How many years does Laurent Koscielny have left at Arsenal before his return to France?

Arsenal’s most influential defender for the last few years has definitely been the veteran French international Laurent Koscielny, but at the grand old age of 32 he cannot be expected to keep up with the pace of the Premier League for too much longer.

And it seems that our captain has revealed to the Lorient president Loïc Féry that he intends to return to France before he retires and specifically to his old club Lorient. Fery said on French radio: “He told me last week in London that he wanted to end his career at Lorient. I still hope that he has a few more years at Arsenal.”

Perhaps a few more years is unlikely but LK6 does still have a contract that could keep him at the club until 2020, but with young upcoming defenders growing into his role it is unlikely that he would be playing regular first team football until the end. When you see that a previous top international like Per Mertesacker, who has only just turned 33 has already announced that he will be retiring from football completely next summer to concentrate on coaching, is already unable to play in many top flight games, it is entirely possible that Koscielny may be returning to France sooner than we think…



  1. Mitch Connor says:

    I disagree with some of the “fans” who say he’s finished or not good anymore. I see comments like this all the time. Koscielny has been an awesome, loyal soldier for us. In my opinion, he was world class. In one match he completely owned Messi when we played Barcelona.

    He is still a solid central back and I want him to stay. He should stay at least 2-3 more years.

    BUT we desperately need another top CB specialist. Mertsacker is retiring, Mustafi although a good CB isn’t really worth £35 million. Monreal has done a good job but is a LB specialist not CB. Holding and Chambers are still young and not good enough to start every match. Especially if we continue 3 at the back we need to get a top CB

    1. Jerick says:

      There are actually fans out there saying that? Just a question cause I haven’t seen anything of that sort until now. He’s still playing well for us. Still winning his aerial duels, tackling well, fast and rough like always. I would think that the reason anyone would believe his game has reduced is because we now have Monreal, Mustafi and recently Kolasinac playing well so he Koscielny doesn’t look outstanding among our other defenders like usual. I believe though that he’s entering his final season after this one. Maximum 2 seasons.

    2. jon fox says:

      I find it incredible and depressing that so many non -realistic fans have chosen to dislike your fine and sensible post. Fools! All you say is completely accurate.

  2. dave says:

    Kos is still a fantastic defender. Look around Europe there aren’t that many great CBs around. CBs performance depend a lot on partnerships and the system employed. Look at Bonucci, absolutely imperious at Juv but out of form at Milan. Kos can be great when paired with the right CB.

    Mustafi still has room to improve and is still relatively young — defenders usually hit peak towards late 20s. A lot of arsenal fans doubted Kos when he was brought in largely unproven at 26yr old. Just look back at the impact he’s had at the club.

  3. Goonerboy says:

    I think the reason many fans are worried about Kos is because of his fitness,his Achilles to be precise.
    It seems it can only be managed not totally cured.

    But in terms of quality, and reliability he can’t be questioned,yes he has been off form sometimes but it happens to every one…
    I don’t think he will be signing another contract with us anymore so it will be wise to start preparing for his departure. If he gets injured no one can replace him adequately…

    As for Mustafi, that guy has been phenomenal since his return from injury and am so surprised.
    He has been so vocal, commanding and aggressive as usual, check out our win percentage with him in the side
    Long may it continue…

    1. McLovin says:

      Trut me on this, Achilles tendon injuries are SERIOUS. Even if there is just an inflammation, they are really hard to deal with since practically the only way to heal is not to walk.

  4. Sukhjot Gunner says:

    He is without a doubt our best defender. But yes he is getting old and will not be able to continue for long so I hope that either we find a solid young replacement for him,or at least one of Holding or Chambers step up their game upto the top level. But we would need another back up anyway. Moreover I hope that after retiring he comes back to ARSENAL for a coaching role coz he is a real hero for the club and a genuine leader on the pitch. Former influential players going on to have a coaching role for us are quite a rarity. But I hope the likes of KOSCIELNY,CECH or even CAZORLA/ROSICKY follow MERTESACKER in that regard…..

  5. Nothing changed says:

    Great defender when fit but clearly his fitness record is a concern as his body ages further.

    We need another top CD this coming summer. We haven’t even replaced Gabriel and Wenger’s faith in Holding and Chambers seems to be thin.

    1. jon fox says:

      And so it should be thin. Chambers just isn’t even near thr standard we need and Holding , though at times showing talent, is still very raw and mistake ridden. Neither are remotely near the standard we need RIGHT NOW. Holding, alone, just MAY be one day.

  6. TW14-TH14 says:

    “Mauricio Pochettino will be concerned about losing a game again and they could be 16 points behind Manchester City going into the weekend’s game against Watford. From .” – sky Sports

    The masturbation for Spurs is very nauseating. Why is there still reference to Manchester City and the title when Spurs is mentioned? When Arsenal was only 9 points off City, did the media not write us off for top 4 talk of mentioning the title race when discussing Arsenal? They are forcing it to include Spurs in the title race when in reality they are fast drifting out of the race for the top 4. Let them continue the “Pochettino idol worship” while their little god is getting demystified.

    1. jon fox says:

      As I write this , Spuds are in 7th place. In other words, mid-table and below Burnley. What a shame. NOT!

  7. adi says:

    To me, hes got a good 2-3 years left at Arsenal. This guy is a true leader in defence

  8. Brume says:

    get Gimenez and Blind.. Chambers should be sold.

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