How much should Arsenal pay for Hirving Lozano?

The Mexican winger Hirving Lozano certainly made an impression on the World Cup immediately, after scoring the only goal as his country beat the Champions Germany in their opening game. The 22 year-old has only been at PSV in Holland for one season after moving from Mexico, but settled in quickly scoring 19 goals and making 11 assists in just 34 games for the Dutch side.

Now it appears that Arsenal have decided to approach PSV for his signature, as reported by TransferMarketWeb. They said:

A key player in Mexico WC positive course, almost 23-year old winger Hirving Lozano, according to UK sources, is being approached by Arsenal. Playing for PSV Eindhoven since last summer, former Pachuca wonderkid is currently on a deal with Dutch club until June 2023.

But the report makes no mention of a price, but it is believed that PSV paid only £7million for him last year, but how much do you think Arsenal should pay for this extremely impressive youngster? Watch this video of his season at PSV and see what you think?

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  1. Drew says:

    Lozano would be great! We could probably offer him a first team start but what else can we offer him that another top team cant?

  2. Naija Jollof says:

    Instead of Lazano, we should be looking at Zaha. He can improve any top 6 team in the EPL. I wonder why we aren’t linked with him yet.

    1. Mobella says:

      No he can’t. He failed woefully at Manchester united and hadn’t done anything of note at crystal palace.

    2. Lwazi says:

      Zaha is another Gervino we do not need him.

    3. Naija Jollof says:

      Zaha was still a kid when he flopped at United. He was brought in to replace Ronaldo (too much expectation) Now he has matured and turned into one of the best wingers in EPL. Very direct, full of pace and power. Imagine when he combines with the likes of Ozil, Auba, Lacca, Iwobi and Mikki. We need him instead of some unproven winger from the Dutch league. Remember Memphis Depay?

      1. RSH says:

        Agree. Zaha has matured into a great player. Little risk with EPL experience as well. I don’t think we’re in for him but he would be an awesome signing.

  3. Ozziegunner says:

    Wilfred Saha is yet to sign an extension to his contract on offer from Crystal Palace. He would be great for Arsenal; however the transfer price may be too high.
    Lozano is certainly worth an approach to PSV Eindhoven; however again they may try to make too much of a profit on their initial £7 million investment.
    In regard to both players, the transfer fees will very much depend on competition from clubs for their services.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Zaha is good, on his day he’s a right handful. He’s not the top echelon that you’d wish for though, if you have a team of good players adding another good player isn’t really gonna help you make the next couple of steps. Walcott in the final third has done more damage than I ever seen Zaha do, control, dribbling & defensively Zaha is better but he’s an out and out attacker which means he’ll be bypassed allot of the time. Also he’s another one of those players that wants to be involved in everything, running off the ball or waiting in no mans land can sometimes be beneficial to other players but he gets attracted to the centre of play very easily. He’d be a good solid player, but he’d be better if we had real competition for him to fight with, that would make him a good buy and it’d improve our squad.

  4. odyyyy says:

    yes zaha if the one we should go for > but he just turn down 120.000 per week with crystal palace > i think he is out of reach for us with this transfer budget

  5. Chiza says:

    My sources tell me Lozano could soon be a very done deal…emery likes him alot..he believes he can turn him into a beast of a winger, Emery loves his ability…Emery doesn’t like wingers that depend on their body strength e.g Mane and zaha(so cross players like that out)… If you think I’m lying go and look at his teams…..he has told the three musketeers that he wants a winger and mislintant is doing everything to get one but I guess they have settled for Lozano…. Lozano could be signed for an undisclosed fee(i suspect that)…. Expect Lozano signing to gather pace…. All hail Lozano!!!…. Our next wing magician… He would be given the number 7 jersey……the return of Pires..hopefully more sleek and skillful

    1. Eddie Hoyte says:

      Great!! Another David Orstein/Kev wannabe.. that’s what we need now…

      1. Break-on-through says:

        My sources tell me that we should expect more sun! tomorrow.

        1. Eddie Hoyte says:


      2. Dan says:

        Yeh in other words just another person on here seeking attention pretending he has sources and even insulting our intelligence to think we would actually believe him!!

    2. GunnerJack says:

      How on earth do you come up with such tripe as “Emery doesn’t like wingers that depend on their body strength e.g Mane and zaha(so cross players like that out)”? How do you know that? You don’t!
      Are you ‘gotnoidea’ in disguise because he also feeds us buckets full of similar garbage!

      1. RSH says:

        I wouldn’t categorize Zaha as someone who relies on his strength either. This is the same guy who said we are getting Pavon from Brazil (wrong country), and thought Lozano played for Ajax. Just ignore

  6. Declan says:

    Just read on BBC that Man U are readying an offer of £40 mil for him.

    1. Mobella says:

      Yes that news is everywhere. I thought Mourinho said he doesn’t need more attacker. Maybe he is trying to scupper our deal.

  7. Break-on-through says:

    Liv and Tott have picked up some top players from Holland, Suarez one stands out. If we believe he is going to be a star we should push the boat out, in today’s market the best young stars go for allot of money but this kid being in Holland gives us a chance.

