How should Arsenal’s midfield line up if Partey does not start against Chelsea?

Ask some of us Gooners what our strongest Arsenal midfield setup versus Chelsea may look like, and most of us will recommend a Partey-Rice-Odegaard midfield, with Partey replacing Jorginho in the midfield we started with versus Manchester City.

That midfield formation has the potential to be the real deal. However, according to Arsenal-affiliated journalist Charles Watts, we shouldn’t anticipate it yet. According to Watts, Partey is fit given he wasn’t injured in Ghana’s friendly against Mexico, where he was subbed off at halftime, but he’s unlikely to start our game against Chelsea.

On his YouTube channel, he stated, “My understanding of Thomas Partey’s early withdrawal from Ghana’s game against Mexico at halftime was a pre-determined thing, and they were just trying to manage his minutes after being so long out with injury… Panic over, no need to be concerned.

“I’d be surprised if Thomas Partey starts that game against Chelsea, but we shall wait and see.”

In the London derby, if Mikel Arteta won’t start with Partey, I’m sure he has a strategy for our midfield. He may choose to start with Jorginho or Havertz. Even so, whoever starts, it would be fantastic if Partey is introduced once again as a substitute and he impresses as well as he did against City. Ultimately, this weekend, let’s hope Arteta and the boys paint London Red, which is of course what we expect whoever plays….

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  1. The truth is dkor such a time like this we have good bench. If Pathey isn’t fit though I believe the Ghanian coach who said he is OK and that given him 45 minutes is intentional. Then Jorginho and Rice have enough experience to still do a good job. Arsenal have options. I am not even worried.

  2. Indeed if arsenal play with zeel,for us and maximum speed with the scintillating passes the opponent will be vanquished. We need to counter Chelsea’s speed and agility.

  3. I think Partey does very well better when he start than when he plays as a substitute in matches for Arsenal.
    Harvest is not a midfield enforcer. Therefore, if Arteta will play a dmf Gunner for our Epl away big match to Chelsea on Saturday. The contention to startas dmf in the match should be between Partey and Jorginho. With the onus on Partey to start ahead of Jorginho. This is because Partey is more skillful and paceier than Jorginho is I would think.
    But Arteta could start a mid-trio of Havertz, Rice and Odegaard and start Jorginho at the base for the match in a back-three formation. If he is not convince Partey is 100% match fit and can start.
    At any rate. Whichever Arsenal team Arteta chooses to start/play the match. Arsenal MUST win the contest unfailingly.
    And thereby keep their leadership on the Epl table intact amid Tottenham Hptspur who play next Monday night rivalring us at the top of the table,

  4. Thomas Partey has to to start at the Bridge once fit and I will tell you why.

    The Ghanaian is the only world class player in our line up slated to face a sleeping giant who has just turned a corner, with a mini revival.
    He is disciplined in his positioning, and will more often than not be found sitting in front of our defense to protect our back four, His left sided partner in midfield Rice , is more often needed to cover for Zinchenko, who is encouraged to attack at every opportunity from left back, this is an area that can be vulnerable to speedy wingers as Mydruk and tricky players as Sterling could exploit.

    Jorginho up against the most expensive player in the league is a disaster waiting to happen, he just doesn’t have the legs to play here consistently.
    Partey is a far more effective defensive midfielder, he has to start the big games when fit, he gets around the pitch well and primarily provides protection both for his team center back and full backs.
    When in position he likes to move over and double up on the in position player, working to block passes infield, and then either attempting to dispossess that opponent himself or force player towards a team mate,

    The world class player covers ground quickly and has an exceptional work rate, that deadly combination and the conviction with which he makes tackles or press in central position, makes him extremely influential when Arsenal is without the ball, this we must not take for granted at the bridge.

  5. No need to rush players after injury recoveries. What’s the point of squad depth if we keep asking the manager to play same players every game? Jorginho should start with Rice at no8. Both were superb against City. I’m more worried about the skipper. Our captain been playing non-stop since EPL started and he played all 4 international games full time except combined for 30mins substitutions. Expecting subs in the second half regardless the score. Chelsea are young, athletic, exciting and starting to hit their stride. Pochettino style. Wrong time to play them.

  6. Gunsmoke you overate Partey. He has had some terrible games for us and his body is just about shot. As for world class players, well then we have Odegard, Saliba and Rice and a decent supporting cast in Martinelli, Saka, Jesus and Zivchenko. However I agree that Chelsea will be a huge challenge now that they have started to get their act together. How I wish Arsenal could field a midfield of Rice, Odegard and Enzo Rodriguez. The latter is scarily good. My gut feeling tells me Chelsea will beat us once this season. Hope I’m wrong.

  7. If Partey cannot start against Chelsea, I would play Zinchenko in midfield and then play Tommy at left back.

    Simple as that!

  8. If we are as disciplined as we were against city, we will beat Chelsea,
    They aren’t so technical, if we have Tomiyasu, Saka and Martineli starting,that should disrupt Sterling, Enzo and thiago,

    Hopefully we win convincingly.

  9. Goal: Ramsdale/ Defence: White, Saliba, Gab, Ziv/ Midfield:Partey, Rice, Odegaard/ Forwards: Martinelli, Jesus, Saka./Main Subs: Nelson, Trosard, Havertz, Tommy Smith-Rowe, Elneny, Nketiah. ( like to see Ramsdale get a game)

  10. I think the best lineup to face Chelsea in my opinion

  11. I believe Partey will start the game but if he wasn’t there then I’d go with the central midfield that started V City as they were really on it that day they helped completely nullify the supply from midfield into City forwards and the forwards got nothing to feed off on that day

  12. Partey will be kept for the Sevilla game. He can’t play two demanding away games in three days, and after losing Lans we need him at Sevilla.

  13. If Partey does not play, I would like a midfield of Jorginho-Rice-Odegaard. Of course, it would be great to have Partey in the second half to further strengthen our game.

  14. I don’t see Saka starting.
    People here always cry about squad depth but they name same lineup everytime.
    Where is the rotation? For one Saka is injured I think he should be ease to the starting lineup to keep him fresh.
    Don’t be surprise to see our lineup attack like this……
    Martinelli Nketiah Jesus
    Note: Saka Sub.

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