How much will Arsenal really gain from selling these 5 first team players?

After narrowly losing out on Premier League glory last season, extending the title fight to the final day but failing to win by a mere two points, there are high expectations for Arsenal’s summer business. The Gooners must be hoping for excellent recruits to give them an advantage in the title battle next season.

Well, the Athletic have revealed an intriguing Arsenal transfer strategy. They suggest that the North Londoners’ summer plan is to raise the level of the squad.To raise the level, they’re not only required to sign top stars but also to sell some that don’t quite fit the bill.

The report claims that players such as Aaron Ramsdale, Thomas Partey, Emile Smith Rowe, Reiss Nelson, and Eddie Nketiah are all available for transfer as the club seeks to raise finances and make room for new signings.

According to Transfermarkt, these Gunners are valued as follows:

Aaron Ramsdale: £21 million
Thomas Partey: £15 million
Emile Smith Rowe: £19 million
Reiss Nelson: £13 million
Eddie Nketiah: £25 million

Although these are generally reliable average market prices, Arsenal may sell them for much more or less, depending on how many suitors join the bidding But according to the figures above, the Gunners may earn no less than £93 million from these deals.

With such a fee raised (as a minumum) don’t you think we could expect one more big signing, in addition to the ones we hope to close, to cap off our summer transfer activity for a greater Arsenal?

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    1. Trouble is we can only sell these players for however much the buying club will offer, what do we do if our asking price is not met, do we sell for a lesser amount or keep the player for another season thereby taking up places in the squad while not playing.

  1. Seems about right based on the amount of game time/injuries they’ve had. I’d say 110m at an absolute maximum for those 5 players

    The problem is, and has always been, that we don’t prioritize getting players off our books that aren’t wanted or needed and just loan out of pay them to leave or run down the contracts. That coupled with some ludicrous valuations of players that barely touch a blade of grass.

    1. Quite right. Arsenal, as someone else has said, are very poor sellers and a lot of it is down to the factors that you mentioned, I think.

      I also checked the site and in the last five seasons (and excluding the purchase of Raya in this transfer window) Arsenal apparently spent around 836m euros on players and sold players for around 197m euros. They’ve actually only made a profit on transfers (and a small one at that) once in the last 10 years (2017-18) it seems.

      Most of the emphasis in reports (and posts) on this site is about who Arsenal are going to buy next when, in reality, they haven’t yet raised a single £1 in player sales yet.

    2. I think the club needs to improve in that aspect if there are to change the value of players in the future.
      They can only have the liberty of doing that once they start winning trophies because that will give the coach the impetus and confidence of playing certain fringe/ academy players so a thier market value can improve.

  2. we are poor to sell em, but thats mainly due to tjeir contracts.. hard to sell to lesser clubs with a lesser budget.. so all bumper contracts scare em away i guess

  3. Arsenal could then buy Cole Palmer for £67 million according to transfer market value! Or even Kvaratskhelia for £67 million according to transfermarket or Ivan Toney for just £42 million or Viktor Gyokeres for £55 million according to transfermarket.

    You see where I am going with this.
    Transfermarket often gets the value wrong more than they get the value right.
    For instance Arteta will not let Ramsdale go for less than £50 million because of his age and international level. He also values both smith Rowe and Nketiah at £40 million.
    Of course these are not straight off requested values but involves incentives and add-ons that accumulates to these values. Unless we can buy Cole Palmer for the transfermarket value of £67 million, then don’t believe these figures given by transfermarket.

    1. You are 100% correct but the point that’s missing is that it’s widely known to all when MA doesn’t want a player, this automatically greatly reduces the offers we’ll get. You see where I am going with this.

      Ramsdale is a perfect example, if we wanted maximum value he should’ve been sold immediately once dropped. Now we signed Raya so even though everyone knew before, it’s now cemented that Ramsdale is not needed or wanted as a starter. We now have a bench warmer (for club and country) with less than 2 years on his contract. I am hoping we can get at least 35mil but 50m for an unwanted player is unlikely

      1. I think you’re right. Regarding Ramsdale,
        he obviously won’t want to stay at Arsenal if it damages his prospects at club and international level – and the two are linked of course. However, Arsenal will be putting a second-choice keeper in their shop window but expecting a first-choice keeper fee for him. Who is going to pay that? It appears that Newcastle may be “interested” in him, but almost certainly not at £50m.

        1. All valid points, let’s hope Newcastle read my opinion and not yours, because if they did decide to pay £50 million they won’t now after reading your opinions, well done for that.

          Some Arsenal fans are strange compared to other teams fans, who always have the opposite argument that their team is selling their players too cheaply. Yet us Arsenal fans are saying that we are selling for to much!
          The reason I am saying this, is that my friends at work are both Chelsea and Newcastle fans, and they are laughing at the way we belittle the worth of our players in fear that they won’t get sold.

          Ramsdale for example has a 3 or 4 year contract I believe, and although he is the number 2 Arsenal Goalkeeper he is still young to be England’s number 2 goalkeeper at only 26.
          Goalkeepers unlike out players reach the peak at 30.
          That gives Ramsdale a sell on value buy who ever buys him. So if they pay £50 million now and say only sell him in 3 years time at £20 million then Ramsdale would have only cost them £30 million.
          But in three years time Pickford would be 33 and may not be England’s number one goalkeeper making way for the 29 year old Ramsdale, who’s value would now be a lot higher.
          Plus not only does he have four years on Pickford but he also has two years on Raya aged 28.
          So £50 million is a good investment for the young England number two Goalkeeper when you do the Maths.
          That is why Edu and Arteta values him at £50 million.
          Are you listening Newcastle?

      2. PJ-SA
        It really depends on your point of view in the debate about Ramsdale and Raya.

        Arteta values Raya at £27m – because that was the fee agreed with Brentford. Ramsdale, regardless of his age lost his starting spot at Arsenal and has never been number 1 for England so how can he be more highly rated? (Unless you think that Arteta should have stuck with Ramsdale instead)

  4. Those guys on that list are not for sale. If so, loan moves to other clubs would have at least been sanctioned last summer in order to preserve or improve their sale value such as Nuno,flo,Torreira,Guendouzi etc etc.

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