How Ozil effect CAN help this Arsenal star to shine again!!

I am so glad for the Arsenal and England international star Jack Wilshere that his season ended on a high note, forgetting about the storm in a teacup that is the FA charge after his taunting of the spuds. By and large, however, it was another season of frustration due to injury for the talented midfielder, especially after he was showing signs of real form before the rash tackle from Man United defender Paddy McNair.

If Arsene Wenger had not given the 23-year old that rare start in the last Premier League game of the season, not only would Arsenal fans have missed out on the goal of the season against West Brom, Wilshere may have missed out on the FA cup final and the media would surely have got on his back again for being injury prone and for not realising his potential.

As it is, Jack can look forward to a couple of England games before a nice relaxing summer and then we are back to the business of trying to win the Premier League.

While I think that staying injury free is the most important thing for Wilshere’s football progress, I reckon that his admission in a Metro report that he admires and looks up to his team mate Mesut Ozil could also provide the answer.

Wilshere said, “Ozil has had a great season, he’s settled, and Alexis having a first season like he’s had is unheard of. We are looking forward to next season.

“Mesut’s a player I look up to. When he’s on the pitch, surrounded by players and under pressure, he’s always got his head up and looking around.

“There’s more to come from Mesut and I’m sure he’ll improve next season.”

If Wilshere can take a leaf out of his colleague’s book, in the way that Ozil always seems to find time on the ball and releases it before a tackle comes in, it could prove invaluable to the Englishman. Many have suggested that his style of play and close control is part of the reason for his injury problems. We do not want him to change that dynamic style but if he could tweak it and add a bit of Ozil’s finesse, who knows how much impact he could have for the Gunners next year and in the future?

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  1. I hope Wilshere can his regain his form that made us to propose him as future captain. Hey, I don’t like this Higuain rumours. He ditched us for Napoli. Let him stay there for Europa league. Get Martinez instead.

    1. Ozil has been a joy to watch since returning from injury, lovely touches,smart passes,more physical and lovely footwork. Love watching him play, we need to build a good team around Sanchez and ozil. Two more world class signings and we will have the best team in England.

  2. The Özil effect is creating space for himself in tight situations and releasing the ball at the right time before the tackle comes? To me that’s the Cazorla effect. Cazorla is magic at retaining the ball even when 2-3 players are on him at once and his passing is excellent too.

    I think Wilshere is more a Cazorla type player than an Özil. Cazorla is much more direct and willing to drive forward than Özil, and has quicker feet too. Özil is the type to wait until the right moment for a pass and rely on others to support him by making runs. He plays more of a passing game. But anyways, Wilshere is still a distance behind both of them so whoever he learns from it should do him some good.

    1. Wilshere is gonna make the English media regret their attempts at humiliating Wenger and Arsenal for our philosophy. Her learned from Fabregas, Nasri, Arteta and is currently learning from Ozil and Cazorla. The England team has always lacked a playmaker with technical ability of Fabregas’s caliber and now they have one in our no10.

      1. The England national team lacks any type of top quality midfielders now. Gone are the days of Beckham, Lampard, Scholes and Gerrard. England’s midfield is a joke compared to what it used to be. Wilshere isn’t good enough to start for Arsenal yet, but he still gets Man of The Match for England almost every time he plays, meanwhile Cazorla, who is ahead of him, rarely starts for Spain and is used as a substitute mainly. That shows just how far behind England’s midfield is compared to other footballing countries.

  3. Wish him(wilshere) and all arsenal players an injury free season come the new season so we can not only challenge but lift either the Champions league, EPL, AND FACUP or the TREBLE. I want wenger to sign CECH, KONDOGBIA AND LACAZETTE. Enjoy ur football vac all.

