How much do you think Mesut Ozil is worth right now?

With Mesut Ozil’s contract talks with Arsenal put on hold until the summer, it now seems much more likely that the German international will be leaving the club this summer, especially since he intimated that he simply wanted to win trophies with Arsenal. Apparently the rumoured price that Arsenal are asking for is said to £42 Million, but looking at some of his recent performances how many clubs are going to be willing to risk that amount for a 28 year old that doesn’t look a shadow of the player he was last year.

Perhaps he is just not happy with his new contract offer and has decided to persuade Arsene Wenger to sell him? That is what Martin Keown thinks. The Arsenal legend said after the Tottenham game: “It looks as if Ozil has given up on his team-mates. I don’t know whether he is trying to sulk his way to a move.

“Who does he think he is kidding with his performances? He is supposed to be Arsenal’s most influential player, their playmaker. Against Tottenham he was just jogging around the pitch.

“Alexis Sanchez started badly but grew into the game. Ozil did not make a contribution all afternoon.”

I would have thought that if he wanted to be sold he should be playing better, at least to put himself in the shop window, so his disappearances for me are just inexplicable. The latest report on Ozil in the Telegraph says that there is only club interested at the moment, and that club is Fenerbahce, and the Turkish side would never pay that amount for anyone!

Considering that last season the German came close to breaking the Premier League record with 19 assists, in this campaign he has only managed SEVEN. That hardly makes him the Assist King at the moment, and certainly Arsenal (or any team) are unlikely to win trophies with him in form like that…

How much do you think he is worth?



  1. Vanpayslip is hood ornaments/junkies win awards in my tournaments says:

    A packet of monster munch and a twix

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      A twix is taking the piss. Take a fudge and the monster munch and let’s shake hands.

  2. Mesut says:

    £80 million

  3. I don’t think he’s worth more than 8 million euros

  4. kim says:

    He dissapears in big games, when he should be leading the line. He is weak and and his bodylanguage is bad. He wont tackle, wont shout at the team, wont track back, just jogging. How can he deman 300 / week? This is an insult….


    no goal
    no assist
    no shots
    one succesful dribble
    one offside

  5. ThirdManJW says:

    It’s not just this season though. Looking at the bigger picture, he’s had: One WC season, one average season, and two poor seasons. Overall, he’s been a big let down considering the amount we invested in.

    In today’s crazy market, he’s probably still worth a fair bit, but if I were looking at signing him, I would offer no more than £10 million, with a maximum wage offer of 90k p/w. Personally, I wouldn’t go anywhere near him, but that would be a fair offer considering he’s only got a year left on his contract, always goes missing in the big games, and doesn’t put enough effort in.

  6. A K DASGUPTA says:

    Any player in Arrsenal will become useless so long as Wenger stays in the club. No strategy, totally non motivating, how do you expect players to perform? Put a different Manager and a little regig , this team will win the league.

  7. Waldo says:

    He is worth every single penny. We need to understand that he needs players who are willing to work and are great alongside him. Look at the teams he has thrived in, Real Madrid Arsenal (season in which he equalled assist record for the season) and Schalke. He had great players with him. This does not mean they have to be WC. He would be a killer assistant at Monaco because they have a team that works hard for each other and clinical players. The only person that needs to go is the person who sets up the team without him in mind.

    1. John0711 says:

      Have you watched Arsenal this season. You can put lipstick on a pig it’s still a pig. He’s lazy, can’t tackle, can’t intercept. Has no bottle doesn’t work hard. Cannot organise or inspire

      You mention Real Madrid ? Why did they sell him ? They kept on winning so it wasnt all his assists

      1. Frank says:

        Hahaha exactly. Real have won more without him. Sorry Waldo but you can’t have players not contributing in defence, no matter how good they think they are.
        Ozil is a cat. He is weak and pathetic in defence not to mention goes missing in the big games. Have you actually watched him tracking in defence? They might as well sow some pockets in his shorts so he can watch the other team attack.
        He is a disgrace, not fit to wear the shirt and Arsenal would be lucky to get 10mil.

      2. Atid says:

        Germanys player of the year for 5 of the last 6 seasons – Mesut Ozil

        Funny how some managers seem to get him doing something right.

        But may be the premier league is simply not for him. I would prefer to keep alexis over ozil, so if a deal is on the cards to get our money back so that we can get someone else let’s do it.

