How much could Arsenal get if we sell Kieran Tierney in Newcastle and Villa bidding war?

Arsenal is gearing up for a busy summer. After removing the dead wood, they should be able to add quality to their team this summer. Depending on which rumours you believe, Arteta could buy a top striker, a right winger, two top midfielders, a right back, and a centre back during this transfer window.

These transfer deals will be costly, and I believe the transfer budget Arteta is working with will be insufficient. Arteta must raise revenue through player sales. Kieran Tierney is one player whose sale might fetch a decent price to add to the transfer kitty as the Scotsman is rumoured to be leaving Arsenal this summer.

After their dominant win over Wolves the other weekend, the Arsenal expert Chris Wheatley said in his National World YouTube channel, “They will obviously get players out, Granit Xhaka, Kieran Tierney. He was waving to the fans; it almost looked like a goodbye. We’ve reported on Newcastle’s interest in him, and I do feel he is coming to the end of his time at the club. Eddie Howe is a big admirer of him.”

Newcastle had been tipped to sign him for £30 million in recent months. Aston Villa, as per the Times, have also recently “made it known” that they, too, want to sign the Scotland international.

Tierney could easily fetch Arsenal a whopping £30 million, but with Villa and Newcastle vying for his services, why can’t Arsenal capitalise and sell the fullback at a premium? With Tierney’s contract expiring in 2026, Arsenal has every opportunity to profit from his departure and capitalise on the transfer competition building for his services.

How much do you think we could achieve from his sale?

Darren N

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  1. The thing is everyone knows MA isn’t a KT fan and that KT is looking to leave. So it’s not a case of trying to lure a player away but more a case of the club and the player wanting to move on.

    That does tend to lower the price

  2. If we can get what we paid for him that would have been good business,if we can get 40 million even better

    1. £40m sounds fair for a highly-talented non-homegrown player, who is in his prime and still has a long-term contract at Arsenal

      I’d be surprised if he leaves though, because he allows Arteta to play with different tactics in the second halves of the games and he’s pretty versatile as well

      Maybe our medical team found some problems due to his previous injuries

      1. Villa fan in peace here. A move for KT doesn’t make sense to me. We’ve released Ashley Young, and I’m not sure if UE is 100% convinced on Matty Cash, so RB is a position we will definitely strengthen. LB we have Digne and Moreno who has posted the best stats of any LB in the division since his arrival. So you’d imagine Moreno is nailed on starter, Digne would have to be offloaded and he’s our no1 earner on 160k/pw, to bring in KT as Morenos understudy. Not sure he would trade in playing understudy for a Champs League team that pushed for the title for the Europa Conference team with all due respect to my club. Sounds like lazy journalism based on UE having managed him before.

      2. GAI, PJ-SA’s assessment of Arteta’s view of Tierney is more rational, based on his treatment of Tierney this past season.

  3. I would not release him for any price!, if we are playing in the champion league, because you cannot get any player of his caliber. He challenge he had was injuries but i think he is a professional. The arsenal production line produced Ashly Cole, Gibbs, and Saka played there very well at once time. But is there any potential players in the academy?

  4. Newcastle won’t be drawn into a bidding war, they will have a fair price for KT. And if the gunners try go above it, they will move on to next target. Next target would not be a weaker player, but a target that might be a little harder to get.

  5. £30 mil isnt whopping considering what we paid for him and how highly he is rated in the game. He should be commanding more but he hasn’t been utilised to boost his value. I will be surprised (but happy) if we get £40 mil.

  6. Kieran Tierney can’t play inverted role but Partey’s ability now to invert on the right side now allows Tierney a future for the club. If Zinchenko is subbed or unavailable, Tierney can play the same role as White does at RB. Tucked in CB when Partey inverts while providing width on the left side. His speed and defensive skills can rival Kyle Walker and we need that to neutralise some direct opponents. The same role he plays for Scotland with some added variations by Arteta. Thus able to provide White and Gabriel some rest if needed. I can’t believe some don’t able to see this.

