How much would it take for Arsenal to sell William Saliba?

There has been more than enough spoken about the William Saliba situation since Arsenal bought him from St. Etienne three years ago, and other than 6 months with the Arsenal U23s, the Frenchman has not had one game with Arteta’s First XI.

This is very surprising when you consider that Arsenal were willing to splash out 30m Euros for a teenage defender, but Arteta seems happy to have him going out on loan to France to keep gaining experience but instead spends 50m on buying a replacement centre-back in ben White.

But the fact is that his loan periods have been extremely successful, and Marseille are desperate for him remain in the South of France, but now there are rumours that Real Madrid and the two Milan giants are also keen on making bids for Saliba.

The latest report from Calciomercato are also suggesting that Mikel Arteta would be happy to move Saliba on for 30m, which is exactly the same amount that we paid for him.

I know there is the possibility that there may be a bit of tension between Saliba and Arteta given the fact that our boss hardly gave him a chance to prove himself when he arrived, but the fact is that right now
Saliba is one of hottest young prospects in Europe.
He is still only 20 years old so has at least ten years at the top ahead of him, so surely he must be worth much more than 30m euros right now.

What price do you think would be an acceptable price for his sale if one of the European giants come calling?

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  1. If we got close to what we paid for him I think Arteta would be quite happy to move on from Saliba. Arteta has clearly indicated he sees flaws in Saliba and Saliba quite clearly sees flaws in Arteta. They don’t like each other. Other clubs including Marseilles can see the rift so will low ball Arsenal in the bidding. Arsenal therefor has to either accept the low bid or bring Saliba back and try him for a season. Which club makes the CL could also be influential.

    1. Arteta is perfect, God-like. The best manager in the world. Other players are devils. There is no fault in Arteta.

    2. Rather have arteta leave than saliba. Arteta is clueless when it comes to man management… EQ is extremly low

  2. Taking his age into account, he’s worth Maguire money. He could be a leader at the back for a Juve/Real for the next decade at least, we’d be stupid to just take what we paid for him but it is Arsenal so wouldn’t be surprised if they took a loss as they’re absolutely horrific at negotiating.

  3. Obviously if he is to be sold then it has to be for more than we paid but I believe he is coming back to play for us, not be sold.

  4. We don’t sell players…and if we actually do it’s at a loss.

    Or we can just give him 10mil and let him choose where he wants to go.

    1. I have watched Saliba in many matches and he looks extreamly good.
      As much as I like Arteta and what he is doing at Arsenal I would hate to think he is going to sell him simply because he just don’t like him.
      He has to give him a chance to prove how good he is.
      It don’t make any sense to pay “€28 million for a player and not even give him one game in three years
      Arteta need to Bury his pride and play him.

  5. Be foolish to sell. One of the best young players in world football, can be a cornerstone in defense for a decade.

    Need an adult in the room to sit both Arteta and Saliba down and do what’s best for the club.

    Explain that club comes first, squash both their egos, and find some common ground.

    Saliba now understands at a big club you have to fight for opportunities, and he was never going to walk into starting lineup when he signed.

    Arteta has to manager players, find common ground rather than always reaching for Kronke’s wallet to spend.

    I think he returns and fights for a spot. Missing European football complicates things unless White moved to DM.

    1. well said @ Durand, for the life of me, can’t see why this is even a bone of contention. Saliba isn’t for sale and that’s final. just like you said, if there really is beef between the two, it should be squashed like grown ass men and lastly i’m tired of this narrative that if Arteta doesn’t like you or you’ve “transgressed” in any way, you can’t come back from it. this man doesn’t have the reputation and with all due respect hasn’t done enough for the sport of football to think he can keep doing this, sometimes it’s necessary and in some cases (just as this one) its a no brainer, sit down like two fucking adults and settle this b.s.(if there is any and it isn’t all just made out to be worse than it actually is).

