How many new players do Arsenal really need to rebuild?

There is a general agreement amongst Arsenal fans (and reportedly amongst the hierarchy at the Emirates as well) that the Gunners are needing a major rehaul of the squad this summer. With all the uncertainty over contract extensions making the headlines, especially Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil, Oxlade-Chamberlain and, of course, Arsene Wenger, the ex-Arsenal striker Charlie Nicolas believes that we need as much as 5 or 6 arrivals, and he wants Wenger’s future clarified as soon as possible.

Nicholas categorically stated on TalkSport: “It is an absolute mess.

“It is not the team that is broken, it is the club that is broken. There is no leadership from anywhere and it is painful for me to see.

“This club is a mess.

“Arsene Wenger; I don’t know what he is waiting on to clarify [his future]. Please come out and tell us what is going on at the football club.

“We are not going to be in the Champions League so what are we actually facing now? I think Arsenal are facing five or six [new] players just to repair, not to even get close [to the title] again.”

That may sound a bit drastic, but if we have a mass exodus in the summer then it is a feasible number, but the fact is that Wenger (if he is still in charge) has no liking for big changes in the transfer windows, and prefers ‘continuity’ and ‘cohesion’ in his squads. But for the fans that means keeping hold of certain players that have either failed to live up to the expectations, or giving contract extensions to old and often injured veterans.

I can only see a major overhaul if we have a new manager, but could we really bring in 6 new players in one window? Or do you think the present squad could improve under new leadership?



  1. rkw says:

    5 and a new manager .. so six in all should do it

  2. Arsenal_Girl says:

    1. New Manager
    2. Top Defensive Midfielder
    3. Top Forward (2 if Alexis leaves)
    4. Top LB
    5. back up RB
    6. Another reliable CB (like Van Dijk)
    7. Another CM to push Ozil (Isco)
    8. Sell some players like Sanogo, Ramsey, either Gibbs or Monreal (for new LB), Debuchy, Jenkinson, maybe Mertsacker

    This is a rebuilding summer

  3. No to W-M-B says:

    In my opinion, all except these players:
    Koscielny, Bellerin, Oxlade-C, Cazorla, Alexix, Ozil, Iwobi.

    Giving Alexis and Ozil a chance. They may be doing fine with surrounded by decent players

    1. John0711 says:

      No sell Ozil he’s a waste of money and wages
      And sell belerin and buy someone who can defend and cross the ball

    2. Sangram says:

      How soon people change.. Just months back all wanted Ox to be sold…

  4. Steve H says:

    I think some players in the sqaud will improve, under new leadership. Most are not good enough, a lot are passed their sell by date. But the trouble is Wenger thinks they are world class. These no way he will buy 5/6 players world class or not. So same again all over.

  5. ThirdManJW says:

    Even if we have a huge turnover of players in summer, it won’t make any difference unless the manager is changed. The new players will just be given the same instructions as with the previous ones, unless someone different is finally in charge!

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Exactly mate?
      I here that Real Madrid want to cash in on Ronaldo and even if we managed to sign him under Wenger, you know full well that CR7 would become a ?? injury prone player within 3 months.??

    2. Adebowale Akande says:

      You are right! A new manager with “new and modern tactics is needed. Younger manager with modern knowledge of football management”. Wenger is fond of using the same tactics all through without changes. He should leave now!

  6. RSH says:

    New Manager, Top Striker, creative midfielder (Cazorla is unreliable now, always injured), LB, GK. A lot of other problems can be solved by a better manager.

  7. Gooner Craig says:

    A new manager and 4 solid additions we should be nice. A new manager with new tactics and hopefully a decent defensive plan should help bring AFC out of the stone-age and back into 2017 for one, and scare the players enough to actually put some heart into their performances every week. These 2 alone (tactics/defence and heart/fight) should put us back on par with the top 4-6 teams in the league.
    Then, bring in 4 solid players through out the team and we should be able to sustain a credible title challenge for longer than a few months each season! Only question is: will Arsenal spend the money?! I doubt it sadly! AW already admitted defeat in the chase for Mbappe before it had even begun lol pathetic, from the board, to the manager, to the coaching staff, down to the players!!

