How Mourinho is actually HELPING Arsenal

It is not good for the Premier League but I must admit to feeling a bit of pleasure when Chelsea crashed out of the Champions League at the hands of French champions PSG this week. I wonder what the Arsenal boss felt after all the bad blood between him and Jose Mourinho.

Unfortunately it looks like Arsenal will soon be joining them, but Chelsea’s poor performance has also taken a bit of the media heat and pressure off our own failure. Mourinho and his players are helping the Gunners in other ways as well.

Remember how much pressure and criticism was aimed at Wenger and Arsenal in recent years? It got to the point when they were pulling out their favourite phrase ‘trophy drought’ at any chance they got, like in a post match interview when we played well and won.

There were numerous pieces written about the club and the manager, not many of them with anything positive to say. The FA cup helped of course, but Mourinho, his team’s cheating ways and his constant moaning have now taken the spotlight off us and firmly on to them.

Carragher, Souness and to lesser extent Thierry Henry absolutely savaged them on Tuesday and the football media in general carried it on. It seems that the mask has slipped and the media are fed up of his antics again. Even the officials are getting in on the act and not giving decisions they would have got last season.

As well as hurting Chelsea’s image, all this makes us look like angels because we don’t complain and surround refs and all the rest of the gamesmanship that Mourinho and his players come up with. Maybe it is no coincidence that things seem to be going our way a bit more these days. Keep it up Jose!

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  1. Yes… the heat off us… at least for now….

    We just gotta keep this momentum going. If we beat West Ham and Man U lose to Tottenham, we will be at a great spot on the table. So COYG, let’s start this weekend on a good note.

  2. I don’t like the negative attitude in the second paragraph. Yes the odds are against us, but winning by 3 goals in Monaco is NOT an impossible scenario

    We have more quality players then they do. We need to play our behinds off and who knows

    Win for pride but winning by 3 Goals is doable if not probable.

    I’m going to bet £50 on Arsenal going through. I have that much belief.

  3. did you lot see how bayern totally slaughtered sharktar…..if we r to breeze past em, we must replicate that form at monaco……..we must attack defensively…….they r a more defensive kinda team than in attack……and this is the more reason why they must be pressed real hard……EarLy goals work the magic

  4. If we can come up with a goal within first 10-20minutes, then we are in with shout against monaco. I consider our first leg an off day!

  5. I agree with the sentiments expressed that we can overturn a 3-1 deficit against Monaco. What needs to be done is to have real iron determination to win this game. All our players should aim to shoot to kill not to injure. If we can score 3 goals in the first half we shall win the tie. Remember any two goal gap above three goals will take us through, i.e. 4-2, 5-3 etc. We should go for it and remove the handbrake. We should defend as one unit and attack as a united front. If we deny them space and attack them on all fronts they will relent. We only need to guard against being hit on the counter. If we allow them no space they will run short of ideas and surrender. I envisage a situation where they might come to defend their lead which will require us to attack and hammer them relentlessly until they crack under our pressure and concede. We did it against Inter some years ago, against Bayern in 2013 and Borussia Dortmund in 2014 only that we were unlucky to lose against the latter two on away goals rule. Thus we should aim to score as many goals as possible and then be mindful of keeping a two goal cushion between us and they. This is very possible. Let us go for it.

  6. We should have scored 6goals n probably conceded none if Giroud wasn’t wasteful.. We penetrated them, its just down to our striker to make it count.

  7. We will win in Monaco and we will go through. Remember that Arsenal are very good at beating teams on their own turf. We beat Bayern 2-0, we beat Inter Milan 5 -1 on their own turf in 2003 after they beat us 3-0 at Highbury. Do you remember? I am not afraid of Monaco. I am confident, we will beat them.

  8. Wow! This is good to see.

    Offline, I am having a hard time convincing my Chelsh*t friend that Arsenal will progress. But coming online to see all you sharing same belief, I am energized!

    Let’s Do IT! Let’s Write History!! COYG!!! #AlwaysAGunner

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