How Players at Arsenal Compare to the World’s Top 20 Football Earners

Only One Arsenal Player is in the Top 20 Earners

While Arsenal were known for their lavish spending and dishing out huge contracts to their players, this has changed in recent years, perhaps since the emergence of tougher competition at the top end of the Premier League with the newly minted top six.

This is evidenced by their combined $100+ spend on acquiring forward players Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette, and on their new contract offer for Mesut Ozil in January 2018.

The new contact saw the German international earn $23.7 million in base salary, which when combined with his $6.5 in endorsements raised is annual earnings to a whopping $30.2 million. This makes him the eighth highest paid player in the world – and the only of Arsenal’s current team to be in the top 20.

No Other Player is Close to Cracking the Top 20 Earners

Despite one player already being one of the top 20 football earners in the world, Arsenal don’t have any other that is close to reaching the top 20. For instance, the second highest earner at Arsenal is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who earns approximately $12.9 million per year.

This puts him around $4 million off from the 20th highest earner in Gerard Pique, who according to Bettingsites, makes $17.7 million per year. That’s just in his base salary and bonuses, with around $4 million extra being made in endorsements.

So, Aubameyang would need to see a significant pay rise to get close to cracking the top 20 football earners in the world!

Mesut Ozil is the 3rd Highest Paid Premier League Player

As the eighth highest paid player in the world, it’s no surprise that Mesut Ozil makes a lot more money than most of his Arsenal teammates. For instance, he earns around $186,000 more per week than Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and almost double the weekly wage of Arsenal’s 3rd highest earner Alexandre Lacazette.

It’s not just his teammates he’s earning a lot more than – he’s making more than almost every other Premier League Footballer!

For example, Ozil’s $30.2 million annual wage is the third highest in the Premier League. The only players in England earning more are Manchester United’s Paul Pogba and Alexis Sanchez, earning $33 million per year and $30.8 million per year respectively.

As the eighth highest paid player in the world and the third highest in the Premier League, Mesut Ozil earns more money than the likes of Mohamad Salah, Sergio Aguero, and Kevin de Bruyne.

Other Arsenal Players Need a Bumper Pay Rise to Get Close to the World’s Top 20 Football Earners

No other Arsenal player besides Mesut Ozil is in the top 20 football earners – and the rest are not even close.

As mentioned, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette are the second and third highest paid players at Arsenal, earning around $12.9 million and $11.8 million per year respectively. Henrikh Mkhitaryan is not far behind in 4th, earning a respectable $11.5 million per year.

However, these yearly salaries are nowhere near close to getting Arsenal’s highest paid players in the top 20 football earners. For instance, Aubameyang would need a rise of $4 million to crack the top 20, while Lacazette and Mkhitaryan would need to get around $8 million more per year.

To put these earnings in perspective, the world’s second highest Christiano Ronaldo makes more in yearly endorsements ($44 million) than Aubameyang, Lacazette and Mkhitaryan make in combined salaries ($36 million).

See the real time infographic:


  1. Salah, Suarez and Aguero were more instrumental to their teams, yet they earned much less than Sanchez and Ozil

    If Arsenal cannot clear their wage bill from their celebrities’ salaries, I highly doubt we can buy a 50+ M player in this summer

    Kroenke Jr and Sanllehi have to move faster to sell the old players

    1. For all arsenal fans complaining about ozil it’s not his fault nut the idiots in management who allowed it , the player can ask but what he gets is another matter for the club and in this case arsenal management really screwed up

  2. For all arsenal fans complaining about ozil it’s not his fault nut the idiots in management who allowed it , the player can ask but what he gets is another matter for the club and in this case arsenal management really screwed up

  3. Following on from the Kos post, it would be interesting to know who actually offered Ozil his salary, rather than assuming we knew who it was.
    Obviously, kronkie rubber stamped it and decided he could afford it…he is his player after all.

    As before, of course, we have no idea what the clauses are in these contracts, but the obscene amounts made are incredible.

    Love the idea that Sanchez is costing manure so much though, couldn’t have happened to a better player and team.
    If one agrees with gotanidea, he is also holding up transfers for them.

    The real story, however, is the Kos scenario and let’s hope we c get to the bottom of that.

    1. Dick Law was talking about a lot of stuff over the last couple of weeks and it sounded like he was instrumental in the offer, he was trying to defend the decision. He basically said because there is no transfer fee, or that you’d have to pay a transfer fee if replacing him, that it was a sensible move at the time.

      1. break-on-through, is this in reference to kos or Ozil…I presume Kos, but just need to clarify.

  4. ADMIN, a suggestion that might help to keep track on comments as they come in:

    Would it be possible to put the comments made indicator on the front of each post, rather than having to click on to the article to see?
    That way, we would be able to see if any further comments had been made from the previous visit?

    1. They even dont want pay 80M for maguire, why they want buy 30 yrd old auba for 60m.
      Manutd priority is cb

  5. Every time I think about the amount of money Ozil drains out of our club in return for nothing. It just irritates the hell out of me.
    How can such a flawed player be more paid than the players that are instrumental to their trophy winning teams?

    Which id!ot even ever suggested that he is worth more than £150,000 a week?

    If he was influential and a fighter like all our previous big name players then some of us world not complain at all. But the guy is the epitome of weakness. Always plays the victim instead of growing some balls for once and lead our team.

    So frustrating.

  6. absolutely to think that the great fraud ozil is on so much money . he is nothing more than a sulk walking around the pitch. another of the french clowns best acts !.

    1. absolutely shocking to think that this fraud of aa player, perhaps the worst , in arsenals history, is being paid so much . another fine piece of work by our disgraced french manager !.

      1. “The worst in Arsenal’s history” eh? You obviously have not supported them very long then……….

        1. dan kit, nobody asked you to read my comment old boy. not everything centres around you on here. we are all entitled to our opinions , democracy boy.

          1. What is it old boy or boy ?i can’t be both …
            You comment about a manager who was probably instrumental in your supporting of this club was uncalled for …
            A manager who dragged this club into what it as become today .
            Gave us the best team ever to play in the premiership,the best football I’ve ever seen as an Arsenal supporter .
            Some of the best players ever to grace these shores ,unbeaten season ,record FA cups .
            But yea he was a disgrace ??‍♂️
            Next time you type something maybe back it up rather than calling someone boy !!

          2. dan kit boy, you are entitled to your opinion indeed. but what are you going to do now that your god/guru has been sacked .alright boy.

  7. Ridiculous wage for a CAM who scored only 2 assists last season and is very lazy defensively

    We should get Fekir. He isn’t a world beater but would be an improvement over Ozil.

    Will be interested in seeing how Smith-Rowe performs.

    1. Innit maybe you should find out first why he moves from a 60m player to 22m player before you suggest we should buy him.

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