How much should Arsenal demand for Theo Walcott?

In these days of extremely inflated transfer fees that reached its zenith when Neymar moved to PSG for 200million euros, but has the inflation even reached its peak yet? Already this month Liverpool have paid Southampton 75m GBP for the defender Virgil van Dijk and now have a great warchest to bring in reinforcements themselves to drag them out of the relegation dogfight.

There have been many consistent rumours saying that Theo Walcott’s old club are keen to rescue the Englishman from his exile in the wilderness at Arsenal and the Saints definitely have the funds to make it happen. The Gunners longest serving player has not started one Premier League game this season, and if he stays with us he will have no chance of making the England team for the World Cup in Russia this coming summer.

Southampton have been linked with Walcott more than anyone else, but Everton and Newcastle are also claimed to have an interest, and Theo’s agent Warwick Horton has come out and said: “I know that Theo is keen on playing in Italy. We will take any offers that come in from Italy into consideration.”

The Saints boss Mauricio Pellegrino was recently asked about Walcott and although he didn’t rule out a potential move, but equally he wasn’t willing to overly confirm there was an interest.

He said: “There are many players that we have interest in. I can’t say anything because, obviously Walcott is an excellent player, but I can’t confirm this. We are in the market ready to try to bring somebody that wants to come but I know it will be difficult. In January it is not easy to bring in players but the market is huge and I think we will have some opportunities. We have got a couple of targets, four, five, six targets. We have confidence that someone else can come and it will be great for us. We are looking for a player that can improve the level of the squad. In the market you never know until the end.”

Wenger was also asked about Walcott’s future recently and although he declared that he wanted him to stay, he admitted that he heard of a possible move away and didn’t rule it out, but how much should Arsenal put on the winger’s head?

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was sold to Liverpool for 35m GBP in the summer, and it has been claimed that Arsenal are looking for a similar figure for Walcott, who still has 18 months remaining on his contract. I’m not sure if we would actually see a bidding war for Walcott but I do think that Southampton is his most likely destination.

How much do you think he is worth right now?



  1. amb1709 says:

    £15m seems fair, considering how high his wages are. Never been a massive Walcott fan but have to admit that his goal scoring record is good. However, his tendency to go missing when most needed, lack of development over a 10 year period and his willingness to seemingly sit on the bench and earn 140k a week really annoys me. A move away would be best for all parties. Wish him the best of luck in the future, if he leaves, he has scored over 100 goals for the club after all.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Agree, 15 millions sounds good for Walcott, because he is soon to be 29 years old.

      If he said he is keen to play in Italy, market him to the Italian clubs. Who knows he might be able to pull off what Mo Salah did for Roma (Mo Salah was unsuccessful in England previously).

    2. Midkemma says:

      If £15 millions seems fair for Theo then how much is Perez worth, the player who fans said should have been given more of a chance?

      Don’t forget that English players have the added HG tax…

  2. Salmonella says:

    Round about 15-20 million..

  3. shark says:

    It’s irrelevant. Wenger won’t reinvest the money and with or without Walcott we won’t be a better team.

    1. Midkemma says:

      37 EPL games, 19 goals.
      People cry for Perez to be given a chance after 1 good season where he played 37 (the same) but scored only 17.

      Theo isn’t as good as Alexis and he can be infuriating at times but he gets slated hard by AFC fans, he produced more goals and assists than Perez yet fans want to see Perez over Theo.

      How about watching the band wagon roll by and be honest about Theo?

      He came with so much hope that he is a failure for what we hoped as fans, he isn’t a bad footballer but AFC fans can see he is no TH14 and that is what they was expecting.

      Theo has scored over 100 EPL goals, Ljungberg didn’t do that in 9 seasons playing with us, Theo is far from a great player but he isn’t as bad as some are making him out to be.

  4. Hjörvar says:

    He has been so bad resently that 5-8 mil would be very good price for Arsenal.

