How Much? Mesut Ozil’s mouthwatering final cheque from Arsenal revealed

So finally Mesut Ozil has now completely and officially left Arsenal Football Club, and the club have settled up his final day pay check, and the Turkish journalist Talha Arslan, who is a Fenebahce specialist, has found out what the amount of final deposit that was deposited in his bank.

According to good old Google, that translates into “Arsenal deposited a final salary of approximately £16.38m (90%) into Mesut Özil’s account today.”

The absolute massive amounts paid to Ozil over the years has been a perpetual drain on Arsenal’s finances, and was made even worse by the financial impact of Covid on the club finances.

Edu and Arteta have had to make wholesale cuts to the budget and playing staff over this period, while all the while having to honour Ozil’s contract which was signed in more prosperous times.

But now that Arteta has reduced our outgoings with the final departure of Ozil, Sokratis, Mustafi, etc from the wage bill, hopefully Arteta can start investing in the type of players we need to get us back up where we belong, at the pinnacle of English football.

For instance, Ozil’s final paycheck could have bought us a new young exciting midfielder at least!

(This will be the last time the picture on this post will ever be used by JustArsenal!)

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  1. Frodo says:

    Can’t be right. That would give him a weekly salary of around £700k.
    26 weeks left on contract when he left.

  2. Logic says:

    Man he is gone but you guys just can not get over him. So what next if we loose matches in next season you are going to blame Ozil for it because Arsenal paid him such amount so we did not buy required players as a result we lost 😂🤣. Problem with Arsenal fans they never get over things and instead of asking question of current regime they start putting the blame on people who have left starting with Wenger. I mean how many years should pass after which we stop blaming and defaming our players and managers.

    1. Awhy says:

      Successful teams think more of the future than the past. The past is important but dwelling too much on it robs one off of quality time to plan for the future. Ozil had done his bit in Arsenal colours, he is now in our past, let’s be futuristic.

      1. jon fox says:

        Awhy, Intelligent folk learn IMPORTANT LESSONS FOR THE PRESENT AND FUTURE from past mistakes. Wouldn’t you agree?

        1. gooner1578 says:

          The same mistake has been made in case of Willian by Mr Arteta, and to a certain extent with Aubameyang, (I love aubameyang make no mistakes) , i take the name of auba since the “brand” or so called brand of football mr. arteta is after, he likes to have his centre forward drop and receive the ball, hold it, make spaces for others, auba’s ball retention is poor, an exceptional finisher no doubt but when youre not playing to his strengths why did we offer him a ludicrous contract? Willian , well arteta tried his best to settle him in, which proves it was HIS signing,
          So atleast get off ozil;s back now, not utilizing ozil after the corona virus lock down is on arteta, if he dint make use of that final salary packet that arsenal were committed to pay to him.
          If any one remembers, even though ozils level had dropped, he assisted the winner in his final game for arsenal.

          1. ken1945 says:

            Absolutely correct Gooner 1578 and yet my friend Jon refuses to acknowledge Arteta’s mistake.
            This is where those of us who ask for the same judgement and/or comparisons get so annoyed.

            MO’s salary and length of contract was one of the biggest mistakes our club has ever made and Jon blames gazidis and(to a lesser extent) AW….. so who is to blame for Willian and Aubemeyang?

          2. jon fox says:

            Ken If you refer to MA s mistake with signing Willian, then you are quite wrong, as I DO BLAME HIM FOR THIS.

            I do NOT blame MA for Auba of course; whyever would I, given all the goals Auba has scored prior to last season. I do not blame MA for his latest contract either.
            MA of course did not sign Auba and has IMO used him wisely overall. So I am puzzled as to what mistake you think I have made. CARE TO TELL?

          3. ken1945 says:

            Jon, to give a player of 32, a three year contract at a reported £300,000 plus a week, with the benefit of hindsight regarding MO, doesn’t seem to be a problem to you?

            A player whose game is centered on speed, coming in from the wings?

            How long do you think his speed will warrant such ludicrous and obscene salary/contract?

            We saw last season, how he struggled to replicate the form that you say warrants his contract…. so tell me Jon, was Aubemeyang bleeding the club dry last season and should he have left the club as he was not fulfilling the reason that he was offered and accepted his legally binding contract?
            Plus, of course, he doesn’t defend, he doesn’t give 100% and he doesn’t cover every blade of grass.

