How much can Arsenal realistically expect to gain from these four transfer sales?

Even though the Euros are on the horizon and we expect to see our Gunners shine, the summer transfer window is still something that most of us Arsenal fans are tracking.

We expect great players like Benjamin Sesko, Bruno Guimaraes, and Ferdi Kadioglu to join, as well as some surprise additions, but we also anticipate some departures.

Mikel Arteta cannot rely exclusively on his transfer budget for a dream summer transfer window; he must also supplement his transfer kitty with monies obtained through player sales. Notably According to the Mirror, the Gunners are open to bids for Aaron Ramsdale, Eddie Nketiah, Emile Smith Rowe, and Reiss Nelson this summer.

How much can we expect from these players’ sales? According to the CIES Football Observatory, here’s what we can expect:

Ramsdale: £25 million
Nketiah: £34 million
Smith Rowe: £13 million
Reiss Nelson: £13 million

Undoubtedly, Arsenal may receive a higher amount than previously suggested. However, if they get the minimum from the four Gunners, they’ll be able to raise at least £85 million, as CIES highlights. For sure, £85 million is a fee that could see them land another marquee signing to propel this squad to the next level. I have high expectations for Arsenal’s summer transfer window and expect to be very impressed by the arrivals.

Being better last season wasn’t enough; therefore, we hope our Gunners will be the greatest next season to finally win the elusive Premier League title.

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  1. I find myself in 2 minds over the the idea of a marquee signing and the loss of 4 players to fund it

    Nketiah in particular at the suggested £34m, would make enormous sense to be sold as he hasn’t upped his game when given the chance. I think of Martinez who got his and has never looked back.

    Reiss Nelson doesn’t seem to be in Arteta’s plans and hardly features so I’d have no problem with him going off to pastures new.

    ESR and AR are a different kettle of fish. If Smith Rowe is only worth £13m then I’d be hanging on to him for a bit longer to see if he can regain his fitness and form. I have a soft spot for Ramsdale who is obviously a good keeper. I suppose the answer is to sell at a decent price but a reliable back up goalie is vital so I’m in two minds on whether it makes sense to let him leave this summer when our focus for 2024/25 is wresting the top spot from City

  2. Nelson’s contract will only expire in 2027, so his price tag should be more than £20m

    I don’t think Arsenal will sell four English players to sign three foreigners

    Arsenal would likely sell two English players only, since they have to comply with homegrown quota rules in England

    1. I have read that not so much a ‘homegrown quota’ but maximum number foreign players, similar outcome but subtly different

      don’t quote me on the exact number, something max. 17 foreign players, so theoretically could have zero ‘homegrown’ players as long as within the foreign player limits

      also the definition of ‘homegrown’ is rather generous with players like Martinelli and Saliba qualifying

      so the article read stated Arsenal well within the parameters selling all four

      1. This statement is from the official EPL website, which means an EPL team should have at least eight homegrown players:

        “Each squad contains no more than 17 players who do not fulfil the “Home Grown Player” (HGP) criteria. The rest of the squad, up to a total of 25 players, must be “Home Grown””

        Based on the webpage (, we only have eleven homegrown players

    2. His lack of game time and productivity on the pitch counts against him. Even his loans moons ago were not that impressive hence the low valuation.

      Football observatory do tend to struggle with valuing players who do not have a body of work behind them. Nwaneri for instance is valued at around 5 mil which is absurd. Don’t think Nelson can be considered in the same category as Nwaneri though he has had loans where he played regularly and he has had sporadic game time at Arsenal.

    3. Assuming Ramsdale, Nketiah, Nelson, and ESR go which is possible.

      In terms of HG players. We will have Saka, Martinelli, Rice, Raya, White, and Saliba in the 1st team. So we’ll be two players short of the 25-man squad with 1 of those almost certainly covered by the 3rd choice GK we go with. So we’d only be 1 place short that doesn’t have to be filled and could be filled by a youth player.

      The important factor is in Europe we can only have 17 non-hg (in the prem those under 21 don’t count so we could exceed that limit if any signings are under that age.)


      Make up the current non-hg contingent so we have space for 5 more signings there with no outgoings (Elneny, Cedric have left.) Assuming players like Tierney are moved on in some respect.

      We are not under any pressure to keep HG players or replace HG players with HG players.

