How much will Arsenal realistically raise from these 7 sales?

Although Mikel Arteta and Edu have managed to bring in three quality signings as he builds his Arsenal team for the future, we are still expecting a couple of more incoming signings and we are hoping for one of them to be a Top quality attacking midfielder.


But how are we going to raise the funds neccesary to buy anyone?


But the fact is that Arsenal simply have much too many players on the books, and with no European football next season, there will be a multitude that simply won’t get any playing time if we can’t manage to offload the before the end of the month.


According to the Express, the players that Arsenal are hoping to cash in on are; Hector Bellerin, Eddie Nketiah, Willian, Sead Kolasinac, Ainsley Maitland-Niles and Reiss Nelson.


For two of them, Willian and Kolasinac, I don’t expect us to get a penny for, and we will probably end up paying Kolasinac off so he can be a free agent and look for any club that will have him.


If we manage to get rid of Willian, we will probably have to subsidise his wages until his crazy contract runs out.


The report reckons that Bellerin is the one sale we should expect to make the most on, but it is more likely he will be used as a makeweight in a swap deal as no-one seems to have cash to pay for him.


We may hopefully get around 20 million for Nketiah (although I am a bit worried about selling him as he seems to score in every game at the moment!).


I can’t see us getting more than 10 million for either AMN or Reiss Nelson, even if we can find a buyer. I have would more hoping of getting a good fee for Joe Willock, who I am sure should be on that list anyway.


How much do you think we could earn if we managed to unload all of these players?

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  1. Judging by Artetas last interview after the Chelsea game we aint signing anyone else, all the deadwood are staying put and as he said he is gonna work with the players he has. Nuff said.

  2. I heard Lacazette was being offered to some clubs too and Arsenal wanted to trade him + some money for Lautaro Martinez. I’m afraid we can only sell some players in the end of the transfer window

    1. Some ? I would take out by order 1)bellerin 2)willian 3)kolasinac 4) runarsson. That would be already a great achievement and 22m a year saved (if we dont pay some wages on loan😬).

      1. Hopefully Bellerin can be match-fit again. He hasn’t gone back to his best after his injury

        Willian can still be a squad rotation player, to play second fiddle to Smith-Rowe. He’s fine if he plays on the left wing and in the middle, as shown by his assists in pre-season

        Kolasinac could be the third-choice left CB, LB and left DM. I liked what his performance in pre-season, unfortunately his wage is very high

        1. Are you kidding about bellerin and willian ? We are on a new cycle. These players must go. We need focused players. Did not you see that we finished 8th two years in a row with teams less packed on talents above us. We need focuse warriors. Almost whatever their level i would say. I would prefer a youngster with less level than these useless overpaid divas whose head/mind is already elsewhere. I agree for kolasinac. He is not that good but decent and a tough guy.

        2. come on mate what are you saying?kolasinac and willian have nothing more to offer to ARSENAL and im afraid that bellerin is on same category.i used to love him but thats soccer.
          p.s. i dont believe you are buying the lautaro thing

        3. Gai
          I agree on Kolasinac as left footed 3rd square player. Especially in the case of injuries. Unsure Bellerin can come back to his best again it’s taken him too long a time . It also seem he is experiencing players diminishing form. As per William, I am not certain how much football we can get out of him again considering his age, I think it’s better to buy a good creative midfielder. Arsenal should find a way about selling some ineffective players. I guess it will come down to last days of deadline.

          1. Bellerin will not get back to his best, because he has fallen out of love with football and his mind is elsewhere. Disregarding physical fitness and attributes, Bellerin’s mind is not on the job to put in the hard work and determination required.

  3. 50mln EURO at most:
    – Bellerin – 20mln
    – Nketiah – 15mln
    – Kolasinac – Free
    – William – Free
    – AMN – 7.5mln
    – Nelson – 7.5mln
    Hope also for these:
    – Laca – 15mln
    – Xhaka – 20mln

    And if we can bring in:
    – Aarons
    – Auar
    – Odegaard

    1. At this point if there are no buyers, I wonder whether Arsenal should just bite the bullet and buy out Kolasinac and Willian (and maybe Bellerin or Soares). It would be costly but I dont think any of them make us better and I’d rather struggle with promising youngsters than overpaid vets. The thought of Kolasinac taking time from Tavares or Willian eating up Martinelli’s time fills me with despair.

      1. Voyageur Talking of vets AUBA worries me missed 2 easy chances against Chelsea not been the same since he signed that big contract

  4. We would be lucky to sell 3 of those players mentioned above and get £30 million.

    More likely we manage to do a loan deal for one or two of the players and are stuck with the rest.

    Loans for AMN, Nelson and Nketiah could be possible,

  5. I am sorry but who really care about how much we can get ? The priority is to get rid of some players whatever we get back. Willian and bellerin need to be gone asap. Even of they go dor free, we save with them 15m in wages… Then 🤷🏻‍♂️… It would be good to also let kolasinac and it is 5m more. 20m saved. After this, the real concern for me is not to make mistakes with out homegrown bunch (willock, amn, nelson, azeez….). I would keep willock. You have to give a chance to a guy that did the 2nd part of the season he did. And after what he showed in the first games. Was nore clutch than auba. How can you sell him, that fits the timeline of your project ? Selling him for real without a buy back clause would be same kind of mistakes as the emi one (not mentioning all the previous ones : gnabry, malen…)

  6. William – BIG FAT ZERO
    Bellerin – At best a loan deal with an option to buy
    Maitland niles – At best a loan deal with an option to buy
    Nelson – at most 12M
    Nkethia – at most 15M
    Runarsson – at best a loan deal
    Lacazette- at best 13M
    Willock – the only hope if securing at least 20M
    Kolasinac – we will need to pay him off
    ELNENY – at best 1.5M

    Not even enough to buy MADDISON

    I feel to ARTETA.