  8. Gooner Craig says:

    – Lacazette £50m
    – Any solid midfielder £25m-45m
    – Van Dijk: £50m
    – Kolasinac: free

    Sell some deadwood surely we can raise up at least 50-60m?

    1. RSH says:

      No chance we’re getting another CB when we already have Mustafi and Koscielny still. I’m sure a better manager could make them into a good partnership. Wenger has only gotten defense right with Invincibles. Since then it’s been a complete disaster.

      1. Bermy Ras says:

        Wenger inherited that good defence when he had invincibles, it’s not like he was the genius who signed those players

    2. A-Gooner says:

      I think Ozil should be sold cos he doesnt help d team defensively at all. His all round football is not complete, his weaknesses are affecting d team’s performance greatly.
      A better player who can create and as well as score goals,compete against opponents and win ball back for d team: Toliso and Isco would be better even under Wenger. Both players can use both legs.
      Also, Virgil is not needed for now since Holding is playing fine;he is very calm, tall and fast. Just need to learn from Koscielny and Mustaphy. Gabriel for me must up his game cos he is d only person Virgil could replace.
      A tall, strong, mobile, creative and intelligent midfielder is needed cos physical challenges needs to be won. Our defence will benefit a lot if mildfielders can take proper care of opponents play.
      Mobile, sharp and clinical striker; a two footed striker that can score from any angle is needed to replace Giroud. Goal scoring attacking players needed to replace Walcott, like d days of Djumberg, Wiltord, Pires, Overmers etc.
      Finally, Wenger should be replaced with an ambitious manager with modern and better tactics. A younger, firm in decision and better defensive manager will bring great success back to Arsenal.

  9. John says:

    I think we need six or seven new players rebuild for next season, maybe a new manager too
    Here what I think we need
    (1) new goalkeeper
    (2) left back
    (3) central Defence
    (4) winger
    (5) attacker
    (6) defenisive midfielder

    1. Frank says:

      I believe we need a new,
      – Owner, Kroenke out.
      – Manager, Wenger out.
      – 8-9 players including Ozil out.
      2-3 years of rebuilding and back to the top of the PL and challenging for the CL. That’s the dream.

  10. Double Dutch says:

    After years of failure to properly reinvest, I think we need 7 players. First though, we need to sell the hangers on of which there are many, and get a new manager. It is a waste of time letting AW spend the money and continue when he has clearly lost the dressing room and the plot.

  11. Break-on-through says:

    Last nights game sums up the worst aspects of Ozil’s game. If he had of got an assist we’d say that is Ozil in a nutshell. He has to go, I hope the club realise this or if Arsene stays I hope he can see it.

    Giroud needs to go, we need two top strikers and he can’t be one of them. He’s too one dimensional and his work rate even when he’s trying isn’t far of Ozil who’s doing zilch.

    Cazorla needs to be replaced, Coquelin needs to go and a better one needs to come in. Ramsey should go too, we’ve waited long enough, Arsenal is too big a club and you’ve never taken your opportunities except in one season.

    We have Kolisinac by the sounds of it, sell one of Gibbs Monreal.

    Sell Gabriel and bring in a top top CB, loan Chambers again hold onto him just in case like Szcz loan, make sure all loans have a recall option ..doh.

    With Ospina going we might have to bring in another, I’d suggest Pickford but this area might be the least of our worries.

    Walcott needs to go. I think we need to bring in an exciting winger, one who beats players with both pace and trickery, good in final third and jut as importantly he’s good at getting back and doing the dirty work.

    I’d like us to try for the taller ones if we can. This is six or seven players, and there is a heap load more further down we can sell, then use the academy if possible.

  12. AFC says:

    Arsenal need a new manager 1st and foremost before anything else.Wenger needs to be shown the door.

