How the Arsenal team SHOULD look next season

So Wenger kept us all waiting for months upon months knowing full well that he was staying but could not announce it after all the hostility around the club due the team being so poor – and all that is down to Wenger.

He builds, trains & picks the teams to play each game to a way he wants it to be played but that doesn’t work these days so he blames the fans for being a disgrace, plus his own contract negotiations distracted from what was needed to be done on the field. Funny how this has all turned around in his favour after one game… no wonder the club will never get change or go forward, doing the same thing over & over again expecting different results is madness… Fact! He needs to leave for the good of the club but obviously hes here to stay unfortunately…

He’s not the only problem, as Silent Stan has the say on who goes or stays & hes happy enough making money (his shares have doubled in £££) all the while we falter like every single one of his other sports teams, check it up I don’t have to explain it. That the board have not even planned for Wenger leaving says a lot. Unambitious to win titles & lets Wenger have all the power to run his club so he can sit back & count his billions!! He doesn’t want to invest, anything spent now will be our own made profit from this season to spend, not out of his pocket or his investment! He needs to go – but again wont happen.

But we are where we are, so what happens now? Do the fans say this is it, they are both here to stay long term & continue with mediocre around the club? What happens now with transfers in/out, coaches in & out at the club, targets for the season? Still a lot to answer for.. All covered by a single game is what annoys me the most.

Europa League – Winnable? I really don’t think this team could win it but would like to have that on our main target, to win along with the League Title, but maybe too ambitious for Stan & Wenger! Maybe semi final, top 4 in League are our real targets along with all the money with making top4 in every competiton.

We need changes to players to free up wages & fees to make wholesale changes to the inflated squad of mediocrity that we have at our disposal;

Ospina,5m – £50,000
Debuchy,5m – £70,000
Jenko, 5m – £40,000
Gibbs, 5m – £50,000
Wilshere, 15m – £90,000
Theo, 20m – £110,000
Giroud, 15m – £90,000
Sanogo, 5m – £20,000

Chambers, Woj, Campell all back from loan to replace Debuchy, Ospina & Sanogo. We have LB as Gibbs replacement in Kolasinac from Shalke for free. Look at the wages freed up, the average for this is likely roughly £500,000 per week. Take Ozil’s 140k rise in wage, Ox’s too, so at least 50k on top of his 60k already & if possible Sanchez’ 160k rise in wage would spend £360k/£500k & this is before any money transfers in, roughly again on average about £80m.

Apparently we have £120m as our budget so add the £80m makes £200m to spend on trasnfers with also £140k in wages freed up along with new massive contracts for Chamberlain, Ozil & Sanchez.

Who do we bring in?

Walcott > Mahrez – £30m
Giroud > Lacazette – £50m
Wilshere > Naingolan – £40m

If Sanchez leaves then Lemar from Monaco for about £30m. That’s not a lot spent and our squad with, maybe these signings, would do us the world of good & breathe some new life in to this club as it is needed. Squad;

Cech, Woj, Martinez

Bellerin, Holding, Mustafi, Boss, Gabriel, Chambers, Nacho, Kolasinac & Per (wont play much, Exp)

Coq, Naingolan, Xhaka, Ozil, Ramsey, Elneny & Cazorla (wont play much, Exp)

Mahrez, Ox, Campbell & Perez.

Lacazette, Welbz, Sanchez (Lemar, LW also, both of them can play there on wing)

Now thats a team to start rebuilding with. If something like this doesn’t happen then please Usmanov get this yank out and start making us great again!



  1. Harifan says:

    Its correct statement ,and i’m agree with that, but forsure our board (stan kroenke) will not allow this brilliant idea, he only think about the business, earn the money more and more till their pocket getting full with out thinking about title, the way he (stan) thinking is look like stupid person with the lucky destiny,they have a lot of money, but they have no brain to build the club become better and sucsess person,we can see from what he has so far, he just ruin all those things become worst and worst,i prefer to Usmanov who can spend a lot of the money just for the teams title, for the pride, imagine Usmanov coming from Russia but he has fully care to the club, and he can feel what fans feeling ,he is trully leader what we need now,Usmanov is better than Kroenke qho always thinking about money or business, poor Kroenke. #kroenkeout

