How many points will Arsenal get over their next four games?

The next four Premier League games could make or break Arsenal’s season.

The reason I have gone with the next four games as opposed to say the next six or eight is because those are the games Arsenal should be winning.

If they can win their next four league games they will get massive confidence and dare I say it, momentum.

Arsenal play Southampton (home), Norwich (away), Brighton (home)and then West Ham (away). All games I believe they can win. The five games after that are against Man City (home), Everton (away), Bournemouth (away), Chelsea (home) and Man Utd (home), all games they could lose.

If they enter those five games having dropped significant points to Southampton, Norwich, Brighton and then West Ham then God help us. Win all four then they will be in much better shape to take on the following five much tougher games

So, how many points will they pick up against Southampton, Norwich, Brighton and West Ham?

My strong feeling is they will beat Southampton and Brighton at home. I also feel they will get the better of Norwich at Carrow Road simply because they are in worse shape than us. I do not have the confidence to say they will beat the Hammers on their ground but I believe a draw is definitely a strong possibility.

Ten points are what I see Arsenal collecting from those games. As for the following five, I am not even going to think about that right now. I want to enjoy my Christmas.


  1. Stewart Macintosh says:

    next four – two wins (at home), one loss and one draw (on the road, can’t decide how to vote for which one). 7/12

    next five after – L-T-W-T-L – MC is a foregone conclusion. Yes they get the win on the road at Bournmouth and tie Everton. They tie Chelsea at home. Damn MU beats us at home, hate those buggers. 5/15

    I am pretty gloomy right now.

  2. Wes says:

    First of all Let’s forget anything to do with 3 points at an away fixture at our current form

    The Emirates is no longer a fortress hopefully we get a win out of the two

    I believe we will get around 5-7 points

  3. Innit says:

    10 points


  4. AY75 says:

    I’m not all that confident about our games this season, regardless of the team we’re playing. We seem to always be on the backfoot, conceding possession to the opposition, and waiting for counters, and whenever we have possession, that inherent lack of urgency in our game gives the opponent more than enough time to regroup. And how many goals have we given away trying to play out from the back, even the “weaker” teams know all of these things Emery seems to be oblivious to, and they set up their team to take advantage of our numerous weaknesses.
    I won’t be surprised if we draw two or three of our next four. Our team is in dire need of fixing, and it all starts with the man in charge. Waiting till the end of the year to fire him might make it a lot more difficult or even impossible to fix the damages that would’ve already been done.

  5. Le Coq Monster says:

    On current form there`s more chance of getting 0 points than getting maximum points.

  6. ken1945 says:

    Without boasting (well not too much anyway) I forecasted two to three points from our last four games and I got it spot on!!!

    For our next four games, I predict eight to nine points – ozziegunner…what do you think of my predictions for the last four games now my friend?!?!

  7. Andrew Elder says:

    Honestly? I haven’t a clue!

  8. Truth says:

    8 wins at home draws on the road

  9. Clueless Emery says:

    Arsenal cant beat brighton at the emirate. We are that bad right now…we will be lucky to get 5-6 points in our next four games.

  10. With Emery around-4 to 5 points(if we are lucky)
    Without Emery around-12 points

    He is confused and is confusing everyone on the pitch. The sooner he goes the better.

  11. Ntseki says:

    Main problem about emery keeps changing formations look at man city or pool they play same formation everytime but change tactics, chop n change is causing confusion to the players…

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