Arsenal desperately needs new players in the summer to get back to the top table.

Mikel Arteta needs new signings if he is to turn the club around.

Mikel Arteta seems to be a transformational leader, but Arsenal’s recent exit from the Europa League shows that the Gunners are still a long way from being where they should be for a club of their stature.

The truth remains that not every player in this Arsenal side is good enough to lead the club back into becoming one of England’s top sides.

Arteta has managed to squeeze out some outstanding performances from the players at his disposal, but I believe that he would do a better job with more quality players.

Left to me, I think Arsenal needs at least three new players to make them a complete side.

I believe the Gunners need to invest in a new centre back that can become their Virgil van Dijk as well as a new midfield enforcer.

Finally, the team could do with another creative midfielder who can provide at least 13 Premier League assists per season.

The one part of this Arsenal team that seems to be complete is their attack, even if the team loses Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, I believe that the likes of Gabriel Martinelli, Eddie Nketiah and Nicolas Pepe can take up the goalscoring responsibility.

Obviously, players will have to be sold to fund new acquisitions and lack of Champions League football is a handicap but Arsenal are still a huge pull for a lot of players and if the money can be raised then there is every reason to believe that the club can sign some top quality in the summer.

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    1. Aubameyang left BVB in the champions league to join Arsenal in Europa. He made the move for money and his next decision will be made for the same. After watching Ramsey cunningly and impressively drag his feet at contract negotiations with Arsenal, successfully wind down his contract while incredulously remaining in the fans’ good books, keep his spot on the team and still get his reported £400K a-week bossman deal at Juventus, there is no doubt in my mind Aubameyang is attempting to replicate the same.

      1. I think you’re right on that. It will be interesting at the end of the season to see if the lure of CL football or dosh is the most important factor

  1. I don’t see how the coach will be able to make new signings when the club has just recorded a reported £27M loss. So, before talking about buying new players, we must first balance the books by reducing our deep bank of overpaid deadwood like Ozil, Lacazette, Bellerin, Luiz etc. The bottom line is, someone has to be sold.

    Misssing the champions league and of course bad financial decisions like Sanchez and Ramsey being allowed to leave for nothing, as well as buying flops for £70M+ have majorly contributed to this perilous financial state we find ourselves in. Nonetheless, the club must survive. It is now clear we cannot afford 2 players on £300K+, heck even just one, or even a £50M player walking away for free..YET AGAIN. Kroenke needs to rein in the rot at this club and show us why he is a billionaire!

  2. Arteta needs to focus on getting as many points as possible first, 4th maybe 5th place will be enough. It’s not impossible, it’s just there are 6 clubs above us fighting for the same goal and may be 2 or 3 below us. Taking all the points off those clubs is paramount, whilst beating those not directly in completion, will also be important.

    3 of the trophies we were in for are gone. I really don’t care about the fa cup now, If arteta truly believes we play too many matches then let’s focus on those remaining league points, treat the fa cup as a bonus.

    As for the topic, well what will be will be. Yes the squad obviously needs an overhaul, getting money for those players not required or entering their last year, will be something to focus on, when the season is over. For now we need every player, member of staff, supporter and fan to focus on those remaining league points. The FA Cup could well be a distraction, bit should be used to rotate the squad. For me it’s champions League or bust, This Europa League thing is not working out for us. I would rather miss on Europe altogether than continue to sit at the second table.

    Roma and Besiktas have made it clear to the club they want 2 of our unwanted that’s money in the bank, let Raul get that done. Atletico want Laca and we want Partey, that sounds like a good swap. If we don’t make into the Champions League and we lose Auba, then get a bloody good player(s) in return.

    Luiz, Sokratis, Mustafi Get rid,
    we will still have Saliba, Chambers, Holding, Mavropanos, Ballard, Medley, McGuiness and Clarke and possibly Mari if he comes good.
    Kolasinac too injury prone

    Macey, Xhaka, Ozil not good enough

    1. don’t think we can dump everyone at the back. Saliba looks good but he is new to England. Chambers and Holding get hurt a lot, and Holding has not looked good at all so far coming back. We will see about Mari and everyone else on the list. A lot of people like Mavropanos but who knows. I think that they need to keep Mustafi and maybe Sokratis (or vice versa). If the other players work out, maybe a Jan sale.

      I don’t think we can get rid of Xhaka, unless there are replacements.

      If we can get something for Bellerin we should take it.

      We won’t move Ozil unless we really discount the sale – and maybe that is worth the discount – eat some of the wage bill and a token transfer amount.

  3. Ozil, Xhaka, Mustafi, Kolasinac, Sokratis, Luiz maybe Lacazette if he wants to leave.
    Elneny, Mkhitaryan.

    This players should be sold.

    Then we need a good CM, LB, CB, AM and maybe a big strong DM

  4. Don’t name any potential signings. Agents will look at us and go, “what the heck do these pretenders think they have over us?” And look at how nobody seems to have good seasons at the club because they either get injured or are too scared of it. Aubameyang is a mere outlier and he’ll be gone soon, probably for less than we bought him for.

  5. Its as if some of us fans are playing FIFA manager or something.

    WE HAVE A DM, why oh why are we crying about Partey and other DM’s in one sentence, then complain about us having too much players surplus to requirement and costing us money with their wages?
    The same can be said for defenders.

    We have to sell some mids and defenders before we can whine about buying players.
    (see lists below)

    But even that isn’t a solution. Can we have patience and see how Arteta can make of Torreira at DM, and how Saliba fits in.


    Midfielders List: 8
    Guendouzi, Torreira, Xhaka, Elneny, Ozil, Maitland-Niles, Willock, Dani Ceballos

    Center Back List: 8
    Luiz, Sokratis, Holding, Chambers, Mavropanos, Saliba, Mari, Mustafi,

    1. The majority of this squad have now failed under 4 manager/head coaches at the Arsenal. Emery asked for certain players and was denied those players, as well as players of a similar type, by the Board. Unless the owner and Board allow Arteta to cull the squad of the underperforming players, particularly those lacking physical and mental strength, and support him in the transfer market to bring in the players to suit the style of football Arteta wants Arsenal to play, then Arsenal’s slide will continue.

  6. Regardless of whether or not we can buy 2/3 quality players ,every effort must be made to clear the deck of our experienced but poor performing players.Until this is accomplished we cannot look to the future with optimism despite the fact that we have some really talented youngsters coming through.Ideally we need a RB, CB,DM and an attacking midfielder who can score.Bruno Fernandez of Man Utd would have done nicely but without the resources we may have to grin and bear the pain.

  7. Somebody is going to have to roll the dice with fitness and our line-up at the back. We have lots of potentially good players who get injured a lot (won’t say injury-prone though).

    Bellerin has not looked very good since injury – not sure he is worth the gamble. Kola isn’t that good. Hopefully Tierney is healthy and able to go, but his injury record makes me wonder. So there are three on the outside. Plus the new injured fullback who we haven’t even seen…

    In the middle Holding and Chambers get hurt. Both have looked really good by times but have been injured. Holding has looked poor since coming back.

    Sari and Saliba will help us hopefully – and Saliba has looked good, don’t know about Sari.

    Then the three old guys in the middle.

    Finally, do we need a goalie to go along with Leno?

    There are a lot of decisions to make at the back before moving forward.

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