    1. Carlos Da Silva says:

      To those that want Giroud out
      Griezmann, Mbappe, Lacazette, Lemar, Ousmane Dembele all available but Olivier got France’s first hattrick since 2000

  2. Imran says:

    I think you are right but only exception is we must not sell Sanchez as he has winning dna. I think getting lacazette and mahrez instead of mbappe would make sense as money will be saved to bring in quality centre back and CDM. See how pep is changing man city. he is taking one player from each european country’s champions. Not sure why there is so silence in our club. No signs of new arrivals. I am afraid Arsene would say Sanogo is our new mbappe and we have ample squad to win the league. Fed up of slowness in transfer market. After board meetings still these guys doesn’t have shame. Gutted …..gutted …..

  3. Jimbeam says:

    Perez is a goner, so is Campbell, and you are not getting anything like you expect from the sales of those players.
    Also Walcott is not going anywhere.
    We also need another defender as we are playing 3 in the back now and I dont trust Gabriel or Per to do a job for us.
    Lukaku would probably be my first choice striker above Lacazette, as I dont think we have the luxury to wait for him to adapt to the EPL.

    1. lcebox says:

      you font trust Per you say after his last game he played his 1st start in a year whats wrong with you?

      1. Jimbeam says:

        One game, just one game. I’ve watched Per for 100 games. He is not in the standard that we need to be able to challenge. He would be great at a team like Everton not Arsenal.

  4. Since 66 says:

    Another keyboard manager with a head full of football “knowledge”. If u don’t respect a great football club it’s proven history making manager and disciplined business like ownership and management just call ur self a taxi and move on. Don’t let the doors hit u on the arse as u leave our great club. U will not be missed but ur whining fault picking posts will be a great addition to some clean air around a red and white resurgence.

    1. Sean says:

      Keyboard warrior?? Did u read the article!!

  5. princegooner says:

    The europa is there we need some players to stay after this season we can sell, we need a very big squad for both league and europa.

  6. Jimbeam says:

    If we are going to play 3-4-3 or 3-4-2-1 or a variation of a 3 defender set up, we definitely need another good defender. Bellerin and Kolasinac will be pretty good in the wings, with 2 from Ramsey, Xhaka, Ox, Coq in the middle and if they are staying Ozil and Sanchez up front with Lukaku.

    So at the least we need to buy Lukaku and a top defender, which would set us back over 100M at today’s striker rates.

    If we really want to compete then another very strong midfielder like Naingolan as mentioned would be great a addition.

    We also need an alternative/competition to Ozil, as he is not consistent and might get hurt, with Cazorla out for a long while, I feel like we need either to buy a new young attacking midfielder or give a youngster like Iwobi or Adeleide more of a chance.

  7. ArseOverTit says:

    Sanchez is going isn’t he.

    In his own words he is a winner and wants to play for the big prizes (paraphrasing).

    Anyhow, let’s see what le prof and owner do!

  8. Jamaican gooner says:

    Mbappe/lacazzette,mahrez,naijgolan would represent an excellent transfer window.. Legend like henry should be out there making a case for us to mbappe himself and his parents instead of trying to sound like Einstein in front the studio camera.

  9. Inno says:

    Actually we need lukaku, keep both ozil and alexis
    Buy mahrez and verane from real Madrid and teliso

  10. Pad1 says:

    Peres is deffo leaving

  11. Pad1 says:

    Also Henry credit to the guy he is only giving his thoughts, and nowadays more than a fan of us, he is a pundit with a soft spot for us so bare that in mind.

  12. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Wenger’s latest interview suggest that Sanchez and Ozil will both be at the club next season… ?? he didn’t state which club, though. But hey! Does anyone actually believe that Arsenal Fc would risk losing them both for free? It looks as if this one could drag on to the last day of the transfer window.
    He was also asked about Mahrez and if Arsenal have bid for him, Wenger replied “Not Yet”.. ” but that doesn’t mean that we will or won’t ” ?? me thinks “Riddles & Fiddles” needs to be inserted onto our clubs crest… Or at least on Wengers tomb stone.

