How much Arsenal could lose if this season is scrapped revealed

Arsenal would incur the sixth-highest loss among English teams if the Premier League is scrapped.

The Premier League has been suspended since mid-March due to the coronavirus outbreak that has continued to spread around the world.

The pandemic has caused the Belgian league to be scrapped and some European countries are considering following suit as there seem to be no end in sight for the pandemic.

Luke Shaw recently became the latest individual to call for the Premier League season to be scrapped in a statement that many thinks would anger just Liverpool.

However, a recent report on Daily Mail has shown that every Premier League team will lose significant money should this Premier League season become null and void with Manchester United the team that would incur the highest loss.

The Red Devils are set to lose more than £110 million from TV revenue, matchday revenue and commercial revenue.

But they are not alone with Manchester City and Liverpool also set to lose more than £100 million each if this season is scrapped.

Arsenal would lose the sixth-highest total of £74.8 million. When broken down, Mikel Arteta’s side would lose £40 million in TV revenue, £15.4 million in matchday revenue and £19.4 million in commercial and retail revenue.

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