    2. well said @ Durand, for the life of me, can’t see why this is even a bone of contention. Saliba isn’t for sale and that’s final. just like you said, if there really is beef between the two, it should be squashed like grown men and lastly i’m tired of this narrative that if Arteta doesn’t like you or you’ve “transgressed” in any way, you can’t come back from it. this man doesn’t have the reputation and with all due respect hasn’t done enough for the sport of football to think he can keep doing this, sometimes it’s necessary and in some cases (just as this one) its a no brainer, sit down like two adults and settle this b.s.(if there is any and it isn’t all just made out to be worse than it actually is).

  6. William Saliba will go for nothing less than 40 million. Good centre halves are a rare commodity, even in places like Italy where once one could be found in every team, even Seria B. Now Italy clings to a fort year old Chiellini like some kind of national treasure. I am sure that Saliba is a much better prospect than the overpriced, overhyped Ben White, but that will matter little to boring Mick. At least Saliba can help bring in some funds unlike Xhaka or other personal favorites.

  7. I fully support the loans as it is very rate for a 19 year old CB to lead the line in the PL. I have no doubt that he is a better player now than he would have been as a bit player at Arsenal.

    My only concerns are the length of the contract (only one year left) and the relationship between Saliba and Arteta. And apart from lots of folks speculating that it’s bad, I’ve seen no evidence to suggest they don’t get on. In fact Saliba is on saying it was the kick he needed.

    Lots of young players get loaned out – Kane, ESR, Grealish, Maguire, Wilshere etc. The list is endless, I’m not sure why this one has got so many going down the rabbit hole and reading so much into it.

    As Arteta has proven with Martinelli and ESR, he’s in no rush to play youngsters if he doesn’t think they are physically and mentally ready. And things are working out pretty good with those two.

    1. …….Lots of young players get loaned out – Kane, ESR, Grealish, Maguire, Wilshere etc. The list is endless, I’m not sure why this …… this above statement is true. However it is not the one you paid €30m for. Varane and Zouma comes to mind. They were bought for big money from the same clubs and were integrated straight away to the squad when they joined RealM and Chelsea. Zouma however loned out after 2 and half season with Chelsea winning league, fa cup…. Different here is we bought for big money and never give him sense of belonging.

    2. we are upset because he was not given a chance to show how good or bad he was. When we signed him he was much better than those who we were playing every game, we could not keep a clean sheet even against very poor opposition.That’s why we are going down rabbit holes!!!

    1. What I think you intended to communicate, is not what you ended up communicated. In reality, you are conflicting yourself.
      When you say, you don’t trust him no more, it simply means you now trust him.

  8. C’mon guys,i’m sure arteta is also aware of his improvements,which is all he wants not that he is not interested him he’s just trying to bring the best out of rift btw those two.

  9. Signed 5 years contract, spent 3 years on loan. I don’t see Saliba extending his stay at Arsenal. He will likely be sold like the others at his 4th year or allowed to run down his contact and go for free.

  10. Its funny how everyone assumes Arteta doesn’t like Saliba. Same lot who said Arteta is going to kill Martinellis career because he wasnt getting game time, while conveniently leaving out the fact that Martinelli was just returning from an injury and needed to be eased in. Same lot who said Arteta doesnt believe in the youth project.

    I understand the frustration of the fans. We have not competed for major honors(I am not counting the FA cup) in a very long time. We have been a laughing stock and a point of ridicule for as long as i can remember. And it hurts big time. But we also need to understand, the success we crave will not be automatic. It will take time. The club has made so many mistakes in the past, which the manager is clearly trying to rectify. This saliba situation, while its very clear he is a generational talent, the PL is a different league.

    Until Saliba is sold, i dont think we should assume he will.

    1. so you seriously believe that all along Arteta had a master plan in regards to Marts, or ESR for that matter, and that his opportunity came about as a result of this aforementioned ingenious “master plan” and had nothing to do whatsoever with other circumstances outside of MA’s control which had “forced” his inclusion…O, Ben, how terribly naïve of you

    2. Returning from injury for 9 months 🤣 also only got game time thanks to Aubas discipline issue otherwise would’ve been bench still.