    Looking at his clips there, before checking them I was expecting to see flamboyance in his dribbling but he’s not like that. He looks good in a duel but nothing special, so am thinking it must be his passing and shooting ability is why he’s rated highly. That makes it tough if I’m right, being in Holland and with the lad still so young, it is difficult to know if a player can keep doing that all the way up through the divisions. I haven’t seen him live in a full performance and I never heard of him before a few weeks ago so I’m not the right judge for this.

  8. John Ibrahim says:

    50m or pay them whatever they wants

    Lozano is world class we need a winger/attacker like him

  9. Eddie Hoyte says:

    ??..Wait!! hold on! I just got a call from my source, we are in for Lionel Messi..he’s saying the only team he’ll join is Arsenal if he’s to leave barca. The news came to the club as a shock, and his family are sayinge he made the decision because CR7 is leaving again.
    Expect Messi to Arsenal to gain weigh soon

    1. Mantak says:


  10. fab says:

    I think his desire for goal and shooting makes him interesting.
    I fancy our chance though to get him

  11. Innit says:

    In attack we are sorted with strikers and central attacking midfielders but not wingers.

    I guess Mkhitaryan can play on the right
    But that still leaves the left. We should get a top winger like Draxler

    City is getting Mahrez so their attack will be even stronger. United, Liverpool, Spurs will strengthen too. We need to do enough not just defensively but offensively too

    1. GunnerJack says:

      Draxler was rubbish at the World Cup. Played first game and did nothing. Hauled off at half time in the second game and not chosen for the third. Wonderful! I also remember reading somewhere he puts on perfume before each match and has 60-70 pairs of shoes. Just what we need – a right piccadilly tart!

  12. ivanolad says:

    All of you are not as reliable as Kev..
    So will you just stop please?
    Though Kudos to you for trying anyway.

    But kev can you please give us some light on this?
    You’re just the best kev.

    1. GunnerJack says:

      Pass me a sick bag.

    2. jon fox says:

      Yeah! We all love you Kev and could not live without you! Sick bag , indeed!

    3. Marty says:

      We don’t need any more tripe from Kev thank you….

  13. Mobella says:

    Rumour has it that arsenal has secured the service of a certain Matteo Guendouzi from lorient for 8m euro. A former PSG youngster.

  14. Break-on-through says:

    Matteo Guendouzi to sign for Arsenal. French national youth player who plays for Lorient. (19 year old) came through PSG and moved to Lorient for first team football. Spu linked with him in the winter window and Manc are said to be interested. He’s likened to Rabiot, plays central defensive midfield (CDM), and has the hair style of that PSG kid who we almost signed a month back. According to reports from France, we are paying 8m in euros but they want 9m, they knocked back a 5m bid already from unknown club. Arriving for his medical tomorrow according to source. Seen as one of the best up coming talents in France, played 20 club games last season, and has represented France at each youth level thus far.

  15. Mansur inso says:

    Lozano is a player that we need for so long

  16. ruelando says:

    Zaha has matured and would even improve more at Arsenal, Lozano looks like he could do significant damage to an opposing defensive line (even better than sanchez), both are outstanding wide men and would put the fear factor back into opposing teams, but, the issue of money is of great significance here, we have money, but are not spending. I think both players may be looked at next season when the one year probation for some players will be over.

    This year is all about organising a solid squad with a gradual re-build, i think we will see the big spending next season

  17. jon fox says:

    How should we pay for him? I have a novel idea; why not write a cheque!

    1. jon fox says:

      As to how MUCH we should pay for him, why not haggle with the selling club and pay as little as possible.. Deliberately flippant answers to a daft question!

  18. big g says:

    just watched a few videos of Lozano, he’s quick and likes to find space to run or pass into, he’s tricky and can turn players, he passes and crosses well and he scores goals. My only doubt about Lozano is if he can hack it in the premier league because of his size (or am i being picky), he would have to improve as he would have less time and space to work with. At 23 years of age and coming into the begining of what could be the best years of his career he could be worth buying but how much for i don’t know, does he have a buy out clause in his contract ? Brought for 7 Million last year. Offer 15 million and go from there.

  19. Zeek says:

    My sources just told me…tomorrow is Monday.

  20. Diana says:

    Sonetimes people know things. We forget Arsenal fans are everywhere. Lets allow Kev(i actually enjoy) and others post what they know. How many of us, in all honesty are making Metro and other sites rich clicking on articles talking about Arsenal news WE know is false and unlikely, or reread articles. We only believe ANYONE when the rumour is consistent. That BBC guy Oinstein(spelling,sorry) said no more transfers after Torreira. While we USUALLY listen to him, a lot of us feel thats unlike because of our own intutition and its not consistent with what everyone else is saying. So why cant that be Kev or whoever. If you dont believe it, move along. Some of us became big JustArsenal fans because of people like Kev, resource, remember resource etc.
    Anyway Lozano would be a good buy but not for more than £30 mil, in which other options become viable

  21. Dutchguy says:

    He is a guy that will think about his choice, despite ManU, Barca and Real linked to him, he would choose a team where he trusts he can grow and will play a lot. He has made a similar decision before when going to PSV.
    You can see this guy can adapt to every level, also BPL.
    I expect the final fee to be well above 40M pounds. Pachuca will take a large part of the profit as a sell on clause.
    It is said last year PSV paid around 9M plus 30-40% of profits.

  22. Aremo Seun says:

    I think arsenal should go for germany winger julian brandt

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