  4. I think decision making has always been Wilshire’s letdown. I’ll probably take stick for this but Eden Hazard is the player Wilshire could be most like in my opinion, with his similar physique, low centre of gravity and potential for excellent close control of the ball and dribbling abilities. The main difference is that Wilshire seems to favour coming in front the right slightly. He also needs to accept that if he plays his truest game, he’ll be getting fouled 4-5 times a game like Hazard does, and learn to relish fouls similar to like Hazard does, to avoid injury.

    Probably doesn’t help that he has often been touted as a “holding player” for England, Arsenal and Bolton before that. Maybe it has held up his development in terms of decision making (i.e. when to release the ball, etc) in attacking areas, but unfortunately he does still have plenty of work/learning to do in order to fulfil his potential. Let’s hope he kicks on and remains injury free for the foreseeable future and we start to see the truly remarkable player that he could potentially be, even if it’s difficult to see where he might fit into things at the moment.

  5. We so close, just good purchases of CECH AND Sncheiderin and Strikers and I am exciting!!!!

  6. So tired of transfer rumours already, can’t wait for a signing. Hope we not left disappointed. I know we ain’t going to get 4 players to make up the so called spine, but 2 would really take us up a level.

  7. too bad the season is over. I was hoping to hear more from owen on how much better sterling is from ozil, who at. Thursday age of 25 has already played for RM, WON THE WC

  8. This season Wilshere and Szczesny need to go on the patch or use those electric cigarette things. And Giroud needs to avoid travelodge

      1. @ArseOverTit
        I can just pitcher it
        now Wilshere wearing
        a patch on his arm and
        his heart on his sleeve.
        He pitches up to the game
        gets injured and gets patched up.
        However Wilshere is not a patch on Ozil
        because Ozil owns the pitch.
        Wilshere is a pumpkin patch doll
        compared to Ozil and needs to
        earn his patch if he wants to stay
        in the Arsenal gang.
        What do we think of Wilshere? Injured.
        What do we think of injured? Wilshere 🙂

        1. pitcher it. You are either talking about the Arsenal baseball team or have alcohol in/on the brain.

          I just want postman pat’ch to bring me Cech, Morgan & Cavani/Martinez by 1st class!

  9. I don’t think
    Wilshere will ever be
    injury free. But because
    he started at Arsenal will
    be kept to hobble along.
    Wenger feels sorry for Diaby,
    wants to prove every one wrong with Sanogo
    Ryo is a token Asian, Arteta
    was loyal during the dark days last season
    and Rosicky is another favourite son.
    Flamini was an old mate signing , Campbell
    will never make it at Arsenal. Wellbeck +Chamberlain
    remain English “potential” with Ox showing worrying
    signs of becoming another 4 months a season injury crock.
    In the end we end up playing a squad of 14 survivors
    none of whom are English.
    I wish we could just clear the decks and move the 12 injury prone and not good enough’s out and settle on 18 fit players who we can get to know and love. Its hard being passionate about players who hardly
    or in some cases never play for the club. Wilshere is one of those.

    1. Shouldn’t you be on holiday?

      Nice summary though although I can’t agree on wellback.

      And AW the most important cog?

  10. Off topic

    According to talk sport we have got two of the top ten most fouled players in the EPL. This is 50% more than any other club in the EPL. It is time that referees clamped down on players fouling our players so we can play the beautiful game more often.

  11. Arsene is gonna surprise you all and buy Ndoy from Hull, I can’t recall a season when all these players that we were linked with we actually get. He talks about availability well Schnderlin, kondogbia, wanyama etc is available. Just don’t all get your hopes up because I am gonna bet everything I have in the bank “which is not a lot” that we won’t buy any of these players. Arsene is gonna be playing a wait and see game he will look at what Chelsea, Man City and United buys then he will react and I am afraid we will find ourselves back in 4 th place yet again. We became 3 rd because United didn’t play well all season if they did we would be in our preferred 4 th place. If we don’t push on from here we will find ourselves qualifying for champions league via playoffs again because we all know that both Manchester clubs are gonna spend big this summer.

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