lose a fee but were going to anyway and save millions on paying him as he will get another club as he will cost nothing.

    1. He has just brought out a video game and a fashion range, so he is not lying around doing nothing!

      No wonder he has a bad back!

  10. I think we are doing pretty well without a CAM. teams can’t defend against us as we arrive in the opposition danger zone with double barrel GUNS on both wings. This is while the two defensive mids protect the back 3.

  11. I don’t get why people keep saying we shouldn’t talk about Ozil if he is not playing.
    People keep threatening to stop visiting “JustArsenal” if the site does not stop with the constant Ozil articles. People keep attacking the site talking about how it’s all about clicks and finances. Smh

    I keep saying to myself. No one is forcing anyone to visit JustArsenal and no one is being forced to read any Ozil articles.

    If An article does not interest me I don’t read it or comment on it. That is why I hardly ever engage with “Transfer Rumour” articles. Just because they don’t interest me does not mean I have to constantly attack, moan and whine about it.

    Again, to everyone that can’t stand the Ozil articles, stay away from them. Don’t read or comment. No one is a prisoner here.

    Ozil will keep being talked about because he cost the club £42 million. He has been scrounging £350,000.m a week from the club with little interest to work hard like all his teammates.

    That is why Gareth Bale is big news at Madrid ( he is the highest paid in the region of £400,000 a week).

    That is why Rooney was constant news at United. He was on £300,000 a week and underperforming. Until he left.

    That is why Sanchez was big news at United. He was on a reported £500,000 a week and performing poorly. Until he left.

    Ozil is on £350,000 a week. Been performing poorly for many seasons now. Keeps refusing to change his game to suit the modern times. Keeps refusing move.

    Wenger was constant news until he left. He

    Ozil will keep being talked about negatively until the day he leaves. He is the only one to change this. Either buy into the managers vision, work hard like everyone else or this negativity around him is not going away.

    1. Yeah got to admit I never understood concept of reading and commenting on articles I don’t like
      Title gives it away it’s about Ozil

      1. People are just too entitled or snowflakey. If something does not float their boat they then expect it to be banned. Pointof info “The world does not revolve around our individual preference or feelings”. 😊

        It makes me laugh.
        Constant b!tching about ozil articles but they cannot stop clicking and commenting on them whenever they are published.

  12. Seriously, “Why does reality always have to BITE ?” Why is “reality” always implied as imminent disaster?Most times I think the pessimists (claiming to be realists) actually want to see failure so they could say “I was right all along” Despite evidence of progress, despite signs of positive growth, instead of being buoyed by the progress gained excited and hopeful of a “kiss”or a “loving embrace” from “reality”, they seem to be waiting with bated breaths for “reality’ to “Bite” and the walls to eventually come crashing down…. What’s happened to “A brighter tomorrow”? Seriously, “What has happened to “Hope springs eternal?”

  13. TMJW, Speaking as someone who is completely onside with your view ,I can understand and agree with all you say. But equally, I see no need now to write about someone who is effectively “dead” already to our club, except that he still steals £ 18 million each year for being “dead”! Why not decide never to mention him ever again as I am trying to do (though I fail in this very post as I am well aware).
    But he is an ex parrot, gone to meet his maker, is no more, is pushing up daisies etc., as all but his weird fan club know very well. Lets leave it there now shall we then and never speak of him ever again.


    1. Sounds just like your rhetoric about Elneny Jon…add to that Bellerin, Mustafi, Holding, in fact, every player that you have called dross at one time or another.
      You told us you were a “realist and a educated man”, so pray tell me, how is Ozil STEALING from our club, or is a binding contract too hard to understand for a “realist and a educated man, living in his world of fantasy and flowery BS?

      As a professional gambler, your losses on the 100% dead certs you claim will happen, but don’t of course, doesn’t bode well for any future bets it seems.
      However, care to give me odds on the corpse you are talking about wearing our shirt again…after all Jon, what have you got to lose against a not very successful amateur gambler?!?!

    1. Yes you could say its “eye popping”. Til he came to Arsenal I always called him Popeye! But his face is still prettier than his attitude towards work! That is one ugly attitude, Pat!

    2. Admin Pat, are you, finally, showing YOUR true colours and coming off your impartial perch regarding Mesut?

      The seeds of doubt I have long held, nestled in the tweeting of your views, have suddenly feathered into a full blown chirping of a whistle blower and I feel that feathering your nest in this way, will only egg on more cuckoo articles like this one to be layed out.
      This is becoming a real yoke around JA’s neck and I urge you to stop running around like a headless chicken in order to get cluck baits – feathermore, there will be a scramble to poach such articles from this site and shell them, in order to crop the bantem we usually have on here – shame on you Pat, as you seem to duck the issue, parrot the same old lies and, if you really canary about this site,then please stay on the top perch and pluck up the courage to stop these cock and hen stories…from a henraged fan, driving his free range carrion with it’s eggsaucst hanging off!!!!

        1. Only ten Pat? I feel as if I’ve been batteried to death – it took me ten hours to pluck up the courage to send this…only to be heniliated by your hard boiled response – can’t think of anything more to say, so I will sign off once again and wait for Jon’s odds!!! Happy lays…oops days!!!

  14. There Spurs and Chelski fans here making fun of us. Ozil lost it after he got that contract. Let him stay at home and make use of his money.

    We should remove him from the required list of non-home grown players which should be 17 in number and retire him till the season is over.

  15. I feel reading this article its fuelled with a fair bit of hatred towards the player in my opinion. Ozil I agree has been a very divisive player over the years and he may not be as effective as he once was you could put that down to management /players whatever.
    I however don’t like the constant character assassination on him though , saying he scrounges of the club, when it was the same management that offered him that contract. It’s not his fault , but a collective mess. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and im sure everyone on here was gunning for him to sign and stay over Sanchez as he was balling and performing very well and the later down tolling because he wanted a move to United 😐Go back and look at those performances if you don’t believe.

    Regarding the pre-covid performances under Arteta. I don’t know what admin Pat was watching , but I thought Ozil performed very well in my opinion . He might not have scored or assisted as much but I remmeber notable performances against Chelsea and United etc where he influenced the game very well working hard of the ball. Again go back and watch those games if you don’t believe me.

    Arteta played Ozil in every game before lockdown so who knows what happened after the pandemic break only Ozil and Arteta know. Everything else is just speculation.

    1. Bobby, how can you in all honesty absolve Mesut Ozil from any blame, blaming “management/players whatever”?
      To whom much is given, much is expected.
      Mark 8:36.

  16. Ozil should play the next match on Saturday.Eleny should play as well. Kolastinac should still stay away even if Tierney is not fit. Let’s start having a consistent team and build the winning momentum.

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