How much longer will Arsenal fans put up with this?

Arsenal are a joke. How long will we accept this? by Konstantin Mitov

I am saying it right now, Arsenal are finished. The top 4 is finished, the Champions league is gone. The performance at Anfield spoke volumes. We were destroyed! Fans fighting in the stands. I mean I’m struggling to make a case as to why we are still sticking with Arsene.

People label me negative. I’m not negative, I’m realistic. We were shambolic once again. It’s exactly like it was years before. We were destroyed. I’m not going to talk about the game, because it’s pointless to talk about Arsenes lack of footballing abilities on any level.

Alexis Sanchez on the bench! You are having a laugh mates! Liverpool fans were singing of joy when they heard we are sacking our best man. I mean, this is what it’s come to. Arsene won’t pick his best 11 if his life depended on it.

This is the first time in years I actually stopped caring. All I really care about is whether he’s going in the summer. If I were the board, I’d sack him right now, but that’s just a dream though. It’s never happening.

The protest at the Bayern game has to be enormous. We need a banner so big it could cover the entire stadium. Instead of a stupid light show, put a giant text Wenger Out so that even the blind man Arsene is can see it, the board can see and even Stan can see it from the USA.

Enough is enough. There’s no passion, no desire, nothing. The man sits silently on the bench and does nothing. We are a joke. We’ll miss the top 4 for sure and it’s only going to the “next level” as Arsene said. The next level of misery that is.



  1. Ramterta says:

    the summer is too far away.
    If bayern thrash us at the emirates wenger has to call it a day, there and then

    1. Twig says:

      We’ll probably beat Bayern 2-0 enough to ensure the saga continues into the summer ?

      1. Jansen says:

        Twig I hope you don’t seriously think we will beat Bayern 2-0? We will lose again. This team stopped playing for Wenger half way the season.

  2. Godswill says:

    This Wenger seems interested in running Arsenal aground.
    He doesn’t care about our feeling. He feels that his job is secured.
    I am calling for demonstration to force him out

  3. vinie2000 says:

    AGREED 100000000000 % NO MOTR OF THIS RUBBISH. we deserve better including the PRO wenger I Die forever,,Our Arsenal comes first. alexis benched? KIDDING US?

  4. hecmanx says:

    Wenger is so deluded, in his mind he is doing a great job but I don’t blame him, I blame the fans dat still support mediocrity by going to the stadium and giving the incompetent board money. Arsenal are a complete joke, we have seen this movie but some fans are so deluded to think we can still be competitive with a deluded manager dat can’t motivate myself and his players. If wenger is ambitious he could have been very disappointed with last season and try to seriously Improve the quality of the squad to mount a serious title challenge but he didn’t. For how long are we going to suffer like this? Enough is enough wenger should leave at the end of the season if has pride cuz he is destroying his legacy with every season of failure, mourinho is right dat wenger is the specialist in failure

  5. HA559 says:

    Wengers new favourite Son this season is Iwobi. He seems to be undropable no matter how bad he is.

  6. HA559 says:

    We are playing the worst football since Wengers been here. Can’t even get high possesion, can’t even get the passing game going, Slow start in 90% of matches. I’m not just talking about todays game, its against the poorer teams this season as well.

  7. Leaving Alexis out is another proof of this man arrogance and senility , bet my pension that if Arsenal offers 300k (will never happen) to Alexis he will still not stay not while this fool is still in command….the rest with a exception or two are fine with this buffoon as he demands nothing and rewards accordingly

  8. Onochie says:

    Have you ever heard any member of the board talking about Arsenal football? All they talk about is finances,that’s all they care about. Please don’t be upset if Wenger signs an improved 10mil a year of two year contract. I wonder why the fans would be fighting while the main culprit is seated there on the bench with arms cross,only to get up towards the end of match so he can quickly escape down the tunnel as the match ends. Everyone knows that Wenger has never built a crop of players on his own that he can win a title with,that shows he has lost it,we all want him to leave in the summer,if there’s a protest at Emirates on tuesday,I don’t think Wenger would be concerned, his pride,ego will not allow him to announce his resignation And don’t expect the board to sack him,that’s never going to happen. I keep saying it,if Wenger didn’t resign the season that fans ambushed him at a train station and shouted at him,I don’t think nothing the fans does would have effect on him. That’s the situation we have now.