  3. gut feel is Nelson should fetch more than that, and ESR more than double that

    it somewhat a moot point as Ramsdale and Nketiah are going as no longer a place, and I think Nelson likewise – so we get the max we can without a floor price that unless met means they are here in September

    i think ESR stays if up to Arteta judging by the way he used him in latter stages and impact he made off the bench, really up to ESR himself if he wants to stay or go, I hope he stays

  4. i also don’t think the amount £££ incoming on sales impacts Edu strategy too much, in that he is already set on his priorities in terms of positions and names

    e.g. i don’t think hitting the jackpot on sales changes his preference from Sesko to Osihmen

    where it might make a difference is a gamble on a young talent, or a war chest for the January window

  5. Cannot see Eddie fetching that kind of money ,20 million tops
    ESR – 30 million (not that I would sell )
    Ramsdale-20 milllion
    Nelson -10-15 million
    Buying clubs know how awful we are at selling so will have the upper hand .

  6. Would expect a few more out going along with these. Zinchenko, Tierney, Tavares, Veira and Lokonga- I think should be give a chance with mo gone.
    Esr-30 mill
    RN-18-23 mil
    KT -10-15 mil
    NT- 10-15 mil
    FV-15-20 mil

    This summer could see I regain a lot of money from the squad to strengthen the team and squad places filled with some quality youth players

    Selling these mention players and signing a LB CM ST bk GK of quality will improve us on all fronts

  7. ESR and Nelson, £13 million each never, double it and you might be closer! Nketiah slightly lower and Ramsdale slightly higher but he really didn’t do himself any favours against Iceland.

  8. If we sell Ramsdale, what would be the cost of a replacement? No economic sense whatsoever.
    Nketiah and Nelson have been with the club for years and still haven’t broken into the first team on a regular basis, hence the rumours about signing a CF and winger. Nketiah would be worth around £25 to £35 million and Nelson £15 to £25 million.
    ESR has overcome his injury problems and was available for most of the second half of the season I believe. On his day, he is a very, very good player and needs to be used more this coming season.
    As an Arsenal supporter, I know what he can do and, if MA wants to sell him, then a price tag of £40 million should be a starting point.

    1. Ken, exactly my thoughts on Ramsdale. Also if he is sold, then a replacing keeper needs to be at quite a high standard, and be prepared to sit on the bench for the vast majority of games. I’d be very surprised to see a good enough keeper do that.

  9. Ramsdale: £25 million – seems high He is on 120,000 per week in wages, a tough swallow for any other than top six teams. A long, drawn out, hand wringing transfer window ending in a loan to a team that won’t be able to buy him seems Ramsdale’s fate.

    Nketiah: £34 million – Last year, this fee was justified, but Nketiah struggled to score this time around, and was essentially dropped in favor of Havertz. Further complicating his move is his 100,000 per week wage packet, which reduced the number of clubs who can afford him. £20 million seems more in line with his performances.

    Smith Rowe: £13 million – This is a little low, but fair due to his injury record. – Unlike his fellow want-aways, Smith Rowe has more reasonable wages. There will be plenty of suitors for him, but in the past, Arsenal have hung onto him because he is homegrown and on low wages. At £13 million, he’ll have a plethora of teams eager to sign him. Look for Arsenal to set his price ridiculously high, making it impossible for him to move.

    Reiss Nelson: £13 million – Hard to imagine anyone paying so much for an unproven player; given he earns 100,000 per week and most of the minutes he did get, were meaningless. < £10 million would be more likely. He could be a real bargain for the right team.

    Thomas Partey: £25 – 30 million – If Arsenal can land Luiz, Partey or Jorginho would have to move or accept a permanent place on the bench/ practice squad. As Jorginho has almost no sale value, Partey seems likelier to move.

    Albert Sambi Lokonga – £10 – 15 million – He seems a good bet to go. His loan at Luton went well; good not great to be fair. another loan seems more likely., though his low wages and low fee might see a team like Everton, Wolves, or Forest take a punt on him.

  10. I’m hearing the club want near to £50 million for Ramsdale, which I think is unrealistic, but perhaps they want price him out from leaving.

  11. See that AFC have apparently set an asking price of only £10m for Tierney, which seems very low indeed!

  12. We need youth team players to get a chance to play for Arsenal, have a path. If that means moving on from Eddie and Reiss, who anyway are not trusted to okay good amount of minutes, and can open up 2 spots for Charlie Patino, Brooke Norton-Cuffy or Ethan Nwaneri, should be moved on. We still have 2 more spots from expiring contracts of Elneyney and Cedric for new buys.
    Ramsdale feels like it is the wrong window to get rid of him. Too many GKs on the market and we will at most get 20mil.
    ESR selling for just 15m or lower does not make sense.

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