  13. Fatboy Gooney says:

    I read an Anonymous comment on Twitter yesterday and he seemed full of himself, suggesting that he had inside information.
    He went on to say that Wenger has already signed a two year extension and after that spell ends, Wenger Will become the footballing director for the club with an unknown (Yes man) manager working under him.?
    In other words, Wenger will still be calling the shots as a backseat driver kind of Manager, until the day he dies.

    How’s that for a nightmare on WengerOut street ?

    1. Frank says:

      Hahaha and the nightmare continues. I’m sure this article is going to make a few Gooners scared for the future of the club. How ironic would it be if Everton win a PL before we win our next one.

  14. taiwo mamud says:

    Ramsey, Coquelin, Walcott, Gabriel, Montreal and Giroud are not relevant in the building of a new squad.
    Wenger loyalty is to some players irrespective of performance. Bring in Lacarezite or Lukaku, Left back , tall and skilful defensive midfielder, William Cavaharlo, Lazani or Berkley and a new manager.

  15. Janssen says:

    I believe, honestly, that we don’t know how many new players we need. If you look at how some managers bring along and improve players there is no telling what a good manager could do with our squad. Our players have been stagnant in their development for a long time now. And half of them have gone backwards.

    I believe for instance that Wenger doesn’t teach or allow Bould to teach proper defending. Most of our players are out of position half the time. This is not talent this is poor management. Look at Spurs and Chelsea two well-managed squads, the players know where they are supposed to be on the pitch. We had 6 defenders in the box against effectively two spurs players yet they scored. We could have 10 defenders in the box if they don’t know what to do it makes no difference.

    Ox showed great promise when he first came on the scene yet he has stagnated in his game, he is great going forward but his positioning and defending leaves to be desired. This has nothing to do with Ox, he is talented and hungry, this has to do with what they are taught during training. Gibbs was also very promising, the only reason he has become a poor player is because no one appears to have worked with him on the development of his game. Technically he is skilled, he can pick a ball out of the air and drop it dead on the grass controlling like the best. There is nothing wrong with his speed. It is all positioning. Bellerin?? Don’t tell me you have not noticed his development also has stagnated. He could be world class. it no coincidence that all our players stop developing way too early in their careers. It is the way they are managed, or not managed.

    Gabriel on the penalty yesterday, not the first time, that was a lazy useless penalty, I don’t think Bould or any decent defender would have trouble sitting Gabriel down and explaining him the basics of when to risk contact in the box and when not. Kane was going nowhere.

    Our players look a lot worse than they are because they don’t know what they are doing, they run around out of position and without much purpose getting into each other’s way. A top manager can sort that out, can improve players tremendously. Most of our players are technically gifted.
    Now they need to be taught the game. Manager, manager, manager.

    Look at Liverpool they probably have the weakest squad of the top 4 contenders but they are in it with a chance. Their squad is weaker than ours yet they are competing. Partially as a result of effort and partially as a result of coaching.

    Everyone knows if you play a better team you need to out work them, ask Atletico, Dortmund or Leicester last year. We were coming across a team in Spurs playing better than we were yet they ran 10K more than we did. Yes, that’s right 10K!! 1K per player that’s 1000 meters per player of more work and ground covered than us. That has nothing to do with buying better runners that has to do with the manager.

    Yes players like Giroud, Mert, Debuchy should probably not have a future with us. But if a new manager came in give the new manager and the lads a chance to show what they can do under proper management before we write all our players of as “useless” simple because they are not being managed.

    I think an Allegri or Jardim would sort the positioning of this team out in half a season. That means we hopefully would maybe need 4 players max IMO.

    If Wenger stay he will do the same to any new player and they would become worse and worse.
    If Wenger knew how to position his players and how to get them to play as a team it would have happened already. Wenger wants to win just like amy of us. He is just out of ideas and can’t bring the level of detail that the moder coach brings to his team.

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Wow, That’s 3 Articles long ?

      1. Fortis_Gunner says:

        We need to show we mean serious business and buy these three players
        1. Dele Alli
        2. Harry Kane
        3. Jan Verthoegen or however you spell it.

