How second place will make Arsenal’s transfer window easier….

Considering how Arsenal played in the first two months of this season, it seems like a dream to see us going ten games unbeaten at this moment, and only needing five more wins to secure second place in the Premier League and a repeat success in the FA Cup Final.

Per Mertesacker has been one of most improved performers recently and he is buzzing from the prospect: “We are so unpredictable in what we are doing, even for me at the back sometimes it looks a bit weird!” the BFG said on the official Arsenal website. “Sometimes we lose balance but sometimes it is really good so we have to keep going and focus on our game, especially defensively.

“We want to qualify directly for the Champions League. The championship has gone but it would be an improvement for us from last season where we had those two qualifying matches [against Besiktas], really tight ones, to secure the Champions League.

“That is the first target and then obviously the FA Cup – to defend our title would be absolutely amazing. That is the focus at the minute and it looks like we are quite sharp. It demands a lot but how we keep going is really pleasing.”

Although it is nice for Arsenal fans to be treated to a couple of early Champions League games, I really believe that it will make Arsenal’s transfer window so much easier. It seems that Wenger always splashes out very late in the summer window and I often think that he is waiting to ensure that the Gunners get through to the Group Stages before spending the extra profit that going through generates.

If Wenger is guaranteed the revenue from the Champions League, it not only gives him more money to spend, but it will also make it much easier to convince world-class players that they are going to club with great prospects of more trophies in the very near future.

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    1. Moreover it will be a improvement from previous seasons,good for confidence and help in luring transfer targets.

      1. I don’t think 2nd place changes anything in the window. lets not be fooled by football clubs. Transfer is all about the money money money. Falcao has never played champions league for example. mancity were buying guys like Robinho when they were not a top 4 club. Look at the players United got this year. Monaco got guys like James Kongdobia Moutinho toulalan with no champions league. PSG got cavani Motta ibra Silva Lucas had no champ league.
        Transfer is all about having 3 things.
        1) the money
        2) The wages
        3) The top manager to convince top players.

        If we don’t hurry up and get our main targets early other clubs will get them. Everyone has money this days. last year Chelsea signed Costa and fabregers before the world cup in June. FXXXX that was quick. But when you have a top target thats how you do it.

        1. It does help in the past we have had to wait until the champs leauge qualifier to secure our main targets.

        2. Atletico got Grizemann for 23mil, Herrera took a pay cut to join United, Chelsea got La Liga’s top scorer for 30mil, I don’t see where this idea of money comes from. There’s a difference between paying 40million for a world class playmaker and paying 50million for a has been, Arsenal don’t need to throw money at anything with legs like United, Chelsea and City because we’re capable of attracting world class players for a sensible price. Sanchez refused to go to Liverpool even though they offered more money because he knew our club would be challenging for top spot, the same goes for Ozil when he rejected United.

          1. What I’m trying to say is clubs with no champions league have to waste money because they have nothing else to attract the players. The further up the table Arsenal is the less we need to offer, that’s why 2nd spot makes a difference. Big names will take us seriously and won’t see Arsenal as a retiring home where they could earn a good pay day.

        3. i think we need to finish in the top 3.2nd or 3rd doesn’t matter to me because they are both automatic qualification spots.2nd place means slightly more money and it may give the club more confidence,but it is the the 1st of the losers in reality.I think if we come 2nd which we probably will it may well hurt us,i know it sounds strange but i think Wenger will take 2nd place as a vindication an refuse to buy any1 as usual.

    2. 3rd place will do the same trick. Direct qualification to group stages. No need to focus so bad on finishing second it is the FA cup we must focus on.

  1. its all about the money and not 2nd place

    De Gea Utd is a good example money makes wonders

    1. Players make wonders.. Their price-tag is irrelevant. The majority of our squad proves that.

      1. @josh37
        I think what Hafiz was tryna say is pay good money/salaries and see how u can lure players to join…Nasri left a guaranteed starting place to get permanent sub position…Fcuk, it wasn’t for trophies, but to get more MONEY!!!!!!.
        Sad to say, its become all about the MONEY!!!

