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How much is a 2-bed flat in Arsenal’s old home Highbury now?

I found this on the net this morning and I thought it would be good for us oldie Arsenal fans to see what Highbury looks like now after the multi-million pound development to the old Stadium. This appeared on this morning…

And this is what it cost and what you get for your money….

Located on the fifth floor, the Highbury apartment offers two double bedrooms, two bathrooms and pleasant two-acre communal gardens which are sure to please any real Gooner (a name to describe Arsenal fans) – they are located where the pitch once was!

The gorgeous contemporary home also provides private, secure underground parking, a wide pitch-facing balcony, an onsite Fitness First gym and 24-hour security and concierge.

Recently decorated, the interior design is predominantly open plan, with wooden floors and a neutral colour palette throughout.

This property is available for £760,000 through Portico.

Not a bad view if you are nostalgic for the old days of Fortress Highbury!

27 thoughts on “How much is a 2-bed flat in Arsenal’s old home Highbury now?

  1. Muffdiver

    Gazidis is gone !
    The failure era has ended .

    Now the kroenkes have no one to hide behind .

    Btw 3 quarters of a million….on a flat there …na ….
    3 gfs and a villa on the beach in the dominican republic

    1. Jammy

      “The failure era has ended” Yeah, I guess 3 FA cups in 4 years really is an embarrassing failure. The only thing that is a failure here is your display of “support” for the club who you claim to be fan of.

  2. Kenny Rolfe

    After getting off the bus at Clissold Park and walking through Riversdale Rd, crossing Blackstock Rd into Conewood St, it was there as a youngster I’d get the first view of the East Stand and that’s where the excitement would start. So pleased they never knocked the iconic East and West Stands down. Highbury looked superb at the turn of the millennium, can you imagine how it looked in the thirties.

  3. Ks-gunner

    Ivan the terrible has left us. Am i disepoinyed? Not rlly.

    Still remember how in our darkest moments he promised that patience would bring us in time im becoming the bayern of entland, there i knew He was trouble

  4. jon fox

    I would have personally thought it a terrible view if one is nostagic for the old days. There used to a football club, pitch, players, excitement, joy, memories. NOW there is only a whacking mortgage, debt, boring though well laid out grounds to, (and wow!!!) to actually walk in! WALCOTT WOULD BE WELL AT HOME WALKING THERE, as he used to at the old and new stadium. No noise, excitement , raised heart rate; just bori ng peace and supposed tramquillity. I can get all I want of those things when my time on this world is over. Sod a flat at Highbury and instead bring on even more exciting days at our present home.

    1. Kenny Rolfe

      Trouble is Jon, they’ll never create the Highbury atmosphere of our days when we had the old “North Bank” and the terraces. The all seated Highbury turned into a library with the prawn sandwich supporters and the Emirates is sadly worse. Don’t even know “Come On You Reds”

      1. Kenny Rolfe

        However our away support is fantastic. Have the feeling a lot of our away fans cannot get season tickets because of the waiting list. I think Phil would know more about that.

      2. jon fox

        Yes, Kenny and that is my point. I would STILL rather be at Emirates on match days than walking round Highbury Square Gardans with my cocktail in hand before going inside to my vastly overpriced, undersized, luxury flat and listening to Classic FM. And I speak thus , even though I am a musician and a fan of classical music. But there are limits and match days are devoted to watching or following Arsenal, however poor the ground atmosphere. On an off beat tangent , and as a singer, I find the embarrassing and self conscious attempts of tone deaf singers to even sing in tune such as the National Anthem, both painful and hilarious.

          1. Kenny Rolfe

            Fair enough Jon, so when me, you, Ken1945, Phil, Declan, Sue and a few others get together you can provide the entertainment, We’ll then send recordings to Durand and Ozziegunner.

  5. Declan

    I walked through the gardens before the Legends game against Real Madrid. Had a nostalgic look up to where my regular seat was, Upper West stand, front row , North Bank end, in line with 18 yard box. Have to admit though it’s starting to look a bit tatty, gardens need some tlc and the facades require a lick of paint. I loved that ground back in the day, far better on a misty November night under floodlights than the current lifeless place. Oh well, onwards and upwards eh!

      1. jon fox

        Yes! As it WAS! It is just a pricey flat and housing block now and, as such, of zero interest to me. I prefer to look forward, not back.

        1. Declan

          It’s the ground I first went to as a 6 year old standing on a milk crate on the south bank before it had a cover. It’s the stadium where I danced on the pitch after we beat Anderlect to win the Fairs Cup (Europa as it was) and where I stood on the North Bank in the thick of it singing my head off at every match. Then getting a season ticket and watching from front row upper West stand. It was my home every other Saturday and any midweek game in between. I haven’t stopped looking forward but nothing and no one will ever stop me from looking back to some of the most happy Saturdays of my life.

          1. jon fox

            Wonderful times and memories are great. But personally, I find nothing but sadness in seeing our wonderful old ground with all those great memories, now in the grip of corporate built houses/ flats. I would far rather remember it as it was and never sully the memory by seeing it in its present state. In fact , I would rather it was completely changed and even the facade gone too. Too painful for me.

  6. John0711

    On a different note -You have to admire Arteta today for how he refused to speak about nearly becoming Arsenal boss. Shame the Arsenal hierarchy don’t have as much class

    I cannot see the positives or negatives to Gazidis leaving only the continuation of lack of funding and BS speculation of how we will now compete
    And even spurs who have tried a different way

    1. Break-on-through

      The positive is that the power is better off in Raul Sanlehi’s hands, he’s a better choice hands down, he knows how to get deals done and he’s got actual football knowledge and contacts within the game.

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