  7. They should start the bidding upwards 30 million. He’s got many years left on his contract, we’re not forced to sell. Time to milk other clubs for money.

  8. It’s seemingly an article of faith with fans of all clubs that any player not good enough for their team must be worth a fortune to other clubs. Its not logical but it seems a pretty universal belief. Given his record at Arsenal, particularly the injuries, Tierney should be worth less than the club paid for him. Villa certainly won’t pay over the odds, Newcastle could but why should they ? If Arsenal need to sell its a buyers market so if they get the £25m they paid for him back then I’d say they’ve done well.

    1. jod, “not good enough” or not selected by current manager?
      Selling Tierney at a loss, when Arsenal should be retaining class players and upgradkng others is bad business.

  9. Arsenal must establish two sets of pricing for Tierney £45 mill for Newcastle and £35 mill plus outside the premier league.

    Newcastle can afford to pay even more for the Scottish, plus we should not appears as if we are trying help improve the premier league team.

    Aston Villa is a different case maybe we could make sort of arrangements involving Ollie Watkins.
    But we must not roll over, if not keep the lad

    1. G – it’s sunnier here than in Jamaica I think !
      You’ve made a good suggestion there, though I think we should charge Newcastle at least £50m as Tierney is an important international for his country and I know Eddie Howe rates him very highly. If we let him go for anything as low as £35m to Newcastle they will be laughing at us.

      1. Yes Sunnier there at the moment most likely but in a few hours, one of the most beautiful sunsets on earth you will ever see is in Nigril Jamaica , dirty Harry and his friends will tell you that too.

        When Arsenal wanted to sign Odegaard from Madrid , Real Sociedad a club he had shine , was willing to match Arsenal buying price, but Real Madrid would have none of it.
        Big clubs do not directly strengthen their competitors when it can be avoided.
        They are just not in the business for that.

  10. If Rice is worth 120 million then we shouldn’t take less than 50 million for Tierney. No one can tell me Tierney is worth less than or a third of Rice’s value

      1. Then how does it work. When Arsenal are interested in a player, the amounts quoted are mad, but when we sell we should be happy to get what we payed for the player. Look at the price tag for Mason Mount, which I admit is a very good player but he was awful the last season, Tierney in contrast has never let us down. Only reasons he is out of the team is Arteta prefers Zinchenco, but that doesn’t mean Tierney is bad, he is a proven Premier league player who represented Scotland many times. Show me a leftback equal to Tierney on the market currently for less than 50 million

        1. In addition look what Chelsea paid for Cucurela last year if I am correct. It was something like 55 million plus 10 million in add ons, but here we think Tierney is worth less than 50million crazy if you ask me

      2. @PJ-SA Apparently it works like that for West Ham and Brighton. Both clubs have said, “if ‘X’ player sold for that amount, then Rice/Caicedo are worth ” Y” amount (higher). Market value of other similar players DOES make a difference in negotiations. And we’ve been bent over enough in the past by other clubs with that mindset, about time we did the same with some of our players.

  11. Can’t believe some of the figures stated for Tierney at best 25 mill anyone dreaming of 40 Mill plus needs there head examined!

    1. It is unlikely that Tierney would sell for figures in the region of £40mill. There are a limited number of clubs that would pay that much for a LB.
      His injury record will be a concern for any new team.
      At the moment it is unclear whether Arsenal would be prepared to sell him.

  12. The figures quoted for Balogun and Tierney are in my opinion false. Both players should be sold for far higher than 35 million and 30 million euros respectively, One of the anti-Arsenal antecedents in play.

  13. Lucky if we get 30m+5m add on at best, as much talented he is – sitting on bench does not improve anyone’s valuation

  14. I am still traumatized by our poor record of selling players, so I would be surprised if we manage to get 30 million for him. But if indeed he is considered one of the best RB in the PL than that would not be enough.j

  15. I want to know if there is any club policy stopping the team from selling a player 50M+ ?If not then, they should remain at 50M. I think that’s his worth.

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