        This will show we mean serious business and shut up those noisy neighbors.

      2. Janssen says:

        Sorry, was on a role 😉

    2. Yossarian says:

      Absolutely right. Arsenal used to buy decent players and make them great. Now we buy decent players and make them progressively worse. That’s because they don’t know what they’re supposed to be doing, and that’s down to poor team strategy and bad coaching.

      We could buy 20 new players and it wouldn’t take long for all the same problems to arise again, unless the manager & yes-men are changed as well.

      1. lord wafflebury says:

        Ill repeat what i said in an earlier post…wengers coaching methods are crucifying good players…ozil, xakha, mustafi were class items before they came here..coached to modern play by modern day look at them ? Ffs everybody can see who and what is causing the problem…our dinosaur manager with his outdated ways. If he stays he will reprogramme all the incoming new players to his ways and that will be their lot too. So it really doesnt matter who or how many we buy he will screw them up big time.

    3. A-Gooner says:


  16. Darren says:

    First of all. get rid of silent stan, and the clowns he brought in. let’s have an owner who wants to win things, and build our great club back up again. yes get rid most of the players we have as most of them are not fit enough or good enough to wear the Arsenal shirt with pride, and yes a manager who will build a great first team, that everyone will fear, and have a great youth set up.
    Lets get rid of the jokes we have

  17. gotanidea says:

    From all your comments, I noticed that most of you are looking for more physical, quicker, taller, athletic and creative players. I think Arsenal’s manager and his staffs are also looking for the same thing.The requirements are needed for any athletes, but they would be useless if the players cannot possess and passes the ball properly.

    If you really pay attention to the Tottenham vs Arsenal game, you would see their defenders played our attackers to chase the ball around in vain. Count the number of touches of each Arsenal’s and Tottenham’s player in the game. You will see that almost each Tottenham’s player touched the ball for at least three touches, before releasing it to the other player.

    And the Arsenal’s players? Almost all of them can only possess the ball for maximum two touches. No team would win against a top team with an open play scheme if they cannot win the ball possession. Only penalties, set-pieces and luck can save them.

    If you still cannot see it, watch how Barcelona played. Count their players’ number of touches and compare it to the Premiere League teams. Arsenal should have looked for players that are able to dictate the tempo like them.

    My point is you can put all monsters like Cristiano Ronaldo, Van Dijk, Alderweird, Harry Kane, Matic, Mane, Marco Alonso, Moses, Courtois, etc in football pitch. It would be useless if they cannot possess the ball and dictate the tempo of the game properly.

  18. danny says:

    Wenger is not a club manager , he is mama to all arsenal players , thats y he not like conte ,klopp , mourinho , pep , , if these younger managers are get tense if players not perform well or not scored but this mama wenger , player not scored , players get tired , players not pass successful and not performed well , even old man sit in seat and thrown bottle in ground…and encourge the players again n again …..sanchez is the only one even wenger encourage or not he gives his best , football is not one many army every match sanchez will scores , one and two worldclass in arsenal with lot of dummy average players , ox is hype , how many goals he scored in a single season ? He have pace , his pace speed like walcot..tats it..all avarage….we need a cf(lacazzate)benzema, , a winger if sanchez moves(mbappe) amf like isco if ozil moves dmf like beast height monaco bakayoko or cmf casimero, lb kolansinic is deal done i hope , rb we need if bellarin moves ,and a cb powerful class player ……thats it

  19. ArseOverTit says:

    No player change is necessary (straight away) just a new manager.

    Others have done more with less in other teams, and 13 years of buying players and forming his teams has shown he cannot create a PL winning team. 20 years in Europe have shown him up for what he is too.

    Au Revoir Arsene

  20. DANDY GUNNER says:

    A New Manager, A New Board and 11 new Players.

  21. John0711 says:

    I’ve said all season I’m done until he leaves if it’s now fine, 2 years fine forever fine I won’t put another penny into the club until it happens

    Keep up the protests wenger out

  22. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Can Someone Please tell me why Wenger still has a Job.

