How often do Arsenal come back after losing the first leg in Europe?

Like the last round of the Europa League, we have put ourselves in a pickle by having the wrong attitude away from home. We are not going to win this competition by only relying on our home form, eventually we are not going to get away with it. Yet, stranger things have happened then us beating Rennes by two clear goals. As is usually the case at the Emirates, you don’t doubt our ability to score goals but worry about us conceding out of nowhere. In other words, I will only relax this Thursday if we are 3-0 up.

I have looked back on previous European campaigns (since the formation of the Champions League) and my findings are not encouraging. We have only advanced twice in two legged ties when losing the 1st leg, one of which was this year against Bate. 4 other times we have responded by winning the 2nd leg but not by enough to rescue the tie. Obviously, this week, we are not facing the likes of Barcelona or Bayern Munich, but history shows this is going to be a challenge to us mentally.

First Leg – Bayern Munich 3-1 Arsenal
Outplayed in Germany, we were luck Kolo Touré got a late away goal to keep the tie alive.

2nd Leg – Arsenal 1-0 Bayern Munich – A moment of magic from Henry changed the momentum. Senderos produced one of his best ever performances to stop the visitors hitting us on the break, but we couldn’t find the other goal we needed. Arsene Wenger was left regretting how we played in Germany as at Highbury we showed there wasn’t a lot of difference between the two sides.

2006- 2007
First Leg – PSV 1-0 Arsenal
Reminiscent of our attitude in France last Thursday, we were massive favourites to win the tie so showed up in Holland with the wrong attitude, not earning the right to play.

2nd Leg – Arsenal 1-1
A depressing way for Henry’s final European campaign as a Gunner to end. Clearly not fit, Mr Wenger felt he had to bring him off the bench to help his young teammates search for a goal. Eventually we forced an own goal, but we were always vulnerable to an away goal. Alex headed in a set piece, the only way the visitors threatened.

2008- 2009
First Leg Man United 1-0 Arsenal
Considered not the worse worst-case scenario given how much the home side dominated. Almunia had one of his better games, to keep us in the tie.

2nd Leg – Arsenal 1-3 Man United
Having been fantastic at Old Trafford, Almunia conceded from a free kick over 30 yards out, which knocked the stuffing out of the Emirates.

First Leg Porto 2-1 Arsenal
Fabianski had a shocker, dropping a cross into his goal. For his second mistake, he picks up a ball from a pass back, a free kick Porto take quickly while he’s not in goal (check it on YouTube).

2nd Leg Arsenal 5-0 Porto
The moment we broke the deadlock this was never in doubt. One of Nasri’s best performances. Even Eboue scored!

First Leg Ac Milan 4-0 Arsenal
One of the worst squads we ever had showed zero leadership or game management. Classic example of being overwhelmed by the shirt you are playing, ignoring this was not the Milan team of previous eras (Heck we let Prince Boateng score). We needed the mentality to take a 2-0 loss but kept throwing players forward, leaving gaps at the back.

2nd Leg Arsenal 3-0 AC Milan
The players could not have given this any more and deserve credit for believing they could turn around such a margin. Were 3-0 up at half time with Van Persie missing a sitter in the second half. Physically and emotionally we had given so much that with 20 mins left we couldn’t give that final push.

First Leg – Arsenal 1-3 Bayern Munich
This was when we were being knocked out of domestic cups by the likes of Bradford and Blackburn and Mr Wenger was really showing that the pressure was getting to him. 2-1 was flattering to us given the visitors dominance but at least would have kept the tie alive before we conceded a soft third.

2nd Leg – Bayern Munich 0-2 Arsenal
For the 2nd year running, we came close to a great escape. Bayern were guilty of not knowing if they should stick or twist so panicked when we scored. It was typical Arsenal, playing well when the pressure was off.

First Leg Arsenal 0-2 Bayern Munich
A lot more competitive this time, until Ozil’s woeful penalty miss. Szczesny then gets sent off, forcing us to play over 45 mins with 10 men.

2nd Leg – Bayern Munich 1-1 Arsenal
Like 12 months previous Bayern were guilty of complacency, while we played well with the pressure off. Once we scored, the home side got their act together

1st Leg – Arsenal 1-3 Monaco
Everyone was talking about how for once the draw was kind for us. We were terribly guilty of complacency but even then Giroud had enough chances to get a result. When the Ox got it back to 2-1, we were naive, throwing everyone forward to be caught on the break.

2nd Leg – Monaco 0-2 Arsenal
This was more a reflection of the quality between the two sides, as we dominated. If we had played like this two weeks previous, we would have been fine.

1st Leg – Arsenal 0-2 Barcelona
Not a lack of effort just world class counter attacking football from Barca. Flamini was silly to concede a penalty.

2nd Leg – Barcelona 3 – 1 Arsenal
After the first leg result, this was played like a testimonial making it open and pleasing on the eye. Barca used flicks and tricks they might not have if the aggregate score was goalless.

