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How many points than Wenger will Emery get next season? Bet on it!

Unai Emery to earn 71 points in debut season at Arsenal?

Newly appointed Arsenal boss priced to better Arsene Wenger’s final tally by eight

Wednesday 23rd May 2018 – Sporting Index expects Unai Emery to improve on Arsene Wenger’s 63-point haul from the 2017/18 campaign and bag 71 points for Arsenal next season.

Offering Arsenal’s Premier League 2018/19 points at 70.5-72, which would have been enough for them to finish above London rivals Chelsea last season, the leading sports spread betting firm expects Emery to have an immediate positive impact on the team and earn the Gunners the same amount of points that saw them finish runners-up to Leicester in 2015/16.

Elsewhere, West Ham are predicted to rack up 47 points, their highest points tally since the 2015/16 season with Manuel Pellegrini in the Hammers hot seat.

Ed Fulton, trading spokesman for Sporting Index, said: “Arsene Wenger’s final season at Arsenal was particularly disappointing, finishing just sixth on 63 points, and we think Unai Emery comes in with a very good chance of bettering that.

“Our spread suggests Emery will break into the seventies in his debut season, while in the east of London we’re backing Manuel Pellegrini to give West Ham a much needed boost.”




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38 thoughts on “How many points than Wenger will Emery get next season? Bet on it!

  1. killamch89

    I can see us getting at least third with the right additions. We need wingers and defenders and some work on the midfield and we can do something and if anyone else didn’t say it – I’ll say it right now. Finally! our first European Trophy…sorry for celebrating a year soon lol. Europa League is ours!

    1. Dennis Moriarty

      Our first European trophy? How long have you been supporting Arsenal? Take a look back pre Wenger!

  2. TheJad

    At least 12 points. With Europa league and maybe FA or league cup. I’m going to be extra hopeful and positive and say well get 4th spot back.

    1. tencanskelly

      Not a chance 5o million for new players west ham av more money to spend then arsenal so a top 10 finish for arsenal our aim this season sad to support a tight bunch of t..ts get the board and the fat yank out now

      1. jojo

        I agree Arsenal have no chance of coming close to winning the title with the tight arsed useless Yank. I was never a “Wenger Out” person….beware what you wish for….

  3. Innit

    Over 70 as long as he gets a Top CB, defensive midfielder, and box2box midfielder

    But Overall he needs to get minimum:
    1. Good Quality CBs
    2. Backup RB
    3. Good Quality defensive midfielder
    4. Top Quality box2box midfielder
    5. At least one winger/attacking midfielder

    Sell some players to raise funds for new signings, for example: Iwobi, Campbell, Xhaka, Perez, Akpom, maybe Wilshere, Mustafi, Chambers, Jenkinson, Asano

    All this will take at least two summers to achieve. It can’t be all done this summer. But a lot of work is needed.

    1. tencanskelly

      Wot with 50 million you can’t buy a top CB for 50 nowadays top finish this year 😠p .s when av more money to spend then arsenal cheap f.. ing t..t

      1. jojo

        If we sell the talentless Iwobi = £5.99 to Prestatyn.
        Old past the sell by date Cech = £7.00 to Bognor Regis
        Red card Idiot Xhaka =£6.99 to Inverness Rovers
        Wenger inherited an amazing back five and left us with very poor defenders who all need replacing…

  4. gotanidea

    I wouldn’t bet on it as Emery is still new, whereas Wenger stayed for more than two decades

    Actually Pellegrini is a proven ex-Premier League manager that was successful with Man City and could transform Arsenal, due to his experience and his style. Unfortunately he chose West Ham and Emery also has many major trophies, but he would need more time to adapt

    1. jojo

      We got Emery unfortunately because Pelligrini wants to chose who he hires and fires….The fickless board controls the Manager at Arsenal!!!!!

      1. Ozziegunner

        This is the successful European model with Emery appointed as head coach. He has worked under this system previously in France and Spain.
        If you listen to the interview with Gazidis and Emery, Gazidis is asked about the transfer budget and he directs the media to Arsenal’s published accounts. The available funds are therefore well in excess of £50 million excluding sales.