      So let’s tell the whole truth shall we.

  11. To sell William Saliba would be kowtowing to one of the most self-serving egoistic managers around, a micro-managing , touchline control freak. Is it Arsenal first or Arteta? Arteta has pulled Arsenal towards the mire. I’ve watched my club, Arsenal, be damaged on Arteta’s watch, I’d rather we keep a fine young player and have Arteta %&$£ off.

    1. My concern is that Arteta has been allowed too much control and decision making, without having the CV to back it up.

      Perhaps better for the club if Arteta had be allowed to focus on coaching, and input in players he needed at the club.

      2 1/2 years is enough to certainly climb back into Europa football at least. This Summer is a fair assessment to determine if Arteta should continue.

      Without European football, a new coach should be brought in and given the rumored funds to spend.

  12. ….checkbook managers buy success Arsenal they use the checkbook to build a squad..long term plans……….just a thought..before players go on loan they must sign a new contract or sit on the bench……..I fear other clubs will poach him and he will be tempted to play UCL and will leave Arsenal..or run his contract down….

    1. Log term plans Jake’s,?we are talking almost two decades and still no League title in sight. Do you think other clubs are standing still like us. When, Edu Arteta, Vinai and Josh went all out at the beginning of the season to brainwash the Artetaheads in trusting the process they really meant,”Fans, fans don’t get to excited, this is where we are and this is where we will remain for the time being,”. It definitely worked.

  13. OT:has anyone watched Auba Spanish press conference?he said that the problem was only with MA,that himself was cool/calm but MA unhappy,making his last few months at the club difficult.

    1. He wanted MA to tolerate his bigotry and indiscipline. When the gaffer put his foot down, he become the problem, not Auba. He can say what he wants, but everybody knows about his carefree attitude. Even Dortmund fans knew. The difference is he was scoring goals when called upon. But now ,his goal input was becoming nonexistent. No player is bigger than Arsenal.

  14. No player is bigger than AFC. No player. MA’s ruthless approach is what we needed for a long time. If Saliba want to leave than he should go. We are not going to allow players to run this club anymore. Discipline and ambition is what we need. Not players with big egos and greedy agents. We are taking the club back. It’s Time to be Ruthless!!! Ask Ozil, Willian, Auba etc. You will feel the wrath of the manager backed by supporters.

    1. Dboy, with fans like you, my positivity is shot to pieces You will believe anything officially sanctioned by the club. Aubamayang’s care free attitude is what has driven him to be a prolific goal scorer over the years. I agree that he was seriously out of form, but I also strongly believe that this was partly the result of him being unable play within Arteta’s. rigid game plan. Boring, boring Football. As Arseblog pointed out recently, Arteta owes his job to Aubamayang’s goals in the semi final and final of the FA cup. Less we forget.

  15. According to the Athletic, Arsenal’s priority for contract renewals this year are the contracts of Saka, Martinelli and William Saliba, but I’m supposed to believe Twitter warriors, Just Arsenal armchair managers and calcio mercato that’s been reporting false transfers all winter, and linked us to so many players this winter that Arsenal want to sell Saliba?
    Oh well, choose whatever you want to believe.

  16. Saliba is being offered a new contract. It shows that the loan spells has been to his benefit. The Premier league is not child’s play and it can make or brake a player if not managed correctly. A lot of fans were making a noise about Charlie Patino until the forest game. And that is a classic example of not rushing players to quick. If Saliba remains disciplined he will come good.

  17. Big problem is, it is clear Saliba doesn’t want to come back. He hasn’t enjoyed his time being owned by Arsenal and its plain to see why!!!!!!

    1. Genuine question – can you cite any quotes from Saliba where he states he doesn’t want to come back? That would be really useful for this discussion.