          4. jon fox says:

            Firstly Ken, He was NOT 32 then. And his previous two seasons were highly goals productive.

            At that time, given Kroenkes unwillingness to fund a younger top class striker, I say MA took a calculated gamble and it did not come off last season. But I have not given up on Auba yet. HAVE YOU THEN?

            I would haveoffered just two years but, as you know, these vastly overpaid players, which means all of them, have all the power now.

            That is what stinks TBH, NOT MA!

          5. ken1945 says:

            Jon, if two months makes a difference to you, let me rephrase the questuon:

            Was MA correct in offering a 31 and ten month old player, a three year contract at a reported £300,000 plus salary, a wise decision?
            Especially after the MO debacle, the result of which, this article is reporting on?

            I support every player who pulls on the shirt Jon, something that is ingrained in me.

            No, I haven’t given up on Aubameyang OR MA, but I will judge them in the same way as I judge those before them.
            I note you have not commented on his body language, his non coverage of every blade of grass, his lack of creativity and the way he leads the team by example… funny that!!!

  3. guy says:

    I bet it includes a loyalty bonus.

    Really depressing reading this and his kindred spirit Willians tales of shameless avarice on the same day.

    Disregarding the amounts (cricket scores few of us can relate to) and the popular Arsenal fan pastime of who to blame within our heirarchy, The brazen attitude of more and more players to taking money from clubs under false pretences is creating a worrying mistrust and disconnect between fans and players.

    1. tendayi says:

      Ozil is past.I think we need to focus on transfers.Why are we so slow in our deals.We need to sign good players as quickly as possible.We are going down the table every season.Soooo SAD

  4. Xhaka says:

    He deserves modern that because of what he has brought to us

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      “What he has brought to us” – Xhaka you have to be having a lend, as Ozil was not “value for money”.
      Fenerbahce now has to pay his full wages, so it will be interested to see how much they pay him, how he performs, how the Fenerbahce fans react and how long he lasts?
      And to think that the great Dennis Bergkamp after he turned 30 was on season to season annual contracts. What would he be worth today?

      1. ken1945 says:

        OG, and wasn’t that a sensible decision to implement – the one year contract for ANYONE over thirty… even the great DB?

        Why the club decided to renage on this decision is anyone’s guess and to place a value on DB in today’s market is impossible to do in my opinion…. but over £100,000,000 in my opinion.

        1. Ozziegunner says:

          Ken, totally agree. Good enough for DB, good enough for everyone. If they don’t like it they can walk.

  5. VasC says:

    It’s not the end.

    PL Proven – Worldclass – Champions League Ambitious – Mr Willian’s settlement discussions is yet to start.

  6. John says:

    Why this story. Let’s move on… Now we have Willian on his massive salary. Two more years of crap from this pre-retired player. Read today he does not want to go to Miami because of the wages. 😒 This underperforming overpaid guy will hampered the club… While we could have put his minutes and game time on willock or nelson…

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      👍 Too true.

  7. Loose Cannon says:

    That is the class of Arsenal, unfortunately the same cannot be said about that player who used every opertunity to shame the club. Nevertheless, money can buy you many things but not respect and peace of mind, we all true Gunners have it now since he has gone. And not suprisingly as claimed we were second best in points earned post his departure.A few of the devotees do pop up here and there claiming their guru’s innocense and how badly we terated him and some utter nonsense, but these are a few and can be counted by fingures.
    And finally the saga ends with the worst signing in modern day, far worse than Andre Santos or Lucas Perez marginally better than Mustafi, Kolasinac and Sanogo

    1. ken1945 says:

      What makes you think that you are a “true gunner”, simply because you didn’t like MO?
      What an arrogant piece of BS from someone who thinks MO shamed the club – he was offered and accepted a contract from kronkie, gazidis and AW.

      MA decided to freeze him out and thought it was a good idea to keep him with the first team squad until the player agreed to leave.

      Perhaps you should be asking WHY he was kept with the first team squad, if he was the kind of person you describe??

      As a “true Gunner” I find your inadequacy to look at the complete picture, rather sad and your attempt to pigeonhole anyone who disagrees with you as pathetic and distasteful.