    1. Rkw says:

      Sad but true with next 2 years already being mapped out in the delusional one’s head… Other managers make it clear where their weaknesses are and start to do serious business while wenger just gets busy messing up.. Clear where the two manchesters are going already and their level of ambition … Liverpool going in to boost defence and bring in winger … Chelsea will tinker with midfield the likely weak point to fill.. And the team with a squad that finished outside top four and needing to close an 18 point gap with top team? Will lose their best player.. take a punt on the next Henry … Make a futile bid for europe’s most sort after striker …and celebrate a freeby defender … And the fifth place junkies will froth at the mouth at any suggestion that Ramsey Walcott giroud should be goners … SAD!!!!!!

  13. Frank says:

    So let me get this straight, you are selling Walcott. He scored 19 goals in 29 starts playing on the wing.

    Ozil scores 12 goals from 41 starts playing in a number 10 role but people want to double his pay to keep him.

    I don’t get it. Are you people crazy. I’m sorry but I really don’t understand. I don’t get caught up with that old chestnut “he has a special talent”. The fact of the matter is, Ozil isn’t living up to his price tag, doesn’t deserve a pay rise and should be sold rather than let him leave for free next summer. He doesn’t defend, doesn’t turn up in the big games therefore isn’t Arsenal quality.

    1. Sean says:

      Ozil can open any game up with one single pass, walcott can run fast, finish average. 2 complete different players needed in complete different positions. Ur telling me Theo has earned that 110k a week? Ozil with better players around him is an animal no doubt, Arsenal hasnt great starting 11, we have 3/4 class players & Ozil is one of them along with Alexis, Xhaka (give him time) & maybe Boss…

      1. neil says:

        it is a wierd one that Arsene didnt sign a great striker to finish off Ozils passes… however Sanchez and Ozil seem to have a good bond and again strange Wenger didnt continue with Sanchez upfront all season especially when we got to top of league with alexis up front!

    2. JPS_AFC1 says:

      EXACTLY, keep him if you can but not for £280,00 0 per week. That is just crazy talk, sell him get Isco with the money, he would be happy on £ 150,000p/week and use the extra £130,00 left to top up Alexis to £330,000 p/week and use the £50,000 left over to keep the Ox and other players coming close to the end off contracts simple isn’t i

  14. ZEN2OH says:

    In as much as the Mbappe money is much, is also a huge investment , he’s 18+ years, he has gotten notthing less than 12 years in his career, it’s worth the Investment, we can resell him for huge amount of money too. I personally don’t really rate Lacazette so high, but his good quality as well than Giroud i think. So Let’s spend really big this window and win the league agressively. Mancity are very aggressive in Window, Same would be for United , Chelsea also…Liverpool too , For me I would Prefer Mbappe, Mahrez,Idrissa Guaye(Everton) and bring Chambers back for our defensive back ups.

    Lucas Perez seems to be leaving…..Replace with Mahrez
    Giroud might leave, i hear some clubs want to pay up to £20million+ for him, then Sell him
    Willshire would be back but can’t guarantee you 35+ games due to injury, Same to Cazola, and Ramsey too…So Idrissa Guaye Plays(Very similar to Kante, Won most tackles last season 100+ and had 75 interceptions)
    with Mbappe, Sanchez , OZil, Mahrez, we could change formations to make Every one Play
    Sanchez, Mbbape, Mahrez
    Gana Gauye Xhaka
    Koslanic Boss, Mustafi, Bellerin

    Mbappe/Sanchez, Ozil, Mahrez
    xhaka ,Gana Gauye
    Koslanic, Boss, Mustafi, Bellerin

    Sanchez, Mbappe, Mahrez
    Koslanic Ozil, Xhaka, Guaye,
    Holding, Boss ,Mustafi

    3 .4.1.2
    Mbappe/Welbelk , Sanchez/Wallcot
    Koslanic/Monreal, Xhaka/Ramsey/Whilshire/cazola, Gana/Xhaka/coq/elneny, OX/Mahrez
    Holding/Chambers, Boss/Met4, Mustafi/Gabriel

    Mbappe, Sanchez
    Koslanic/Monreal, Xhaka/Ramsey/Whilshire/cazola,,Ozil/Oxl, Gana/Xhaka/coq/elneny,, Ox/Mahrez
    Holding/Chambers, Boss/Met4, Mustafi/Gabriel

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