  5. John Ibrahim

    if not for mustafic and cech playing for the opposition sides and sanchez slacking….we would have been in the 70s pts or more…..

    15 pts gone due to 3 players inconsistencies

        1. jojo

          Your are the Dim one Jack….Sanchez when he was fit or could be bothered to play. Played for four months and did not alter Arsenal very poor season!!!!

  6. Sheet Head

    We are going to be invincible this season, I bet my hot brunette crush on it 😀😀😀

  7. Dan

    Apparently his no 2 if he comes is a bit of a kick off merchant and gets involved in plenty of rows I hope he does come as it’s about time so.e of these arsenal players got there arses kicked!!

    1. jojo

      I would stick the boot up all the sorry Arsenal players arses they were all dreadful last season…overpaid and useless….

  8. barryglik

    A new manager at last.
    That was not hard was it?
    Mr Wenger should have been let go
    in 2009 but Kroenke Wenger and Gazidiz
    re designed Arsenal in their own image.
    The fans became nameless paying customers supporting the KWG dynasty.
    Kroenke and Gazidiz remain power brokers while Wenger is
    waiting for his statue and lifelong club knighthood to be bestowed.
    A corner has been turned but there is a way to go yet.

  9. AA

    Its an interesting season to look forward to.

    How many points we collect next season depends on various factors excluding players we bring in.
    There was a widespread view that players were in comfort zone and underperforming under Wenger. If that statement has any weight, a change of manager brings good uptick in performance in short term. Negative here is that players will have pre-season to overcome they early nervous period. But still hopeful that it will give us some momentum for first 5-7 games.
    Read a comment somewhere on this website that someone has a brother who will see a new manager for the first time at Arsenal. Well…. so is true for many Arsenal payers. They will me most uncomfortable. They have never experienced any change of manger in their entire life. There could be much consistent performances for first 2-3 months on back of this factor by homegrown players.
    Second will be how much players are able to buy his footballing philosophy. If majority are onboard by first 10 games, influence of lazy players will be less and can expect consistency from players as a team.

    Third is how we kill the game. Hated when we lead 2-0 in first half and took foot off paddle and became defensive. 2-0 gave is 3 points. 4-0 gives 3 points and creates fear factor for team we are up against next (plus reverse fixture). Old Arsenal/ManU and today’s ManCity won points also due to teams giving before taking field. We opponents should feel and fear that they are up against “ARSENAL” …… including top 6 teams. Winning/loosing is different, we should not be taken lightly by teams…..any team.

    I think these three will be bigger factor than players we bring in. Our issue has been culture in dressing room which impacts work ethics on pitch, lack of tactical changes and no killer instincts. Look no further then our London rivals Cheski and how they have performed in last 4 years…. all due to players giving 100% or 50%.

    1. weRarsenal

      This team can do better provided players believe in manager
      73 wont give us top 4.

  10. Meja

    I wount raise my hopes yet…. I will judge the season based on who we buy this summer. Mahrez, serri, fred from shakhtar donesk, leno and 2 centrebacks will do for me. Micky should be picked over ozil as he is more aggresive and hardworking…. Sell welbeck, xhaka, mustafi, cech, whilshere and the other fringe players

