How much are Arsenal players worth?

Okay this is a subject that is much discussed amongst Arsenal fans, especially was Arsene Wenger usually favours buying young or cheap players that are expected to improve as they mature.

I have found this calculator from the CIES Football Observatory which calculates each player’s worth based on an econometric model used to analyse over 1,500 transfers since 2010. Key determining factors include a player’s age, the length of their contract and recent performances.

So you would expect Mesut Ozil or Alexis Sanchez, as they were our most expensive buys and considered our best players, to be worth the most. According to CIES, Mesut Ozil is worth 51m euros, which equals £37.3m which is less than we paid for him! In contrast Tottenham’s Harry Kane is valued at 91.3m euro (£66.8m) mostly because of his age I guess.

Alexis Sanchez is our most valuable player at 81.9m (£59.9m), while our next five top-valued are: Santi Cazorla (£31m), Olivier Giroud (£30.2m), Aaron Ramsey (£29.4m), Hector Bellerin (£24.2m) and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (£23.6m).

These are all the Gunners in the Top 100 rated which means that the rest are only worth £20m or less, including Theo Walcott, Jack Wilshere and Joel Campbell.

Do you think these are fair assessments?

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  1. Those figures are pulled from someones behind. In what world is Kane worth more than Ozil and Alexis, these two can play in any side with the quality not dropping one iota, the same cannot be said for Kane. Cazorla is over priced you wont get that for someone of his age and Bellerin is one of those players that every manager in the world might love to take transfer records could have to be broken if wanting him signed. Alexis Bellerin and Ozil are all worth over the 50m sterling amount. Kane is worth maybe close to 35m mark, due to age and availability on the market, he is not even out of reach of Giroud quality and numbers wise so never mind those other names mentioned who are at the very pinnacle of what they do.

    1. We live in a world where Andy Carrol, Luke Shaw, Sterling cost more than or almost close to what we paid for Sanchez man so yes Kane is waaaaaaaaaaay expensive than both Ozil and Sanchez.

      Whether fair or not but this is just the reality.

  2. – Cech 16 mil
    – Bellarine 30 mil
    – Mert 8mil
    – Kos 24 mil
    -Monereal 18 mil
    – Coq 35 mil
    – Ramsey 46 mil
    – Carzola 19 mil
    – Ozil 49 mil
    – Theo 35 mil
    – OG 30 mil
    – Ox 32 mil
    – Joel 25 mil
    – Sanchez 65mil
    – Wilshere 44 mil
    – Welbeck 25mil
    – Gibbs 16 mil
    – Arteta 7.5 mil
    – Flamini 5.5mil
    – Ospina 10 mil
    – Schz 15 mil
    – Jenkison 10.5 mil
    – Akpom 6 mil
    – Sanogo 3.2 mil
    – Martinez 3 mil
    – Iwobi 7 mil
    – Crowley 7 mil
    – Zalalem 3 mil
    – Crowley 5 mil
    – Rosiky 3 mil

    My assessment from some of the players we have. Deliberately put the Brit boys slightly high for obvious reasons.

    1. Arteta isnt worth 7p mate never mind 7,5m
      Rosicky/Flam/Arteta free in summer – £0.00
      Sanogoals is not even worth 1m , age helps but hes a donkey!
      Gibbs 8m at best, Welbz 19-22m, wilshere 44m ?? 30m ecause of injury record age pushes to 35m tops. Ox again 18-25m and thats because of age and has something. OG is 3p years of age next seson so 30m is a no no my man – 15-20m.

    1. British pound : Sanchez worth 75m to 80m (walks into any side) – Ozil worth 70m to 75m (walks into any side) – Bellerin worth 35m (still inexperienced but loads of potential) – Koscielny worth 38m – Giroud worth 25m- Cazorla worth 35m (not overpriced, just gets better with age like Pirlo) – Walcott worth 29m – Ox worth 15m – Ramsey worth 45m (guarantees goals) – Coquelin worth 29m – Sanogo worth 50k

  3. If Kane is worth 90 mill because of his ‘age’, Bellerin is easily worth 100 mill because he is still only 20!
    OT- good news on the injury front…Ozil is definitely back against the chavs, Alexis could be back to…Coquelin, quite surprisingly, is ahead of schedule in his recovery and is already back in full training, welbeck could be back in a couple of weeks..all in all good news all around!
    Up the arse!

  4. OT:

    Granit Xhaka was quoted to have said these:

    “That (Coquelin’s jersey number) was my first professional number at Basel. It’s even tattooed on my back,” Xhaka said. “I would also like to wear it in the future. It was also here in Gladbach, with Amin Younes. And at Arsenal Coquelin has it. I’ve spoken with him, he would like to take another number!”

    “I have a childhood dream, that is the Premier League,” Xhaka said. “Whether I play two or a hundred games in England, I would like to eventually make this childhood dream come true.”

    If he truly said this, he might have inadvertently ended Arsenal’s dream of him. Wenger doesn’t like his transfer discuss openly discussed. even the money is on the high side @ £37m.

  5. Makes you laugh all this. Kane more then OZILL lol never in a million years. A S I think in the 70 mark going by today’s prices

  6. I wrote about this yesterday (did I inspire the article?) – I said then, that I suspect Arsenal may have the most valuable team (in UK), and certainly in top 3-

    Which is pretty impressive, considering how little we invest in players compared to those teams around us. Bellerin, a fully fit Jack Wiltshire et al must be worth a small fortune in part due to their young age

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