How much are Bukayo Saka and ESR worth in the transfer market?

Saka’s market value released

Bukayo Saka has had an astonishing start to his senior level career. Since making his debut for Arsenal in November 2018, the young Englishman has gone onto play 110 times for the Gunners.

During that time, he has scored an impressive 18 goals and assisted 25 times. The 20-year-old has also made 14 appearances for England’s national team.

He is certainly considered one of the brightest prospects in Europe. And that was reflected in his market value released by CIES.

The Hale End graduate is valued at a whopping €103 million. Saka is placed in 17th position. It is worth noting that the list contains players of all age and it’s not just a list of young players.

The next Arsenal man is none other than Emile Smith Rowe valued at €88.1 million.

Real Madrid’s Vinicius Junior tops the list with a market value of an astonishing €166.4 million.

To put things into more context, Saka has a better market value than Leroy Sane, Kai Havertz, Joao Felix and Lautaro Martinez. While Smith Rowe is superior to Juventus’ Federico Chiesa, Joao Cancelo, Joshua Kimmich and Diogo Jota.

Everybody knows that these are not ordinary players. They are the ones plying their trade at some of the biggest names in the European continent.

What Arsenal have in their hands is something really special. They have got almost €192 million worth of asset for free.

If you add Gabriel Martinelli and the other Arsenal youngsters which are in aplenty, you might wonder what the total market value of the team would be?

Arsene Wenger apt words can be recalled at this time, “We don’t buy superstars, we make them.”

Yash Bisht

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  1. Nonetheless, I can bet he can be sold. Although negotiations should start when a bid of £250m is lodged

  2. A players perceived value vs what Arsenal end up getting is 2 very different figures!

    Everyone knows we are a joke when it comes to earning revenue from sales.

    1. Are you advocating we sell the likes of Saka, ESR and Martinelli simply to generate cash to prove we are no longer “a joke”.If not, why do you feel it is necessary for you to criticise our Club for the incompetence of the past.In every professional Club in the land, errors of judgement are made .Owners do not buy Clubs and instruct Management to maximise profits by selling their prime assets, particularly when they are young developing players.Spurs have missed the boat with Kane.Barca missed the boat with Messi.We missed the boat with Auba.The principal object of ownership and Management in football is to build a highly successful team which in turn will bring it’s financial rewards and ought to lead to regular reinvestment to maintain that success.Forgive me from having a go at you PJ, but after years of poor recruitment and as you say poor transfer receipts, I feel we have at last turned the corner and once the Auba saga is finally put to rest I very much doubt if Arsenal will enter into the market for “seasoned” mercenaries with no resale value.

      1. Where did I advocate selling them?

        We have a pattern over more than a decade of poor sales, this is a fact and why our net spend is always high.

      2. I have to totally agree with you Grandad. Is it not possible to just say “wow” and “what an incredible young team we have” rather than talking about us selling them, or always saying how badly we do in the market? All clubs win some and lose some, and history is just that – history. I note there is no mention of our summer purchases – why not? This is a SUCCESS STORY, why can’t we treat it like that? Having a high market value is an indicator of how good a player is, not a “for sale” sign!

      3. Grandad, let’s first of all remember it was AW who signed these players shall we?
        Secondly, as much as you might not want to admit it, the incompetence continues doesn’t it?
        Willian, Pablo, Soares, Aubameyang (contract), AMN (selling cheaply), Martinez (selling cheaply) Lacazette (contract running out) Saliba (cost £26,000,000 not played one single game) Mavs (selling cheaply) Guendouzi (selling cheaply).

        All the above, ten in total, are all under the MA time…. barely two and a half years…. so to say we have “turned the corner” and suggesting he is doing a good job in the transfer / contract area is turning a blind eye.
        I know you support MA, but making the unrealist claim of turning the corner, is not realistic.

        1. Yeah Ken, and Arsene did sign Sonogo and Gervinho too. So what is your point? My opinion is that Freddie Lumberg developed them as youth players and Mikel finally polished them as they are now gleaming. In yesterdays post, there was a joke of us earning the 10M participation fee when the investment by AW was in billions.Finally, a rotten apple has to be removed from the basket at any cost, my friend. Let us not focus on the value of those few rotten apples cast off the basket, let us focus on protecting the value of the remaining edible ones.