  8. Joe.S says:

    How can Ozil’s signing be worst than Lucas Perez or Andes Santos or that pathetic Korean, Park? Products of sheer incompetence and stupidity by a legendery manager. Everyone is marvelling at Xhaka’s pass for the equiliser against France, but I can only describe that pass as Ozilesque. Yes, I am glad that Ozil has moved on and like Xhaka he hasn’t been missed, but everthing else is blind prejudice.

  9. jon fox says:

    This article show graphically exactly WHY I have previously many times posted that Ozils incoming transfer was the single most disastrous transfer mistake in our clubs entire history. This man was a leech and shamelessly used our club for his own ends and gave virtually nothing at all back, after his first good season and then his simply OK second season.

    After that he basically retired from all work but on full pay. I’d call that the “best”,or rather the worst, scam in football history.
    The darkest, most damaging ever, transfer mistake, which must NEVER be repeated!

    The fact that his one time talent continued to con a younger generation of our fans into believing he would still contribute – when he patently was NEVER going to do so – simply compounded his outrageous misconduct. GOOD RIDDANCE!

    1. Mark says:

      Couldnt agree more

      1. ken1945 says:

        There you go Jon – one rule for one and one for another!!!

        Following your logic, Auba has had his great season, his good season and now (last season) having signed his contract, his first awful season… just change the players name and you have the perfect scenario… according to your evaluation of a player.

        Who do you think would buy Aubameyang now?

    2. Logic says:

      @ John I am begining to think you know nothing about football, when Ozil was signed he was the best no 10 in world who performed on every stage of football so had a proven record, he was young so age was on his side, had a massive following and was a world class player. By no means his signing was a mistake in any sensible fan eyes even if they do not support Arsenal.

  10. Stephanie says:

    Thanks Arsene Wenger

    1. gooner1578 says:

      The call was Ivan Gazidis’, not arsene wengers, wenger warned about such a payscale and was always against it,
      Secondly, wenger said that ozil shouldnt have retired from Germany international and it would get his quality of play to a downward curve,
      Thirdly, under wenger, ozil was the lynchpin of attack,
      Fourthly, never disrespect your own players and managers for your own ego.
      Fifthly, Ozil although his levels had dropped, the quality around him was very poor and he was never a player who had ever scored 20 goals a season, or dribbled across the whole pitch like messi/ronaldo to score,
      Sixthly, dropping him from the team when the lack of creativity was evident both under emery and arteta was criminal on their part.
      Seventhly. lets leave it here

      1. Kenny says:

        Agreed with your comment.
        Ozil has value when he was playing for Arsene. He needs good technical players like Santi Cazorla, Sanchez & etc to shine.
        I asked forgetful Arsenal fans to watch this video:
        This is Arsenal style and the reason why Arsenal’s soccer attracts new fans.

        My respect for Ozil disappear when he stay on when the 2 new managers don’t think he is in their plan. A good soccer player should play soccer regularly, instead of stay around and train only, when he knows he has no chance of selected. Luckily he left but he had become rusty and is past tense.

        A good manager can gel different types of players together. What I like Arsene is that he develops young players and use EFL Cup to let young players some game time. Current manager like to drink old wine that he prefer oldies than young players (just kidding). We cannot blame him because it is our owner who employed him.

        The killer blow to Arsenal is we have an owner who want a sustainable business that allow him not to come out a lot of money. When we see and still seeing Chelsea, Man U and Man C spend so much money in order to get honours, we are frustrated. Our owner’s objective is to play Champion League soccer instead of spend more money to win EPL titles.

  11. Sid says:

    Ok so time for a bit of humour
    Arsenal paid 16m, one Andre Silva(34m) away from a Ben White(50m). In other news, city are maybe planning for buying 5 Ben Whites for 250m(Kane, Grealish and Ben White, lol)

  12. Benjamin says:

    Always nice to read our big explayer like Henry, Bergkamp, Vierra, Ozil, Cazorla, Sanchez, etc. article.

  13. Angus MacDonald says:

    He was on whatever wages he was on, whatever we paid off was less and it was done in jan (didnt read.) Total non-story but sure enough everyone is going to argue pointless points. If only our fans would direct that ire at the media, way we were covered would soon change and everyone would be happier.

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