How much did Arsenal make from beating PSV last night?

Arsenal made a triumphant return to the Champions League with a remarkable 4-0 victory against PSV in their opening group game. This victory stands as one of the club’s most memorable nights in recent history, with four different players finding the back of the net at the Emirates Stadium.

Under Mikel Arteta’s guidance, Arsenal is now focused on advancing as far as possible in the competition, and they are anticipated to secure qualification from a group that also includes Lens and Sevilla.

One of the key incentives for clubs participating in the Champions League is the substantial financial rewards on offer. Teams can significantly boost their earnings by competing in Europe’s premier club competition, including payouts from UEFA and potential sponsorship opportunities that arise from their participation.

Following their recent game, Football London provided a glimpse into Arsenal’s earnings, revealing that Arsenal earned £2.41 million for their victorious performance. This sum adds to the £13.46 million they had already secured for reaching the group stage, and they have the potential to earn up to £12.1 million if they progress to the next round, with further financial opportunities awaiting them in the knockout stages.

Just Arsenal Opinion

The Champions League is a money-spinning competition, one reason clubs want to finish in the top four every season.

Hopefully, we will do well in the competition and qualify for the next one.


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  1. That’s a whole pisspot load of money, if you ask me.

    The ratings of the players didn’t disappoint.too.

    Raya 7
    Magalhaes 7
    Smith Rowe 7
    Nelson 7
    Havertz 7
    Veiria 7
    White 8
    Saliba 8
    Zinchenko 8
    Rice 8
    Saka 8
    Tossard 8
    Jesus 9
    Odegaard 9

    Odegaard man of the match for me

  2. I find it amazing that it comes as a surprise to any football fan what playing in the CL means financially.
    What I don’t find amazing, however, is that a section of our own fan base chose to ignore the importance of this, when AW was achieving this season after season.
    In fact, some fans were so ignorant of this fact, that they were calling for his head in 2008!!

    MA has brought us back to the promised land and the CL money will ensure Mr Kronkie continues to invest in our club.
    Let’s hope he can keep us in said CL and goes that one step further in the final – I believe getting to the final will know earn the clubs involved the money to buy Havertz!!
    We’re all behind you Mikel… at least most of us.

  3. I hope that the people that are happy with the money made from this competition never moan about how much players cost or the high wages players earn.


  4. So do I HD…. or that they never moan about not having an open top bus to celebrate what it means to the club and how hard it is to get there.

    I do believe it would take four fa cup wins to bring in the same revenue as reaching one CL final… at least that was the case last time I looked.

    I don’t think anyone was concerned about “what it said on the tin” last night do you?

    1. OT finished the Peter Storey autobiography and it was a really good read.
      I have to say, it put Bertie Mee in a different light, that’s for sure!!

    2. Well Ken, our previous manager left himself open to ridicule (open top bus parade) when he ranked finishing in the top four as a trophy, ranking it above actual silverware, the domestic Cups.

          1. Perhaps he thought that the Arsenal fans were intelligent enough to realize the long term investment that the CL brought to the club HD?
            Especially during the building of the Emirates!!

            It’s great that we are back where we belong (in the CL) and I would forfeit Wenger’s final fa cup win for the continued appearance of said competition.

            Perhaps that’s why the game on Wednesday was so important to us and why it was met with such fervour? The prestige, the money and the achievement – if we qualify for the next round, we could go out and buy the like of Toney… who only wants to play for a club in the CL so I’ve read.

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