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      It’s not a job…. It’s his Hobby ??

  23. Harold says:

    The top six teams in the premier league are very similar in terms of squad strength, most of the top six teams best players were available for the entire season up to this date, in other words injuries was not a factor in terms of their current position in the league. Therefore, I would immediately dismiss any suggestion that Arsenal squad is not good enough.

    Arsenal biggest problem this season has been their ability to prevent teams from playing well against them, especially teams which are a close match to them in terms of strength and teams which decided to press them high up the pitch. Far too many teams this season even at the Emirates found so much space against Arsenal and hence pass the ball well against us.

    I personally would be OK with Arsenal not buying any new players, bring back Wilshere, and Chambers and replace Mr Wenger with Roberto Martinez. Arsenal problems is in the way we play not the players.

    1. stubill says:

      Martinez!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding, what has he ever done to warrant managing Arsenal???

      1. Harold says:

        What has Brendon Rogers ever done to manage Liverpool ? What has Poccachino ever done to manage Spurs? Mr Wenger with his vast experience has struggled this year in the transfer market in buying the right type of players who fits into Arsenal style of play, fail to get the best out of his players and has not introduce any system which could combat the type of football Arsenal come up against.

        Mr Roberto Martinez possesses all these credentials in abundance and is very good at producing good attractive football even on a low budget, could you remember Swansea a few years back, their possession style football originated form him, he also moulded Wigan as one of the most scariest team to face in the Premier league a few year back all this operating on a low budget.

  24. AndersS says:

    If Wenger stays, we could buy the 15 best players in the world, we still couldn’t win the league, and they would soon be reduced to average player anyway, as they would loose their confidence and loose their development, so others would overtake them.
    We need a new manager to get the best out of the players we have, and maybe get 2-3 to strengthen the team. Then we could compete again.

  25. msty says:

    wenger will never spend 30+ on 4 players in a single window… the players are ok what we need is a change in attitude toward games that is our major problem… solution???
    a new manager…

  26. funkyrith says:

    A new manager is a must
    GK I think Ospina will go, bring Szczesny back
    A striker is a must, Welbeck/Alexis/Iwobi/Walcott/Perez wont be enough
    If we plan to switch to switch to 3-5-2 or 3-4-3, which I think we should, Gabriel/Mustafi/Kos/Holding wont be enough, we will need 1 more CB

    Bellerín/Monreal/Jenk/Ox might be barely enough for wing back positions

    Coquelin/Ramsey/Xhaka might be just enough in mid-field defense, and we will need a CAM to replace Ozil.

    Sell Debuchy/Ozil/Mertesacker/Gibbs/Elneny/Cazorla/Giroud/Sanogo to generate funds and free up space for young talent to get match time.

  27. Ronny says:

    All I can think is that Wenger is stepping down the replacement has been found and terms agreed between both clubs at director and manager level.
    Apart from these people in the know it’s being kept very secret for now.
    Reason being the replacement manager is still competing in the CL.
    Simeone, Jardine or Allegri?

    This is all a hunch and most likely nonsense bu surelyt a guy can dream of the fact that his beloved club is on the case and has a plan, no??

  28. Ronny says:

    I agree with some of what you’ve said but sell cazorla? Not for me.
    Although a lot of what he has is natural uncoached talent I still believe he is the sort of player we should keep on at AFC once he’s hung up his boots.

  29. Ronnyŕ says:

    Also cazorla had been missed this season but let’s not forget rosicky who although didn’t play much towards the end his presence around the camp and magic he could bring to a game from the bemch is sorely missed.

  30. Gunnerforlife says:

    New Owner, New Board, New manager is needed. Our team seems does not have any clue on the pitch. Terrible defending. No positioning. Rubbish crossing. Foolish tackling. No penetrating run from winger. Only pass backward and sideways. Foolish game plan. Mr. Arsene Wenger need to go. Please Go Arsene Wenger. I cannot tolerate that Spurs are improving. We also need an improvement.

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