How many points will Arsenal collect from their next six league games?

A winning run for Arsenal could transform their season

The way the teams are playing from fourth to tenth a winning run could easily see one of those teams move into fourth. The next six games are worth 18 points and in my opinion that would be enough to either slip into fourth or get very close.

So, with that in mind lets look at Arsenal’s next six games.

Burnley v Arsenal
Burnley will be tough opponents, they showed that last night against Man Utd but I would be disappointed if Arsenal cannot register a rare away win against the Clarets.

Arsenal v Newcastle United
Newcastle is very beatable, they are resilient and never give us as they proved against Everton but this really should be three points in the bag for the Gunners.

Arsenal v Everton
Inconsistent Everton will be no walkovers and will be very competitive but with home advantage and the way Arteta has the team playing I would expect three points.

Manchester City v Arsenal
This is no points I am afraid to say. I know City have been very inconsistent and are now beatable on the own ground but apart from Liverpool and Man Utd I believe this is one game their players will be up for because of the Mikel Arteta connection. They will want to beat their former assistant manager.

Arsenal v West Ham United
This West Ham team had so much hope before the season started but they have flopped and even with an upturn under David Moyes, Arsenal should collect all three points

Brighton v Arsenal
Very tricky game, the Seagulls are simply not afraid and believe they can beat Arsenal every time, I am leaning towards a draw in this one.

So, 13 points from a possible 18. Would that be enough to get into top-four? It will not but I reckon it would make us contenders. Something we have not been all season long.


  1. Absolutely impossible to guess! imagine you did so with our last 6 games…
    Just try to win games at home, that would be great!

  2. Sky sports news reporting were looking at shakhtar defender Matviyenko anyone seen him play? Cant say I’ve heard of him, 23 though which is a good age 👌

  3. Its not only our results which will get us up to the top 4,results have to go our way for us to stand a chance.
    Burnley are flying in confidence right now and they are a very physical side so would be a tough game.We have to approach very tactically to compete with their physicality.
    Newcastle are not bad this season.They defend very deep and are not great on the counter so i hope MA goes with an all out attack approach.
    Everton and west ham are beatable and i hope MA prove to ancelotti why he was chosen over him
    Brighton have been getting pretty bad result currently but i do think they will gain confidence when it comes to our game after their triumph at the emirates but MA will beat them.

    To be honest one might look at the previous epl seasons and tell that arsenal need to win every game except man city but this season is very strange,very inconsistent performances from many teams.

    Arsenal need to win every game from now onwards.Man city will be tough but they are vulnerable.

  4. We just need to play with the spirit we showed at Stamford bridge but keep eleven players on the pitch. If we can do that there’s no reason why we can’t go on a run and pick up 18 out 18, confidence is key, if we start getting wins before we play city, why not near them too. Wow, what a win that would be for MA. Who know we may then go on to be the ones that stop Liverpool being invincible. Wishful thinking I know but if you can’t dream then what is life about. Come on ARSENAL.

  5. I don’t know Admin. I think that they could win each one (MC is a big stretch – we would need a great game and catch them on an off night) but don’t think we will. While things are looking up, the consistency is not there and a few minutes asleep makes all the difference.

    With no science and not picking which games give us points I am going for 13 – there will be one bad one, one great one and the others in between.

  6. i will say we will get a mere six points from the next six games. this season is stone dead as far as we are concerned. but i dont think the players can be motivated enough at this stage to fight hard. although, i know it was a battle at the bridge and fair play to them, but i dont see them doing that week in week out. i do hope i am wrong.

  7. Well Gerry and Kondwani, you gloomy guses, I am still sticking with my 13. You may prove to be far more accurate than I but rose coloured glasses firmly planted on head for me!

  8. This post is non sense, look at our past 6 games, and 6 before. A bunch of so called weaker teams!

    There’s no way to predict without knowing formation of each game.

    If same, we will have same results!

    1. How is it nonsense? It is just predicting future results that is all, just something to debate. There is no way of pleasing everyone on here

  9. 12-13 points. Hope Arsenal go on a run and we are quite capable of it. After the Chelsea game, I am quite confident of our team. Birnley away will be quite physical and a draw would be still good, although I expect us to win. WestHam, Everton and Newcastle are all beatable although the Brighton game will be again tricky. Up the Gunners!

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