        2. First of all Ken I have criticised Arteta on numerous occasions ,usually in matters concerning selection and tactics.For you to suggest that he is unilaterally responsible for the list of players you consider to be examples of incompetence during his period as team coach is highly debatable indeed ,other than the justifiable disciplining of Guendousi , who has been criticised by two other Managers who have worked with him, I very much doubt if Arteta was instrumental in making the signings of the likes of Cedric, Mari and the hapless William.As for MA being culpable for the Auba contract, you are clutching at a tenuous straw, as , like Conte is finding out at Spurs, the team Coach simply does not have the expertise nor the authority involving matters of high finance.Perhaps you are still right when it comes to me being premature with regard to turning the corner, but ,apart from a concern regarding the poor defensive qualities of Odegaard, I believe our recruitment during the summer transfer window has been excellent.This is reflected in the improvement in our League position and the quality of football we are now seeing without any input from our highest pair player.I am optimistic, that despite the many errors of judgement made during the latter years of the Wenger reign,and during the stewardship of Emery and Arteta, we are now on the road to recovery.You are of course entitled to your point of view, but I prefer to look forward rather than to dwell on errors of the past.Perfection in football Management is impossible, and even Pep at Man City has made some howlers.It will always be thus, but if it gives you satisfaction to slag off Arteta, I hope he goes on to prove you wrong.

      4. Do t be angry. He was just sating the truth. This article will just get up excitedly pumped up, all for we to hear the price we eventually sell our stars for in the end. U say past mistakes??? And u know for a fact that Arsenal is a club that seldom learns from their mistakes…i keeps happening..and articles such as these won’t help physiologically.

      5. This is what we said in Ozil’s time…just to make the same mistake with Auba…when will Arsenal and its fans breakout of this nativity.?????

  3. If the 25 years old Jack Grealish was £100 million, the 21 years old Smith-Rowe should’ve cost more than £120 million. Because Smith-Rowe is younger, taller and faster

    Saka should be even more expensive. Maybe more than £150 million, because a very good inverted RW like him is rare

      1. Agreed and it should always be our ethos, buying big and spending big on players 27-28 just doesn’t work for Arsenal. Get back to what we were renowned for.

        You even look at some of the players we chased before they were world class stars. Messi, Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic and Yaya Toure to name a few. Then there were the players we did get or develop like Cole, Fabregas, Nasri, Adebeyor, Reyes, Anelka, Viera, Toure and Ljungberg all great players we made great.

        I think this is what finally our hierarchy have realised is the best way to operate and about time

        1. Auba was signed when he was 27 -28 and was top quality for the first 3 seasons so spending big does work it’s just how they are handled as time goes by .

          1. True Auba was sort of the exception. I still don’t think he was the striker we should have signed. Ever since he joined we stopped qualifying for the Champions League.

            We gained a few goals but lost alot more

        2. James, well said…. and I guess Grandad will have spotted all the names you mention exactly fit the quote AW made, before he bought Ozil.
          Once he bought Ozil, which the “vast majority” were over the moon about, we not only improved our league positions, we also started winning the Cup again.
          So… buying big at the right moment, is not wrong buy it can turn out to be wrong.

          1. Exactly Ken we had to learn to let go at the right time too. Ozil and Auba were prime examples of that. On the other hand mistakes with players like Ramsey, maybe Wilshere and Sanchez shows the complexity of the situations and the importance of timing

          2. was it a coincidence that Sonogo signed for us and we won the FA cup that year? What a morale boosting signing that was!

              1. Yes. But the memory of an average football fan, it’s seems is 2 weeks. He may be sluggish, but Ozil is one of the best players to wear the red and white.

                Assisted in his first and last games.

                19 assists in a year.

                Cretaed the highest goal chances since opta started keeping records (146). KDB created 138 last year.

                Joined Arsenal and we broke our 9 year trophy drought.

                Yes, he isn’t perfect, but he is a good player.

                1. Wrong tense Kobin! You should have written ” but he WAS(NOT IS) a good player” Your silly “IS” is years out of date. . MANY YEARS TOO. And you cherry picked his stats only in his first year. Youconveniently forgot to mention how they diminished yearly to almost zero. I wonder WHY you forgot!

  4. All Arsenal new signings have literally seen their market values sky-rocket in the last few months. So long as Arsenal continues to improve, their values can only get better.
    Arsenal is getting where it should rightly be

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