How Odegaard rubbished Paul Merson’s prediction before his Arsenal arrival

Martin Odegaard has proved most of his critics wrong with his performances at Arsenal since he joined them permanently.

The midfielder first moved to the Emirates in the second half of the 2020/2021 season on loan from Real Madrid and had a good spell.

Mikel Arteta then pursued an interest in his signature for the next campaign and Arsenal eventually won the race for his services.

The midfielder had many doubters and one of them was Paul Merson.

Mirror Football has now recalled what he said as Odegaard proves him wrong spectacularly.

“What are they doing signing Odegaard? If Odegaard really wanted to be at Arsenal he would have signed at the end of his loan.” He said

“But he didn’t want to join them. He wanted to go back to Real Madrid. In days gone by that would have been in it. You’ve had your chance. Next!

“He didn’t exactly pull up any trees on loan, did he? He only scored two goals! I think it’s a mistake. I think it’s another lazy signing. No other Premier League team was going for him.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Odegaard has proved a lot of people wrong if we are honest and the midfielder is now one player we can bank on to ensure we win matches.

He is at the heart of most of our attacks and we can build our team around him because he does well with the responsibility of leading.

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  1. Arsenal players have made a mini career of proving Paul Merson wrong consistently.

    Eddie Nketiah, over to you.

  2. Merson stop slagging arsenal off you played for them for most of your career you would be a useless manager I love arsenal and the manager and the players great team they all are trust the process

  3. My view about Merson is that it is good to see that he seems to have bravely overcome his well known personal demons. It is good to see a man with charisma and likeability, but a decidedly limited intellect, still able to work in football(on tv andradio). I do however think it unhelpful that his often wildly inaccurate predictions should be regularly aired on JA.

    I suggest that many who are on JA consider ourselves and many others to be markedly more astute and considered than “good ol’ one of the lads Paul”can ever be!

  4. Paul Merson may have been a little too quick to judge here, if he had just done a little home work probably his remarks would have been a little different.

    When Odegaard was loan to us he didn’t exactly pull up any tree for that he is correct, but the primer league is not just any other league for which he should know.
    He was loaned to Real Sociedad and there was where he was rooting up trees to the extent his loan was cut short, as Madrid saw them as a competitor and fear they were actually strengthening them.

    But Madrid has one of the most powerful midfield, not many midfielders can walk in that team. just look at the very aging Luku Modric.

    Even in the world cup Serbia pose the most dominating midfield ball game to date with aging old master(Modric)dictating the tempo.

    Paul says not even Wolves that’s needs goals would never sign Eddie as they would still be wondering where the goals would come from, but the jury still out with that as Eddie is now 1 v 1

      If you meant them taking the lead at Anfield , only to promptly to let in two comical own goals, I THINK YOU ARE UNDERSELLING WHAT YOU CALL “GOOD WORK”!

  5. It’s time to fully investigate some EPL matches and players. I’ve said this since 2019 but nobody wants to admit it, some goals, yellows, reds look suspect. Authorities could act now and nip this thing in the bud before the league is brought into disrepute. I’m 100% convinced betting is rampant among epl players through proxies.

    1. Fifa is a joke( great and apt profile btw!) Extremely unlikely to be true. Have you ever considered the enormous contracts all Prem players earn and what they would lose if found to be betting?

      Decades ago, when it DID happen and was found out AND THE CHEATS BANNED FOR LIFE, I could at least understand the temptation to cheat.

      But in todays huge wages world it would be a madness call and though I know many players are as thick as S..T, I do not think any are THAT thick!

      I think you are wrong, to put it simply. If you have any hard evidence I AM SURE MANY WOULD LOVE TO HEAR IT.
      But you do not, do you!!

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