First Leg – Bayern Munich 5-1 Arsenal
This game was 1-1 at half time. Someone should have pointed out that even at 3-1 down, we were in a healthy enough position because of the away goal. Instead we fell apart in the second half

2nd Leg – Arsenal 1-5 Bayern Munich
Playing for pride we took the lead but fell apart once our captain was sent off. Yes we were down to 10 men but still no excuse to lose in that manner.

This year
First Leg – Bate 1-0 Arsenal
Like too many away games over the years, we showed up with a shocking attitude. To put result into perspective, our second string beat the same opposition 4-2 and 6-0 12 months previously.

2nd Leg – Arsenal 3-0 Bate
In good preparation for this week, we managed this game well, realising we were more likely to outscore the visitors than defend a lead.

Predictions Gooners?


  1. If he can keep pretty much the same team that started Sunday then I can’t see anything but a win and progression through till the next round ,but as we’ve seen he likes to tinker around with the team which as been one of my gripes with him ,the top teams play their best players and tonight is an important match ,laca plays so keep the same frontline ,easy win in my opinion .

  2. Great article. But Emery will not face the likes of Ferguson, Capello, Ancelotti, Heynckes or Mourinho this time

    Rennes cannot be compared to the top European clubs this season, therefore I believe Arsenal will go past them

    Admin, the gambling ad covers most part of the pages

  3. with noteworthy displays against spuds and manu our players confidence will be well and truly buoyed up and rightly so. Going into tonights game the fans will expect our team to deliver and that’s what they will do. I would like to see us use nketiah in some way or other – seems to me he has become physically stronger and certainly more assured on the ball. Whereas most teams who play in european competition(s) seem to use one or two players largely unknown, its high time we gave this young gun a chance to show more of what he has in his locker.

    Expect Rennes to be overwhelmed by this occasion – while arsenal commit to win 3 or 4nil.

  4. The same line up that played against Man United please.. Attacking minded one but still balanced defensively.
    Look if we want to win this game, we have to press and attack every time as it will means Rennes worrying about defending instead of attacking us. We can’t give them chance to play the ball around, it’s exactly what Juventus did against Atletico

      1. We have no choice than to play with Mustafi and hope today is one of those outstanding days he has once in a blue moon

  5. Hi guys….a team should have a core….the best 2 defenders..the best 2 midfielders and the best 2 forward players….in wengers first few seasons you could name the core of the team even now…After all these years…..)

  6. Admin, paddy power ad still appearing and this happened last year if you remember.
    Had to use my tablet for this, which takes twice as long.

    It doesn’t really matter what went on previously, as we have a new manager, six new players and a different approach.

    First real European tesr for the above-mentioned and I hope they rise to the occasion.

    1. I’ve had an email from Pat/admin at 09.30 saying problem now fixed and appears to be on all my devices now ?

  7. Since I noticed the AD issue over a year ago…I switched to using Opera Mini to access this site, I’ve never had the problems of Ads on this site or somewhere else since then because Opera comes with an Ad blocker.
    I can’t even see the Paddy ad you guys are talking about

    1. I found it very useful and am backing Iwobi to win the 3.30 at Cheltenham this afternoon in the Novices Handicap.Apparently he is odds on favourite

        1. Phil, I’m surprised that you can see the screen now that you have had your breast enlargements and can you please stop nagging at Iwobi?
          He’s gelding to get better and you have been denying this furlong time.
          If he foals up, then we can back you, but until then, hay, can you be a little more stable in your views?
          If he does play tonight, he will be pasture criticism providing he scores, so don’t saddle him with this and let’s whip up support for this man what heffer happens.
          I hope you field the same way now and rein in your feelings, after all, it’s not jodhpurs the boys under UE…let’s give him his head instead of galloping ahead…I now am going to finish post.

          Admin: The ad didn’t appear this time.

    2. Hi Eddie, the problem with that is that the only way bloggers can pay the enormous hosting fees and programming costs is by people seeing the ads….

      1. I understand admin… I’m sorry I’m making use of an ad-blocker ..I’m sure I can get a free pass fr you right??

      1. The man has had hours to fix it but has failed, so he loses because I have just removed ALL Of his ads from my site.
        I hate people annoying my readers lol (even other readers!)

        1. Good for you Admin-his loss.
          And I did not realise Laurence Llewelyn Bowen was a Bookie and could play the guitar.
          As I said before -Just Arsenal.Pure Education.

  8. In the last round when we lost the first leg, several of fans gave up hope. I remember being shocked at the attitude

    Lets be positive. It won’t be easy but it’s definitely doable

  9. a goal early and the comeback is on! they can park the bus it won’t matter and hatem can easily be shackled just don’t let him use his left or run into space then it will easy to avoid the counter, give him a nudge Kos and he will fade away , i’m more worried about Sarr who is good at running behind the def….either way we will dismantle them no worries 🙂

    i say 4 or 5, goals galore basically!! COYG

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