    2. fedup says:

      what player have you been watching, we have many weak links he,s one
      in all the big games he disappears and certainly does not warrant wages
      of this magnitude. Sell him and get better value for the money.

    3. Brad says:

      “He is worth every single penny. We need to understand that he needs players who are willing to work and are great alongside him” That says it all.

  8. frustrated gunner says:

    we thought we r gonba build a team around mesut.but it didn’t happen. he is still playing behind giroud.everyon on thi planet knows ozil wanted a more link up stricker upfront. u talk about erikson better than him? i would sell 3 Giroud for a Harry kane then we will talk

  9. TH14atl says:

    Examine the players around him as well, and then tell me just how influential he can be considering the talent on our team.

    Theo can’t be counted on to trap a ball and pass it to a teammate.

    Giroud provides no vertical option to thread balls in-behind to to create chances. Defenders can squeeze the line up and compress the space in the midfield, because they know Giroud is always going to play the way he’s facing and can’t sprint in-behind.

    Iwobi has the technical ability for mesut to combine and play with, but can’t get games anymore. For me he has the technical ability to play as the CM and help break pressure and keep the ball, but Arsene wouldn’t try him there. May have made too much sense. When are movement was fluid in the beginning of the season, it was Iwboi who served as another technician and creative hub to circulate possession and create chances.

    Lucas – could provide the link up play and vertical option that Giroud cannot, but he can’t get games. Good purchase Arsene.

    Welbz – Might be good, or might be another overrated English player, but can’t stay healthy so who really knows.

    The ox — pretty average as a winger, could be above average centrally, but does not get the requisite amount of games there for us to be able to tell, and can’t stay healthy even if he did.

    Ramsey — overhead kick at halfline under no pressure….straight outta bounds.

    Santi – We miss him so so much. His ability to retain possession and break the first two lines of pressure, provided the springboard for Mesut to combine with and pick up the ball to dictate in the attacking half.

    Coquelin – when played in front of Xhaka hes a relegation team player. As a pure CDM he’s great, as all he wants to do is win the ball and give it to Santi or Mesut. Arsene ensured that coquelin was useless this season so hat Xhaka could play in his preferred position.

    Xhaka – TBD, but looks ehhhhh

    Alexis – world class talent capable of combining with Mesut.

    What player of quality is going to look quality in that attacking 6….that’s now an attacking 4? Right above Everton is where we deserve to be.

    1. Frank says:

      World class players work hard and lift those other players around them. Ozil isn’t world class, he is lazy and not Arsenal quality and when I say Arsenal quality, he doesn’t dig deep for his teammates, he goes hiding when the going gets tough. He is a disgrace.

      1. Frank says:

        Ozil wouldn’t last 5 mins on the pitch with Tony Adams or Patrick Vieira as captains.

        1. TH14atl says:

          Is your opinion, which you’re entitled to. I disagree with your view, but that doesn’t make you wrong and make me right. For me, our team is average, and blaming Mesut for not running around aimlessly like Ramsey isn’t going to make Arsenal or Mesut better.
          Blame I suppose needs to pointed somewhere, and I guess it’s easier to blame a German, than to look at the average British Core on our team that’s also taking us nowhere – Jack, Rambo, Theo, Gibbs, Carl Jenkinson, The Ox, Welbz.

          1. TH14atl says:

            Callum Chambers

          2. Frank says:

            Yeah I agree, that’s the beauty of democracy but I would sell Gibbs, Wilshere, Jenkinson and Welbeck too. I still think Ramsey is a good enough squad player and would probably do better with a different manager. Ox is becoming a bit more consistent and Theo scores goals.

  10. mark says:

    He’s still worth around that 40 million + mark, but he hasn’t gone up in value which is telling…I’m not sure he ever really fitted the Arsenal mould, but then who does these days?

    1. RSH says:

      no chance he’s worth 40mill anymore. His value has certainly gone down, even in this crazy expensive market. 30mill max. And if Arsenal want rid of him this summer before he gets to walk away next year, they won’t have much room for negotiations.

  11. lord wafflebury says:

    Hopefully ozil and wenger are watching the rm / am game ….and seeing how his role should be played..isco ! We desperately need this guy…incredible work rate with a free roaming role…turns up everywhere.

    1. Frank says:


      Isco would be my number one transfer target.

