How much can Arsenal expect to recoup from player sales?

Now that pre-season is set to start with the new Arsenal signings joining the squad on the trip to Australia, it is time for us to begin the clear-out of the ?heavy squad’ that Wenger has promised us.

From the list of players on their way to Australia I have guessed that Jenkinson, Apkom, Debuchy, Perez, Gibbs, Campbell and Szczesny are going to be sold. Obviously I am not including Alexis in this list until his future becomes clearer…

So here are my estimates that we should achieve from each of these…

Jenkinson 10 million (only because he is English)
Apkom 8 million (to a Championship side)
Debuchy 5 million (if we are lucky!)
Perez 15 million (Wenger won’t take less!)
Gibbs 12 million (surely he is worth that?)
Campbell 10 million (Should have sold him last summer)
Szczesny 12 million (Juventus won’t pay more than that)

So that is 72 million which easily covers the price we have paid Monaco for Lacazette, and leaves a bit left as a good deposit for Lemar or Mahrez.

What do you think of these prices? Is there anyone I have left out?



  1. Campbell surely has to be worth more than that. Don’t agree with Debuchy though!

    1. Sell Ospina 5M, Scez 12M, Debuchy 2M, Jenkinson 8M, Monreal 8m (prefer 26 yr old Brit to 31 year old Spaniard), Wilshire 15M-or whatever we can get (he is broken, wont be fixed), Elneny 12M(he is not good enough for Arsenal), Perez 12M, Akpom 8M, Campbell 8M.
      Send Iwobi and Chambers on loan with a call back option.
      Buy Van Dijk and Carvalho, do not let Sanchez, Ox, Bellerin and Ozil go, play 3-4-2-1 like the end of last year and we have a chance.

  2. Who’s gonna pay such ridiculous amount for these deadwood?

    Half the amount would be more realistic.

  3. I have seen Thomas Lemar in some games Monaco played last season, yes he is good but not in the level we want, left footed and not as good dribbler as Mahrez. He is young but I don’t think his development will take him nearly to Mahrez, for me I suggests we buy Mahrez, he has everything we want from a wide man. I am not sure if it’s good idea to refuse paying 50m to Mahrez and splash 40+m to Lemar.

    1. We share the same opinion but with a bit different view, I don’t really give a damn how much player cost or not cost. I prefer Mahrez because I know exactly what he can do. I don’t much about the other guy.

  4. I don’t mean to nitpick but we got Lacazette from Lyon…not Monaco..also it will be a cold day in hell when anyone coughs up 10M for Jenkinson….and didn’t we release Debuchy?

  5. We should be happy if we can sell all these players for 50m, and invest in a new player. The big profit will be wage bill, and covering all the wage rise for players and new player wages.

  6. Not sure why perennial underachiever Ramsey, and sick note Wilshere are not on the list? Prices are a little high in my opinion, but difficult to get rid of them anyway given the ridiculous wages they’re paid!

    One would think Arsenal would finally learn from their mistakes, and rectify the wage problem, but it looks like they haven’t, given they’ve offered Ozil near 300k p/w (got to be kidding me), and if Ramsey gets a new contract (very likely as Wenger loves him), he’ll most probably be earning somewhere in the region of 150k p/w.

    Before people have a go at me for bashing Ozil, please could you explain what exactly he’s done to earn such a ridiculous amount? And ask yourself one very simple question – if Ozil is so great, then why are there NO big clubs coming in for him? He’s only got one year left, so he wouldn’t even cost much, in contexts of what a big club can afford. A lot of interest in Sanchez, but seemingly none in Ozil…I wonder why?

      1. Yeah. Same thing with Theo. And theo makes only nearly half as much as Ozil
        (I think Ozil is going to get £300,000 per week)
        Other clubs would like Theo and Ozil but not at those wages
        Also Theo and Ozil don’t want pay cuts for obvious reasons

        Clubs are happy to pay £300,000 and more for Alexis

  7. Ideally we would want atleast one more signing before having to sell deadwood.. hopefully a lemar or mahrez signing.. but I still think we need a DM and it will be interesting to see if ospina and szezcney leave (which both are in talks with other clubs and fees are not far from being met) we will need a keeper.. joe Hart is available but for me it has to be jack butland.. young.. English will have cech and Lehman to learn from and train with daily.. he may cost 30-40mil.. but think 30mil for pickford!! IMO butland is better and I reckon stoke would sell for right price


  8. Honestly it’s crazy to me that we’re willing to sell Szczesny for less than 30m, Pickford went for 30m, f*king Pickford. How can Szczesny go for less. Best keeper in the Serie A last season, so much so that Juve want him. AND to top it all off he even loves the club and doesn’t want to go!!!

  9. Arsenal are reportedly doing all they can to keep Alexis Sanchez at the club this summer, and are ready to slap a £90m price tag on his head.

    According to a report from the Independent, the Chilean international is preparing for life in North London next season as a summer exit becomes increasingly unlikely.

    However, despite the apparent willingness to remain at Arsenal next season, Sanchez is still adamant that his future lies away from the Emirates, and he is said to be prepared to see his contract expire.

    1. you don’t need to take the trouble to post transfer rumours when you have me who states facts.

      1. ?? Man, you change your profile more times than you change your pants ? And just about sums you up! ?? Jog on Troll, haven’t you got a bridge to patrol?

        1. Everything has happened as i reported. I don’t see any change in my profile it still says resource and everyone knows I’m resource. You copy paste paragraphs about rumours. I state facts outright. These media outlets report whatever they feel like. Its not hard at all! don’t ever believe them unless its sky.
          Here is one for you: Arsenal look at a summer clearout in order to free up wages for Mbappe. Debuchy, Jenkinson and jack wilshere look set to leave as arsene prepares to make a world record bid for mbappe.
          It is understood via our sources that this Arsenes last contract and he is looking to win major trophies before he retires.
          Simple right?

          1. Your profile character has changed 3 times since you started repeating other people’s news then lying about having a source lol ?? what makes me laugh is how you put a photo of yourself posing with your sister. Oh And that makes it 4 times your profile change. ?? your just a sad ass Simpleton, your Ego must have went into super- stardom mode after manipulating some of the fans on here. It’s also hilarious how you go missing and then come back to stalk my ass ? ?

            1. Fatboy it takes a simpleton to know one hey.

              So why don’t you just leave it, Laca worked out as he said. See if Lemar works out before you be an ass. There enough of them out there, don’t need them here too.

            2. You know Ive never addressed that. Admin randomly put that picture for me lol. Maybe to troll me. I do have sources and its been proven. I remember when you went missing after news of the second laca bid.. Of course I’m a simpleton. My ego would go to super stardom the day I buy AFC from silent stan and build a club that will compete with Real and barca.

  10. Wilshere? Walcott? Ospina? And if we can get good coin now for Ox, I’d sell him too. Don’t want to see that leech going out for free after contributing for less than half a season over the last 6-7 years for us.

  11. it pains me when no one is talking about santiago carzola’s replacement and the question is can’t wenger get us this replacement for us to have peace

  12. Scz – circa £15m
    Gibbs – circa £15m (English Factor)
    Jenkinson – circa £10m (English Factor)
    Debuchy – £2m
    Wilshere – £20-25m (English Factor)
    Campbell – £10m
    Akpom – £10m (English Factor)
    Perez – £15m

    Depending on who we buy (possibilities):
    Oxlade – £20-25m
    Walcott – £20-25m
    Giroud – £25m
    Ospina – £5m
    Coquelin -£15m

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