How much is Michael Olise’s release clause as Arsenal follows the winger?

Michael Olise has continued to dazzle and show that he is a world-class talent.

The winger is considered one of the best right-wingers in the Premier League, and he might be the ideal player for Arsenal to sign as competition for Bukayo Saka.

Although he has had his fair share of injuries, Olise has returned to fitness and has been unstoppable.

His performances are helping Crystal Palace climb the Premier League table.

Olise is an ideal player for Arsenal, and given their Champions League status, he will also be eager to play for them.

However, he will not leave Palace cheaply. According to a report on Football Insider, his release clause is worth £70 million.

This fee may seem high, but Palace will expect Arsenal to pay without complaint, especially considering how much they spent to add Declan Rice to their squad in the summer.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Olise has been one of the best players in the Premier League over the last few weeks, but he might feel he will be a bench warmer at Arsenal because Saka will always be Arsenal’s first choice.


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  1. Have you seen the release clause? If so name the source. Have you asked him if he wants to play for you? Have you ???
    As your aware it’s not known. I do give you credit at 70m other outlets say 60m ish. Why not report fact rather than fiction. I don’t doubt he will join a team better than Palace just stop the guess work.

  2. 1. Injury record is a concern
    2. So who sits on the bench, or will he accept rotation?
    3. Does this mean no striker?

    I thought Arteta said Jesus was staying?

    If we get another winger does this mean no striker is coming in?

    Does it mean Jesus and Havertz are the strikers? I hope not, because Jesus is not a striker, he can’t score.

    1. Who would you go for in the cf position though? taking into account only palmer has more g/a than Havertz since the start of 2024 and Havertz is top if you take away penalties? I fear a new cf might see Havertz back in midfield which is a disaster waiting to happen. Would you be happy to take a punt on a youngest like the Brazilian lads who have joined Real and Barcelona or do you want a proven one?

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