    1. I cant feel bad for arteta. He was here and responsible of willian 35m error (his cost over 3 years). Runarsson is also their mistake. I feel instead bad for some hardworking youngsters that repeatedly saw underachieving overpaid stars getting minutes ahead of them (balogun, nelson, martinelli..). And now being not trusted or shown the door to pay the heavy stupid wages.

    2. There is no way all of those sales happen. But it is quite possible that none of them do. Nketiah is probably the best chance of a sale but the price will be lower than 15 million. They shopped Laca all summer with zero interest (age and high wages). Loans are the only way out for most of them.

    3. No way Joe Willock should be sold for £20 million. What would he cost to replace? Given opportunities Willock will star this season.

  7. Why do you feel for arteta? He brought Willian, he sold Martinez, he is keeping xhaka, he has spent a huge amount of money in the defense where we have the least priority. He has no style of play whatsoever!

    Don’t feel for him!

    1. Agreed.
      Didn’t Arteta talk Bellerin and Xhaka into staying last year?

      I guess now Arteta thinks Bellerin isn’t the RB club needs, even though it has been obvious for years.

      So Xhaka will be a key player in midfield for Arteta again, just ignore the midfield struggles regardless who Arteta partners Xhaka with.

      Still no style of play, the only identifiable thing is the negative football Arteta seems obsessed with.

      Self inflicted wounds, repeated mistakes, & arrogantly refuses to alter his tactics or buildup.

      Don’t feel sorry for him at all, the problems are a monster of Arteta’s own creation.

      1. I will support the club and hooe for the results to come. But i am annoyed like you by these repeatedly mistakes/arrogance shown by arteta. You would expect some more flexibility from a rookie manager that was given the keys because he worked with pep. Not because he shown anything. I will still hope he learns. Hopefully the departure of willian / bellerin and the use of willock instead of willian and auba( if he does not play well) and AMN instead of elneny would be a good sign. I dont say i would bench auba. But if the guy plays badly in a game with no touch, then try other hungry honegrown talents.

    2. We shouldn’t really fault Arteta for William turning out being a flop.. Should we?? The guy was a consistent perfomer and serial winner for 7 years with Chelsea, and the fact they were prepared to offer him a 2yr contract extension at the time proves a point.

      But his performance and body language last season was so disgusting and embarrassing.
      Arteta wouldn’t have thought that.

      1. Chelsea offering Willian a two year contract was just paper talk circulated by his business partner and trusted agent, Kia. Maybe it was just a one year contract with an option for another year based on performances. Especially after bringing in three young forwards, Werner, Havertz and Ziyech for a combined outlay of over 150 millions. Willian knew he can’t possibly compete with them and prove the management he deserves that one year extension at the end of the next season. And our management handed him a three year contract for free meals at the Italian restaurant he jointly owns with Luzi and Kia.

        1. Clearly you’ve never had the linguini at his restaurant Sue… and don’t get me started about the tartufo di Pizzo

  8. Laca and elneny should be on this list, the’ve got nothin’ to offer, we better avoid a 2nd gnabry by selling nketiah-i prefer a loan at most for his dev.

  9. Package deal these types, two for one sale.

    Get them off the books, this talk of renewals and extensions is surreal.

  10. Charge sheet against Mikel Arteta
    1. Got rid off Emiliano Martinez.
    2. Hired Runar
    3. Hired Willian, gave him too much game time.
    4. Blocked the exits of Bellerin and Granit last year
    5. Forcing Leno to play from the back when he cannot.
    6. Poor treatment of Martenelli, Guendozi and Saliba as they were Emery signings.
    7. Hired Ben White instead of Bissouma
    8. Ruined a fine player like Thomas Partey.
    9. Again blocked the transfer of Granit Xhaka. Rewards him with a new contract.
    10. Unable to get PEA back to form
    11. Did not bid for Patson Dhaka
    12. Hired a Southampton reject Cedric Soares
    13. Hired Pablo Marri who is a Premier League flop.

    Sorry Mikel Arteta’s folks, he has done too much damage in the last 18 months. We need better, we need a change.

  11. I am convinced that Azeez would do a better job than
    Moh Elneny when we have Partey and Xhaka in front
    of the defense. It can’t hurt to take a gamble on him
    for just one game early in the season.. Quit this Öde
    speculation and Maddison also !! This kid has an eye
    for a goal or two ?

  12. “Warehouse sale of damage goods….no reasonable offers will be refused” – For Sale sign on display at the Emirates (I would imagine).

    This is exactly where we are now, after wasting valuable time, energy and money chasing a new CB….at a time when it was abundantly clear to everyone, our ailing midfield was the priority. Let’s just politely say, we took our eyes off the ball

    There is just one route back to the top four and Europe and it runs through effective Scouting and Recruitment – finding the right players, at the right time, at the right price. Plain and simple.

    1. A “For Sale” sign on the Emirates may lead Kroenke to sell the ground to developers for apartments. 🤔

  13. I watched Marseille vs Villarreal friendly, I was like wow, Saliba is a talent. If the guys doesn’t play for my Arsenal team, I won’t be happy at all…. This guy is a beast and must play for us at all cost….

  14. Some of the comments about our players……SMFH.
    Constructive criticism yes but slagging them off……..SMFHA.

  15. God is it funny when I av a go at arteta everyone is saying am gobby git I don’t know wot am talking about give arteta a chance but all of a sudden everyone wants him out now hmm how things change already

    1. Unfortunately Mikel Arteta failing means The Arsenal is failing and I want this Club to succeed!

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