How much is Alexandre Lacazette really worth should we cash-in in January? (Opinion)

Alexandre Lacazette‘s current contract is up next summer, and it remains to be seen whether Arsenal will be cashing in come January, but how much is he worth?

The Frenchman will be allowed to leave on a free contract come the end of the season if a new deal isn’t completed, and he will be allowed to talk to foreign clubs about potential moves early into 2022, meaning that it could well be the Gunners last chance to find a buyer this winter, or risk losing him for nothing.

Newcastle’s recent takeover has seen them linked with a potential move for his signature, which could be a huge help to our finances if we were to offload him just after Christmas as we will no doubt be looking to bring in a replacement inside the next 12 months also, but it remains to be seen if Mikel Arteta will be keen to keep him for the remainder of the season.

Darrent Bent, a self-confessed Arsenal fan, told TalkSPORT listeners that our fanbase would accept £40 Million for his signature in the coming window, and while we would no doubt accept such an offer, his value is considerably less than that.

“I think some Arsenal fans would be like, ‘Oh, you know what, £40m for Lacazette, I would probably take that’,” Bent said live on the radio, but the reality is that his contract situation means that he is worth far less than that amount.

Transfermarkt ranks his value as low as £19.8 Million which I believe is a much more realistic valuation, but while I don’t expect any team outside of England to pay that fee come January as they can discuss his potential free transfer, a team like Newcastle paying something around that amount could make sense.

Depending on Mikel Arteta’s thinking towards his current options in attack, he could well lean towards seeing out the current campaign with Laca as back-up to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, which could mean that he would see his place in the team as more important that a fee of between £5-10 Million in January, or he could request that the club bring in his replacement in the winter window also, with the latter likely to cost the club extra.

I believe the club would likely accept somewhere between £12-15 Million in the coming window personally, while selling to a Premier League side could well come with a premium of around £4-5 Million on top.

How much do you think would be a realistic asking price for Lacazette knowing he could leave for free a few months later?


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  1. Suppose his salary is 100,000 per week:

    100,000 x 4 weeks x 6 months = 2,400,000

    He is 30 years old and if we include the signing fee factor, we could double his total salary amount to make it 4,800,000

  2. Cash in and save on the wage bill


    He sits bench until contract runs down

    Really a no brainer, should’ve been sold already if MA isn’t planning on using him.

  3. We are going to give him 2:years contract plus option of a year. He ain’t going no where. But if Barcelona and co came calling, we might loose out.

  4. Laca is worth what another club is willing to pay; regardless of Arsenal’s valuation. A possible move is mostly up to Laca now; leave on a free after collecting his wages, OR do a Willian and choose playing as more important than sitting on the bench and collecting wages.

    Rather blood our young players who need the experience than give time to Laca who never truly impressed since he joined.

  5. I too think it as near 100% certain as makes no difference that he will be gone by next season.
    That is widely agreed upon and all Prem clubs will also know that.
    I see NO club paying anything at all other than PERHAPS, just perhaps, a nominal amount, IF any and in JANUARY IF SO, which if we are lucky COULD be, just could be, say £2-3 mill.
    More likely nothing at all, IMO!

  6. £40m I’ll take it but that would be fouls dream. It will be a miracle if we seen anything over £10m from his sale ( if we are able to sell him)

  7. Laca must get an extension. His work rate and hold up play are second to none and he can still offer Arsenal what Auba cannot. Hopefully he is given a contract extension. He may not score himself, but his selfless approach to the play means he creates scoring opportunities for others. He is a complete team man. Do not go with age, there are innumerable strikers around who are above 30 and who are simply getting better with age. Its the commitment and the will that counts. However, if Laca feels that MA is not giving him the opportunity he deserves, he will most likely leave for more playing time and if so, I wish him well.

  8. No real incentive to leave in January … so seems he will hang out til summer … it was obvious to a blind pig that one of aubemayang or lacazette should have been sold in summer … another botched transfer job has left us with a weak attacking line up … struggling to put pressure on the likes of burnley and Brighton … and a mid table position as we come in to the difficult winter months … business as usual at AFC

  9. I think the answer lies in the question of how many and which clubs want him. If there are two clubs that would like him we might be able to get 3-5 million just because they would not want to risk losing him to a competitor during the summer. But if there is only 1 club interested, I can not see him go for more than 1-2 million, if that.

  10. If Laca is sold then someone else’ll probably be brought in to replace him, who would come in if Auba is injured or off it? Arteta doesn’t play Martinelli or Balogun hardly so that shows what he thinks of their readiness… Don’t see Vlahovic or whomever coming in Jan!😹

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