How much will Arsenal earn from beating Sheffield United?

Arsenal will continue their quest to win a record 14 FA Cup trophies when they take on Sheffield United in the competition’s quarterfinal on Sunday.

Mikel Arteta was part of the Arsenal team that won the FA Cup in 2014 and if he ends his first season with that trophy, we will consider his first campaign a success.

The FA Cup is one of the competitions that adds some money to the coffers of the participating teams, although smaller teams would be the ones more interested in earning as much money as they can.

There are three ways that teams will earn money from the competition as cited by the Express. The first of which is through prize money for wins in the different rounds of the competition.

The second is through gate receipts, while the final money outlet is through television deals.

Each team gets 45% of the total generated gate receipts and the other 10% is sent to a central pot.

Teams would receive £350,000 each if their quarterfinal game is picked to be televised. Games on TV are one of the biggest moneymakers for the competition as it offers the chance to get some advertising revenue.

A breakdown of the prize money that each team can make in the different rounds is: First Round Proper winners (40): £36,000, Second Round Proper winners (20): £54,000, Third Round Proper winners (32): £135,000, Fourth Round Proper winners (16): £180,000, Fifth Round Proper winners (8): £360,000.
Quarter-Final winners (4): £720,000, Semi-Final winners (2): £1,800,000, Semi-Final losers (2): £900,000, Final runners-up (1): £1,800,000, Final winners (1): £3,600,000.

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