How Mikel Arteta can help Alexandre Lacazette end his goal drought

One player who can’t seem to buy a goal right now is Alexandre Lacazette.

The Frenchman was one of the top performers under Unai Emery and seemed to relish facing an opponent at the Emirates.

However, he has struggled since Mikel Arteta has come in, thanks to Pierre Emerick Aubameyang’s goals, Arsenal would have been in trouble now.

Placing the goal-scoring burden solely on Aubameyang is untenable long term, and the Gabonese attacker may need some help sooner rather than later.

I believe strongly in Mikel Arteta’s ability to help players improve their game and I think there are a few things he can do to help Lacazette get that goal.

Firstly, I think the Frenchman needs to get his positioning right. Lacazette isn’t the most man-marked striker in the league, if Arteta can help him start getting in the right place at the right time, he might break his goal drought.

Arteta can also urge his teammates to pass him the ball more often when Arsenal attack. This can only happen if he gets his positioning right.

I also believe that it would probably be easier for him to get a goal if he attacks from the left occasionally and allow Aubameyang to play in the middle, this way he can be free to score from crosses or cutbacks at the back post.

I love Lacazette and I believe he is one of the best strikers in the league, I hope he gets that elusive goal soon.

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  1. Sometimes he hold on to the ball too long but ya he is definitely ine of the best strikers in the EPL.

  2. I’m afraid I cannot agree with the sentiment that Lacazette is one of the best strikers in the EPL, at least not at the moment. Unless, of course, number 10 or number 15 is regarded as one of the best. I do not believe that he will be automatically in the starting lineup for very much longer. All other players in the team with the noteable exception of Laca have picked themselves up since Mikel’s arrival. Too many needless fouls, missed passes and opportunities, no real striker intuition to be in the right place at the right time. Imagine Olivier Giroud being picked for France and Laca not even in the squad. Martinelli should start long before Laca gets amywhere near the team sheet.

    1. I agree with you, Laca is going down day by day, he can’t score, can’t lay a good pass, unnecessary hold unto ball, he can’t fall down inside box to get penalty or no penalty trick, can’t run.

  3. Every single striker on this planet goes through lean spells. Lacca is a great player and as long as he works hard and creates while he isn’t scoring, he will start to score again. He needs one scruffy goal and he will be off again.

  4. Some fans here don’t know soccer. Reggie thank you for the sentiment salaah went through a drought not to long ago was Liverpool fans on his back. No. Damn right laca is one of the best strikes in the epl. His control. Hold up play link up play work rate. How he came out 2md half against leeds winning almost every tackle apart from a silly kick out at a player. Him giving away kicks high up on the field helps the team cause opponents knows their deep laying passers won’t have time to pick up their heads and give passers forward at will cause he’ll hunt them down. One goal for him n watch how the next 10 comes. Thank you

  5. Waleed, i get frustrated with lacca but the guy when he is fit and on form is up there with the best in the prem. He is a player that once he starts scoring and we start going on a run, so will he. I really like his work, when he is on it.

  6. I have never rated a striker who can’t score more than upto 20 league goes as one of the best
    If we are talking about best strikers don’t look too far as auba is far a better strikers than laca, lava to me is just a good player
    For the fact that many wants nartineli over him says it all
    We should stop being bias with some of our players
    Laca have not been scoring much neither does he assist much .

  7. I say bench him from time to time and play Martineli instead. The boy is sharp and always does well when given the chance. Martineli has got this fox in the box thing about him and if we are to ditch seniority for a second, he should be getting more chances when Laca is not firing.

  8. Lacazette is a good player, he will start scoring again, the people saying to get rid of him already I just don’t understand.

    A team like Arsenal need two strikers at a decent level incase one gets injured or we are in multiple competitions and need to rest, our squad is bare thin for talent as it is and you would want get rid of Lacazette?

  9. Laca is definitely a very good player, and the only thing now is that his form has dipped and he is low on confidence. MA will surely help him in this matter and it is only a matter of time before Laca starts firing again.

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