      1. Saliba has been “quoted” many times in his statements made over the past two years. It is obvious he is very disappointed at his treatment and very happy with his present circumstances. It is also what he doesn’t say when he is asked questions on his return to Arsenal in the future, you dont have to be a scientist to see he has no desire to come back to someone who doesn’t trust him. He is at present playing CL football, playing at the top end of his league, playing every week and has many admirers. Ask yourself this, Why should he come back?

        1. Not sure where to start. Citing what he hasn’t said wasnt exactly the type of proof I was looking for to settle this debate. And while he has many reasons to be happy in Marseille – weather, playing every day, adoring fans etc – playing in the CL ain’t one of them. Marseille are (were) in Europa League.

          As for the rest, you may be right. He may be happy at Marseille although I’d wager he won’t be there next year whatever happens.

          He may decide to go to one of his admirers for more money. Equally, if Arsenal rate him (and one thing we can agree on is they should), he may be happy to come to London, especially if today’s reports on an improved contract are true. I suspect a lot will depend on whether Arsenal are back in Europe.

          1. I posted 2 quotes from Saliba 3days ago Voyageur from 2 different outlets 18 months apart ,reading between the lines hes not happy a quick Google
            Search will back up what Reggie and myself posted .
            Unfortunately Saliba holds all the cards regarding his future because of the miss management thus far of
            His career.
            I would be shocked if we see him line up in our colours while Arteta is still here .

            1. Voyageur, Marseille were in this seasons CL and need to be top three in their league this season to be in next seasons CL and that looks likely.

              1. Reggie, they were in CL in 2020/21 season. In 2021/22 they were in Europa League and now, having finished third in their pool, are in that new Conference thing.

                1. Sorry, you are right but next season they only have to finish 3rd which they are clear at the moment to get in next season.

  18. Sell???
    Without even seeing how the guy plays in an Arsenal fc shirt???

    Please be fair to us as supporters and write an article worth interest because I lost all interest without even reading your article after seeing the topic.

    Had to reply as I’m seeing the article as bull… Excuse my last word before this sentence but that is just what I saw.

      1. I remember a lot on here having a go at him , and others like him that spoke the truth about the last two years, yet no one believed them, including myself.

        I was actually one of the sheep as well, believed everything I was told, now I know what a mistake I made as we’ve seen all the lies from the governments, and media break down. Not to mention the censorship on places like Youtube.

        Disgraceful how we’ve been treated, and I cannot believe how gullible I was!

          1. slow your roll Jonbo, there was bound to be a fair bit of moving targets throughout the course of this pandemic, as this was a novel experience for all involved, which is vastly different than buying into the rabbit hole conspiratorial narrative that TBH was espousing…so while you might be miffed by what has transpired along the way, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water…furthermore, refrain from bringing anger into the equation, as it serves no real productive purpose, just stay the course and use common sense as your guide

            1. I accept that mistakes will be made along the way, and in some cases they’ve changed their positions on advice/restrictions, which is great! E.g. We were all told to mask up, despite being no evidence they would help, now they admit cloth masks won’t make any difference. To be fair Dr Fauci did say we shouldn’t mask up in 2020, although has since changed his mind about 6 times in between, before settling once again on his original assessment. I wonder if it was political pressure that changed his mind in between?

              What angers me, and concerns me moving forward has been the deliberate smearing, and censorship over those who were telling the truth. And the fact that so many of these governments/media outlets actually do not give out ANY decent health advice. How often have you heard them talk about Nutrition, exercise and vitamins (especially vit D)? How often have they talked about improving your immune system? Those actions alone would take so much pressure off the health services, save so many lives for ALL diseases and viruses, and save so much money,

              The world of health has been completely politicized from what I have seen. If doctors, scientists, researchers are not even allowed to have an open discussion on health matters, how will we get the best health outcomes?

              Even Youtube is censoring the Bristish Medical Journal, which is crazy!

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