      1. RSH says:

        Yup too bad Madrid won’t let him go now. The best chance to get him was last summer. James is still up for grabs, I’d take him over Ozil.

  12. Jampes says:

    He is still worth £43M, just minus the M.

  13. Inkfight says:

    Realistically, close to 15 million GBP. Other than in China, no sensible club would offer him the wages anywhere near what he had been demanding from Arsenal.

  14. Vlad says:

    A bunch of muppets some of you are. Ozil was and still is a world class player, and any decent side would benefit from getting a player of his caliber. Look at Di Maria – wasted at United, but flourishing at PSG. Why? Support around him. Ozil is not a type of player who’s gonna win you games on his own. His teammates rely on him just as much as he relies on them. It’s hard to play when you’re surrounded by guys like Ramsey, Coq, and Xhaka in their current forms. Santi was our main guy in midfield, and with him been injured long term, Ozil’s had a dip in form. Look at his game – he has to drop down deep more times than not to collect the ball and bring it forward. That’s not his game. Bring in someone like Isco to replace Santi next season, and you’ll see what Ozil is capable of. So stop scapegoating on Ozil, Bellerin, or anyone else. Ozil is not solely responsible for the mess we’re currently find ourselves in because football is still a team sport, and it’s a collective effort.

    1. Frank says:

      Jose called Ozil a coward when he managed him at Real. Jose is 100% right.

      1. Vlad says:

        He also called him the best number 10 in the world, and asked for a signed jersey for his son after one of our games against him. #fact

        1. Frank says:

          He kicked a door after the Tottenham game because he had to take a drug test. He could of showed that passion on the field in a London derby! Anyone can kick a door, he is a coward.
          World class players don’t need other world class players to make them look good. Average players use that as an excuse.

    2. RSH says:

      Di Maria was a horrible example. He got booed by PSG fans all the time and had to prove himself.

  15. Break-on-through says:

    I’d say you’d be lucky to get over thirty (28m).

    Ozil is only very good if you have a better team than all the teams you are playing against, he needs to be in a team that has top players in every position and they all basically have to be very comfortable on the ball. He needs others around him who are great at what they do so that way it makes up for all the stuff he can’t nor is even bothered to do. In a highly competitive league and in a team that is not the best from that league Ozil’s weaknesses will always be on show, even in games like last season when he was heralded. In a league that has champions scrapping through games and picking up points even though playing badly, it is difficult to imagine Ozil as a big player. He needs things too ideal basically, but true champions don’t work that way, they force the issue.

    1. RSH says:

      I agree. It”s why he excelled at Real Madrid. Everyone around him was great. It’s not like that at Arsenal and he hasn’t adjusted to working harder and being the guy to step up when his teammates don’t have the same ability as him. As of right now though, he doesn’t even create chances anymore. He’s just useless and that’s down to attitude. In the end he makes money and he’s comfortable. He’s not like Sanchez.

  16. RSH says:

    He’s Championship material right now if were talking ability. On the market we could squeeze 25-30mill out of someone probably. Problem is nobody wants him because they’ve seen his poor attitude and how he never turns up when it matters.

  17. dash says:

    Wenger is the issue here not ozil..class is class..ozil in another team with good runners and commitment will thrive,not all this side ways passing and sticking him to the left or right corner of the pitch…he is lazy but he is full of results in his past club…how cum wenger can’t bring out the ball in him….o.x was way better at Southampton same with chambers and so on…..wenger kills careers with his inability to adjust….just my view..

    1. Jonm says:

      Then there was Arshavin, remember how good he was when he came, fan favourite, remember “we have arshavin **** Adebeyor”. Chamach was good when he arrived, scored lots of goals in his first half season. Ramsey playing for Wales last summer was awesome.

      1. Yossarian says:

        Totally dude.

        Why are players like Ozil, Ramsey, & Giroud so good for their national teams but so unreliable for their clubs? WENGER!

        He never buys players with the intent of using them in their best positions, and always has to mess-around for season-after-season until they become rubbish. EG. Remember Ozil & Ramsey playing on the wings? WTF was all that about? Giroud is a one-dimensional player, and so has to be used correctly. There are may more examples of this. Remember Theo as Centre-Forward!!! I could go on and on….

  18. princegooner says:

    would have preferred fabregas to Ozil anyday, anytime. Fabregas showed he can carry arsenal by himself when he was here, pride finished Wenger, fabregas would have done far better than Ozil in my opinion.

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