  11. Lucia

    What people have failed to understand. Let me make analysis on the players we have and which of them who could thrive under emery.
    1.Cech: if am being realistic he should be no 2. Age wise but his experience with a better defensive unit could be key in us seeing a different cech next season.
    2.Mustafi is not a bad defender by a country mile. He has made goal line clearance saves for us countless time. He has thrown his body at shots. His problem is that he is too agile. He is rash but he is relatively young. He could thrive under emery. And even though he is not the tallest his jump power is up there.
    3.Koscielny I don’t think he can improve more because he is old and injury prone. We better replace him and keep him as second choice.
    4.Bellerin this is a boy who came with so much expectation but he lost his way. But I think he would thrive under emery.
    5.Monreal not too much to say about him the most consistent arsenal player for over 2 Years now.
    6.Ramsey is a player whom I feel is not managed or utilized very well by arsenal. But under emery I feel we will see a different Ramsey.he is a typical klopp/emery type of player.
    7.Wilshere- in my opinion is far from emery type of player I think we should sell to westham. He is pellegrini/Wenger type of player.
    8.mhikitrayan- he is definetly going to be much better next season. I see in him a certain type of little Mozart in his attitude,style of play,commitment.
    9.xhaka. now that’s a tough one because he is not a pressing type of player. He likes to sit and circulate the ball. He may thrive or he may not because the position emery uses him is gonna be key to how he performs. We have seen he is definetly not a cdm.
    10.elneny. for all the negativity I think every coach would want to have this boy. He is an utility player. He does his job silently. He may not be flashy but he is hardworking and his biggest asset is his energy and stamina.wish is typical emery type of player.
    11.ozil now we all know he doesn’t like the hardwork, he likes it easy but if emery can bring out that hardwork part from ozil we have ourself a different beast. Otherwise, we should get rid.
    12.laccazzet I feel that we never used him properly. He is more skilful than aubameyang and the previous striker we had. He is a player I feel can adapt very well in any of the front position.he is gonna come good next season that I know.
    13.aubameyang same as laccazzet i feel he will be a hit next season.
    14.iwobi I think we should loan him out to any London club, Watford westham Bournemouth Crystal palace.
    15.kolasinac I feel he is also a typical emery player whom we didn’t see more of him last season. But hopefully next season emery brings out that beast he is.
    16.AMN he should take iwob’s spot in the team.
    17.holding. should be used as backup I feel he is the more better ball playing and more agile and flexible defender between himself and chambers. And he is younger too.
    18. Chambers if he is not first choice at his age he should move on because he needs playing regularly to stamp himself and I know he is not gonna get that at arsenal. We should sale with option to buy back.
    19.Mavroponas we should loan him out to a promoted team in the league.he hasn’t been tested enough yet.
    20.Welbeck typical emery player hardwork and grit but less talented of all our attacking players.though still think we should let him go.
    21.nelson nketiah Joe willock should also be used as subs
    22.ospina we need to get rid.enough said.

  12. skies

    I think the 50M is amortized budget. What it means is that you can buy a 50M player giving a 4 year contract and it would be counted as 15M only for that year. I read it in a article, correct me if I am wrong.

    1. Ozziegunner

      Yes skies, this is well explained in a post written by “She wears a yellow ribbon” on the goonernews site.
      Gazidis in his interview referred the media to the Arsenal accounts in responding to a question regarding the transfer budget. There was no mention of “£50 million” limit.

  13. big g

    Even if we get 71 points we will be no better of than we are now, i.e we will finish in 6th place.

  14. jon fox

    My advice to anyone thinking of spread betting is DON’T! Unless you are seriously clued up and wealthy it is dangerous and hard to predict. Betting on or laying your own team CAN be worthwhile BUT only when you have the latest team news for both teams(opponents too) and CRUCIALLY, only if you never let your heart rule your head. Bookies know this so well and thus make millions from mug punters who let the heart rule the head. Essentially, and unless you are yourself a professional , you are an amateur competing against professionals (the bookies) with the odds always in their favour. This is sound advice , I promise you!

  15. Ruelando

    I am not focus on points right now, just the development of the squad. Our team over the years showed that they can match any team, but our players have long since gotten away with murder earning pay without putting in the work. Intensity have been missing from the majority of our games, accountability, correction of errors and last but not least leadership.
    I think Wenger was a great coach but his players seemed to do what they feel like and this mental was quite evident on the field of play.
    I am hoping to see Perez, Martinez and Campbell in our squad for the coming season, better options than some players we have at present.
    In truth if Emery can sharpen these players and defense, 2-3 additions might just be enough to get us back in the top.

  16. inkfight!

    Back to around the 70-75 points mark and a cup (FA Cup, EFL or Europa). That would interestingly be very similar to Wenger’s penultimate season at Arsenal. But compared to his last one, it will be a step back in the right direction.

    Intangibles: some more fight and discipline. Better and more modern tactics. At least show up for the big games away from home.

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