How much do you think is Bukayo Saka’s market value?

Bukayo Saka is considered by Arsenal fans as a player who is unlikely to ever be sold from the current squad. The Hale End Academy graduate has been a standout performer for the Gunners, playing a key role in Arsenal’s transformation under Mikel Arteta.

At just 22 years old, Saka has attracted attention from several clubs, and his versatility and skill make him an attractive prospect for top teams worldwide. While he appears to be a player committed to Arsenal, the football landscape is unpredictable.

According to a report from Football Insider, Arsenal has set an asking price for Saka in the range of £150-200 million. This valuation reflects Saka’s status as one of the best players in Europe and serves as a measure to deter potential suitors.

While it may be unthinkable for Arsenal fans to see Saka move to another club, setting an asking price is a strategic move by the club to prepare for any unforeseen circumstances and to ensure that, if a transfer were to happen, it would be on terms favourable to Arsenal.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Saka is going nowhere and is worth more than the fee quoted above, considering how much inflation has affected the transfer market.

However, the most important thing is that he is not leaving us any time soon and will probably spend all his career with us.

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  1. Well Mudryk was signed last season just shy of 90 million, so I’d want at least 150 million if were to sell Saka.

  2. There is a report in the summer, Liverpool was advised to sell Salah to the Saudis for some £200 mill and replace the Egyptian with Saka for approximately £150 mill, the problem was as I understand it, Arsenal would not entertain not even North the suggested amount, as I understand it the whole plan died in child birth.

    1. In my opinion, #Arsenal want Mbappe, but are not fully in for him because of the threat he poses to Sala’s position (both are right sided wingers) I think Arteta will only sanction a Saka departure if we are realistically getting a price in the range of £250m to £400m Inadvertently, Saka is a rare gem not expected

  3. He’s a young player that’s proven at the top level in the world’s toughest league. He’s demonstrated ability and consistency that very few players his age can even dream of. Saka could get into any squad in the world and challenge anyone for their place in the team except maybe for Mo Salah. That means he’s worth absolute top-dollar in the transfer market. The 150m suggested above seems reasonable.

  4. If saka was late 20s now I’d take the money it would mean that we got the best year’s from him,
    Dont understand selling a player that good and that young at all.
    Sell players that has gone by their prime or sell young players that just hasn’t got it like…
    Cedric, ellneney, Nelson, nekitha,
    Then their is injury prone players…
    Tierney, zinc, partey, esr.. .

  5. Saka has been nicknamed the Arsenal Star Boy since he has broken into the first Arsenal team of Mikel Arteta the Gunners boss. And he has been starring regular for the team with viability to his starring.
    Which has made it compelling for his manager to always play him if he is available, strong, and on form.
    I don’t know how much money he will be worth in the transfer market if Arsenal were to sell him. Say, next summer window. But which to me doesn’t arise. Because it hasn’t look like Arsenal will want to sell him next summer. But sill continue to keep him.
    Arteta’s managed Arsenal big club side may not offload Saka. But saved, if both parties are happy and content with each other mutually at the club. With no any Guendouzi or Aubameyan 2:0 raucous breaking out between manger and player.
    Which the last time it happened, it wasn’t Arteta who is at fault but the players concerned.
    Moreover, Saka is looking to be of good character person who is unlikely to act in such a bad manner to his manager, team mates and the club officials.
    If it wasn’t a miss opportunity missed to make money and profit by Liverpool fc last time. Then what was it when they turned down a £200m to sign their Mohamed Sallah. But can Liverpool get another unilateral buyer for Sallah who will again bid £200m to sign him? Maybe they would or not. But I doubt if they will get a buyer who will be ready to pay even £70m in the Saudi Pro League to sign him next summer. As the hot interest that was shown on him to sign him by the Saudi Pro League club side might have cooled down considerably.

  6. Arsene Wenger’s managed Arsenal once refused to sell the then Arsenal’s striker Alexis Sanches to Man City for £60m. And who were ready to pay Arsenal the money and take him.
    Which if Wenger had okay it. It will remain a record Arsenal sale to date. Which was not even neared by the sale of Alex Iwobi by Arsenal for £35m to Everton.
    I can understand why Arsenal is not a selling club but largely remained a buying big club side for quite such a longtime now.
    Principally I think it is because we’ve not won the Epl for a long long time. Neither have us ever won a European title as well.
    This has tend to make Arsenal retain their best and key players for a longtime till they almost or have pass their sell on dates. Only for us to latter get a paltry sum of money for their sales when we sell them. Or release them to join a new club on the free.
    But has Arteta tried last summer when he had Arsenal sold Folarin Balogun to AS Monaco for £30m or so according to reports?
    If Arsenal win thE Epl or Ucl or both this season. I think things may change that could see Arsenal become a buying and selling big club side like Chelsea, Tottenham Hs and Man City have bought and sold to reinvest. But Spurs have not won anything for a long. But yer they have been selling big time. Just last summer they sold their Harry Kane to Bayern Munchen for a very big money making.
    Does Arsenal’s technical director office dept needs to be reviewed to be more active in big sales profitably for the club, but not just buying big time? Well! I wouldn’t be so sure about this.

  7. WHY is this irrelevant question of any interst to any of us, UNLESS JA in ,its naivety imagines we we would consider, even for a millisecond, entertaining offers for our “starboy” and btw a star human being too, it needs to be recognised.

    And while I am on the subject of fine human beings, its worth mentioning – in stark contrast to many on JA who have foolishly labelled MA as a poor man manager – the reality is that we have the VERY BEST dressing room “one for all and all for one spirit” I can ever remember in 65 years supporting our great club. BAR NO OTHER TIME TOO.
    And that is, in the main, down to our excellent man manager, Mikel Arteta!

    1. Oh Jon.
      Why not just write that this subject has no interest for you. Don’t assume you know how everyone else are interested in the subject or not.
      Or better still WRITE NOTHING!

  8. I would say conservatively 130m – 150m somewhere around there Saka’s image rights would probably cover the fee Even owning just 50 percent of image rights could get you your money back Saka is very sellable both on and off the field

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