  9. frank says:

    Wenger has to go and he should go now.

    Arsene, if you really love Arsenal or have any respect for the fans, please just leave. We are tired, we have suffered enough and we want you to go. You aren’t the manager you were, give someone else a chance to take this great club forward and just leave.

  10. capricorn57 says:

    I think the problem is two fold ie poor tactics and players who are psychologically weak especially in the games against the big teams.
    Wenger can be blamed for the former and to a lesser degree the latter because he chooses to buy these talented but psychologically weak players.

    I am not sure whether a new manager would be able to improve the mindset of the current squad or whether a 2-3 year clear out and revamp will be necessary.
    If Arsenal drop out of the top 4 this season then I think it will be harder to strengthen the squad with top notch players.
    It may be that a new manager will have to focus on a system and buy the players to fit the system whatever their market value.

    It may be 3-5 years before Arsenal are realistic title contenders.

  11. Ronny331 says:

    Come on we as fans, (as a whole) are as weak as the players Wenger should have been pressured to leave 1 or 2 seasons ago. Should have won the fa cup and left.
    He needs to do everyone involved with the club a favour now and announce now that he plans to leave at the end of the season as per Luis Enrique. Gives us time to get someone lined up before the summer window and next year’s pre season etc.
    I’d like to see empty seats on Tuesday, voting wih our wallets in the only message kroenke and the like will listen to.

  12. rkw says:

    No words of wisdom from the wenger faithful then … to be honest am not even feeling vindicated after 5 years of saying enough of this deluded nostalgist just shocked at the mid table football the 8m quid man now serves up … his exit will need to be followed by at least half a dozen of his hapless progeny … and boards short termist disrespect to fans means they will have to cough up a packet if this team is going to get back to the top of European football … the 3m quid consultant needs to disappear up the orange man’s tax fiddling backside as well …

  13. arsenal_canada says:

    I heard there is some major protests being planned for Tuesday. Finally some good news!

  14. Ronny331 says:

    Well said. I feel outside of the top 4 will mean abolishing the wage cap.
    We may have tobdonas MU did and get a Zlatan type player cheap but they’ll need the wage.
    Only way to attract when outside top 4 is money I’m afraid,(maybe we could throw in some cheap London tourism vouchers)
    Is the rebuild going to coat as much as the Emirates did? And will our board even care?
    Will it just be about us getting back into 4th spot?
    Whoever manages I believe the targets come from the board and they care if we win cups and the league. £ and $ is the language they speak.
    Kroenke and gazidis out just as much if not more than Wenger!

  15. Twig says:

    Even if Wenger wanted to go with the height of Giroud and Welbeck, couldn’t he have played Alexis in the number 10 role instead of Iwobi?

    Welbeck Alexis Oxlade-Chamberlain

    1. Jansen says:

      Even Keown said that the reason Wenger gave for dropping Alexis was falls. Wenger said he wanted to go more direct, as Keown pointed out they didn’t do that anyways so it was just n excuse as we all know.

  16. Aussie Jack says:

    Either the Board has committed suicide or Wenger has committed murder either way this once great and envied name across the world is dead. I`m not a traitor but I just hope Bayern Munich put another five past us this week, the more nails we can put in this mans coffin the better.

  17. doggydgunner says:

    Arsenal players made me regret loving this club yesterday, no grit, no cohesion, no ambition. Is it the players or the coach’s fault, I don’t know but how can you play this way & expect to win anything? We have quality players so if the manager cannot make them work together & get good results I don’t think he should still be the one at the helm of affairs anymore. We need a new manager ASAP. Wenger out!!!!!

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