        1. Exactly, and Sagna wasn’t worried about following him on to the subs bench as well.

  2. Wenger said he’ll only sign “World Class star” I hope he stays true to these words,we need influential Sanchez type players now!

    1. @dee@ease.
      Sanchez has set the bar so high I doubt we shall sign a player like that. Its not just the goal and assist and the chances created. But his overall play and consuming energy . He is all over the pitch pressing relentlessly.
      I guess most of us knew he was good but you can’t say you hve not been surprised by Sanchez.

      I think setting your hopes on getting another Sanchez type of buy is setting your hopes on disappointment. Sanchez is those perfect transfer that happens once in a while. You can’t criticise it. U just glad you dis it.

    2. Wenger says that every season you know that,normally he says only if they are “special”

  3. as much I would like to see lots of signings, I can’t really look beyond this being 23 our 25 man squad next season. (u21s in brackets, so not counted)

    Ospina, Szczesney, martinez

    Debuchy (bellerin) mertesacker Gabriel koscielny (chambers) (hayden) monreal gibbs

    Coquelin, arteta (bielik) flamini, wilshire, Ramsey, cazorla ozil, rosicky (zelalem)

    Sanchez, walcott (gnabry) wellington (akpom) chamberlain Giroud welbeck

    Of that 30 man squad only arteta and rosicky are out of contract and all the signs are they are staying.

    That leaves just 2 places and these players still not selected – jenkinson, diaby, campbell, ryo, podolski, sanogo.

    Of those 6 only diaby and ryo are out of contract. So my belief is that the other 4 are either fighting for the last 2 places or will be sold/loaned to make room for 2 years new signings. The only way any other signings might come in is if the likes of Szczesney, debuchy, gibbs, Flamini, walcott, wellington are deemed surplus, loaned out, or if they feel they would be better off playing elsewhere.

    1. Gosh there are certain names you got in there that will just get everyone in depression. yes i understand that we have to take account of the big squad that we have. But Podolski? have you watch him played? Flamini is finished. camblell plays in a good team and we should stop messing his career and let him grow. diaby is injured .






      Extra hayden Gnarby Beilik zaelem Akpom.Willington Silva.

      Thats 2 players per position. Two additional signings. No major changes to the squad. Then we start next season strongly. how about that?

  4. if chelski get varane, lacazette and Bale we can kiss the PL goodbye. World class brings in trophies plain and simple.

    1. If that is the case what do you think we should do? “World class” brings in trophies didn’t help United. What happens if 5 teams in a league have world class players? 4 teams won’t be bringing in the “trophies”. Btw – Varane, Lacazette and Bale in for Terry, Costa and Willian would make Chelsea easier to beat in my opinion. Varane and Bale looked absolutely cack last night.

  5. Off sub.
    What a sad kcuf that Stuart Robson is.The bile he spews out on his TV channel and in print about the gunners. I don’t believe he’ll be happy until we get relegated.
    He is without doubt a complete and utter tosser.

    1. Yes, being youth coach at Wimbledon, having 24 days as Wimbledon caretaker manager and moving on to Technical Director at Rushden & Diamonds has given him the gift of football management insight at the highest level. And of course being dropped by George Graham and being sacked by Arsenal TV has never made him bitter. Horrible, horrible man.

  6. Coming 2nd means Arsenal
    fans have raised expectations.
    Wenger himself said he will
    only buy world class.
    World class would count out Schneiderlin
    Kondogbia Dybala Stirling Draxler Pedro Lacazette.
    We must be after the likes of
    de Gea Neuer Varane Hummels Pogba Bale
    Ronaldo Messi Reus Neymar Suarez Cavani
    100 mill bids coming up
    Hafiz will be thrilled 🙂

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