How much more mess could this pandemic cause in the world of football?

The coronavirus outbreak is one thing no one saw coming, even though we claim to have prophets and astrologers.

As Arsenal fans, we have been dealt blows by the pandemic and we cannot wait for things to get better but it is not going to be an easy road back.

From players refusing to take pay cuts and leagues considering an end to the season, this pandemic has caused more problems to the game than anyone would have imagined.

I don’t think we have seen the worst of it just yet as we continue to struggle with social distancing and other measures being put in place by governments to curb the spread.

With football scheduled to start again soon, here are some other issues I foresee coming.

Confusion about transfer windows
From several indications, they have set the transfer window to be reopened in August regardless of when this season can be finished.

If the window reopens when the season is still being played, then players who have been out of contract could join other teams even before the end of the season.

Players leaving their club before the season ends

Players like Pablo Mari and William Saliba can refuse to remain at their current team and return to their parent clubs when the transfer window is reopened before the season finishes.

This would only cause confusion, especially regarding whether they can play for another team again this season.

Teams being unable to complete the season for financial reasons
Some teams have been worse hit than others financially, these teams may lack the financial means to complete the season when it resumes.

Competitions being abandoned
If the game’s governing body becomes intent on finishing the season on a particular date, some competitions like the FA Cup could be abandoned halfway with the new seasons starting sooner.

Legal action
I personally think this is an absolute certainty, maybe not in England if the season is continued but if not, all bets will be off, there is simply too much money at stake for any club just to roll over and accept a massive financial hit due to no fault of their own.

I see changes happening, I just hope they are not too drastic.

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