  5. Mr pat says:

    Don’t really care how much we get as long as he is off the payroll, he is a layabout lazy pretentious millionaire who doesn’t deserve to wear arsenal shirt for at least two seasons now but as usual wenger doesn’t see that apart from poor arsenal punters

  6. He can even leave for free just get him off the wage bill!

  7. Be says:

    It is his own fault. TV analyst kept saying he needs to use his brains. When RVP was around he did good runs along the touch line crossed and RVP score most goals. After he can’t go past anybody and wants to take ball inside instead of along the wings. He loses ball, doesn’t fall back to tackle, defensively not involved, opponent with ball will go very close by him and no attempt to persue and nick the ball. Stands on the wing watching. Very little effort from him looks like an under 17 ea to waiting to be given direction

  8. Roy says:

    Must pray every night that his luck dosnt run out kidding everyone he’s a professional footballer.

  9. Ox says:

    OT but do any of you think that wengers obsession with kids is weird ?

  10. Me says:

    At least it will be £15 million towards a new ranch for Silent Stan…
    What a shambles…

  11. rkw says:

    anything … get him off the books

    1. pires says:

      the problme with theo is that you never know his real position: winger,central forward…last season he was good though.AS for Saints we can go for Tadic in return….

  12. Arnold says:

    10mln of let him go for free

  13. Jon Fox says:

    I am well known as perhaps Walcotts greatest foe on Arsenal forums. I have spent countless hours slaughtering this man. But if I wanted a husband and provider for my daughter, I would be glad if she had married Walcott. A a son in law he is ideal, huge wages, polite, gentle natured, shuns night clubs , is well mannered and respectful when interviewd on TV. Almost perfect in fact. What a shame then that we are football fans,not prospective Fathers in law . As passionate fans we all want someone who will fight for the club, for his career and work diligently day in day out to improve and become a better player year upon year throughout his career. Someone with determination to succeed. OH, AND TALENT! Any one think it will still happen? Yes , one! Wenger !

  14. Innit says:

    Wenger wants £30 million. Also he hardly starts, plus his high wage demands will make him very difficult to move innit

  15. Midkemma says:

    £30 million would be the top end in my opinion, the hopeful figure…
    If I was AFC owner I would be saying £30 million but willing to talk at £20 million.

    If Perez was 17 million for 1 good season in La Liga then Theo is worth at least £25 million, his last season was better statistically than Perez good year, Theo has done that in the EPL and Theo has HG tax.

    If Mahrez was English then we would be hearing how he is worth at least £80 million.

    Unlike the Ox, Theo has proven to score every year. Unlike the Ox, he doesn’t have so many years left… Give and take.

    For me, Theo is worth around what the Ox was worth, I do think we got a very good fee for the Ox (Credit again to Gazidis).

  16. Steven says:

    I don’t understand why so many fans have offered such a brutal assessment of Theo’s contribution to the club. He has scored over a hundred goals, mainly playing from a wide position.

  17. Larry says:

    Let’s be honest if we were signing Walcott how much would we pay around 10 million he’s done nothing for us. All hes done is put a gun to Wenger head and demanded huge wages. We should of got rid of him years ago.

  18. Larry says:

    The saints are laughing at Walcott’s price tag. As I said before would we pay that for him no way. He can’t even get into the first team. Over rated and the same sort of player as bendner was legends in their own minds. We got rid of him so
    Let’s get rid of Walcott. At the end of the day are we going to win the league with the likes of Walcott chambers xhada elemmy and ibowi there not good enough. And for ozil he has never turned up in big away games when you need your big players. No steel in the team and we need a holding midfielder and if we don’t get one were going nowhere and that’s a fact. Sorry gunners but that’s the Truth

  19. SD says:

    Please, go look up quotes of opposing managers talking about Walcott. He terrifies defenses. Has for a decade. I still remember several years ago, when we had RVP and Nasri, Pep Guardiola was asked about who Barca is worried about defending and he didn’t even stop to think. It was Walcott. When he is used correctly, he makes the best defenders look like schoolboys. He has an incredible scoring record for a winger (and 90% of his career has been there, while he had a good record when playing through the middle as well). He wanted to play in the middle, failed, and accepted going back to the wing. He tried to lead the team by calling teammates out that quit in a match, and Arsene has benched him ever since regardless of his form or the team’s.

    He has been one of my favorite Arsenal players, and I think it is a shame that one of the best and most loyal players we have had in the past 15 years receives this kind of treatment. I think I’m done with this site.

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