How much Mesut Ozil and some Arsenal players would still earn after pay cut

Fans have made a lot of noise about the fact that Arsenal players are struggling to accept a wage cut to help the club.

After several negotiations and back and forth, the club has finally gotten all but three of their players to accept a 12.5 percent cut to their wages.

There was a lot of uproar today after it emerged that £350k per week Mesut Ozil is one of those players that have rejected a pay cut to help the lower-paid staff out.

The German has categorically refused to accept a cut to his wages and will still get his full salary.

The rest of the players, who accepted the pay cut, would receive their wages back in full if they qualify for the Champions League within the next two seasons.

After calculating a deduction of 12.5 percent from the earnings of some Arsenal players, it is revealed that Mesut Ozil would still earn at least £300k per week if he accepts the pay cut.

The German would remain by far the club’s highest earner and Pierre Emerick Aubameyang who would remain the club’s second-highest earner would earn more than £100k less than the German. 

The Sun did their maths and if a 12.5% cut is applied to their earnings, Ozil would still earn £306,250-a-week, Aubameyang would earn £175k per week, while Alexandre Lacazette would complete the top three on £159,250-a-week.

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  1. stevo says:

    And the cut is halved if they make top 7.
    It is still a ludicrous situation where the super rich stay super rich while the country flounders.

  2. Igot350k4scoring1goalandyou? says:

    Charity begins at home; if he has no sympathy and empathy towards the lower wage upkeep staff, then what he does for publicity does not matter to me any more.Garbage on the field, garbage using our training facilities

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