Opinion – How Mikel Arteta can make Arsenal defend better

Arsenal has to defend as a team and that means from the front.

Arsenal has struggled to defend for much of this season and that was why they focused on signing defenders in the last transfer window.

The Gunners brought in Pablo Mari and Cedric Soares last month and they are expected to provide depth as well as cover at the back for the team.

I wish both players well, but I don’t believe that the problems at Arsenal’s back can be solved by signing just two defenders on loan.

I believe so much in collective defending, the best teams defend together just as they attack.

For Arsenal to become better in the art of defending Mikel Arteta has to ask his attackers as well as midfielders to do more defensive work.

The likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette have to start closing teams down from the front more. They should make it hard for teams to pass out of the back and string attacks together.

I also expect Arteta to implement Manchester City’s zonal marking style. When our players use zonal marking it would be tough for our opponents to make passes together because we would cover every space and intercept their passes often.

As soon as Arsenal can begin to make it hard for teams to put passes together, they won’t have to worry about facing as many shots as they currently face, and their defence would be breached less often.

I know this is easier said than done but the best teams in the league, Liverpool and Man City defend from the front and it works.

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  1. Top Gunner says:

    As long as we have players like Ozil and Xhaka, zonal defending will be difficult. I don’t know what people see in these that I dont

  2. Reggie says:

    Changing players attitudes will make us better at defending. We are all ready a bit tighter as a unit, that can improve even more.

  3. Chuma Ikeazor snr says:

    I agree fully, MASS DEFENCE, MASS ATTACK like a pack of wolves, one for another, all spaces covered, no room for unnecessary spaces, second balls to be sorted quickly… hard core pressing without the ball, cover for each other while moving forward with the ball… #TOP4HEREWECOME.It is not over till the final whistle on the last day…It is only impossible if we agree, even though it is not in our hands.

  4. Tony says:

    Yeah @Chuma! I seem to dig.
    Especially with *No room for unnecessary spaces* that’s the sh!t that freaks me out the most!

    I sooo want AFC to win the match and matches henceforth. Henceforth!

  5. Pop custo says:

    Aubameyang and Lacarzett should start right away. With Ozil at the field . For the defence,I think Pablo should be given a try coz our defence is lacking

  6. Top Gunner says:

    Guys plz this Ozil hype. Martinelli or Ceballos can play better than Ozil. Arsenal is not doing good, and most fans still emphasise the use Ozil. Really what Arsenal games are you watching?

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