How the FA cup can save the season for Arsenal?

When Arsenal were five points clear at the top of the Premier League table at the start of the calendar year, most Arsenal fans were not too bothered about the FA cup apart from the fact that it would have made a nice double and would have looked good in the Emirates trophy room standing next to the Premier League trophy.

Now, though, it is looking ever more likely that the oldest piece of silverware on the football world is our best chance of success this season. But that is not the only reason why I think Arsene Wenger should give it everything in the 5th round replay away to Hull City on Tuesday.

Not only would a win give the Gunners a place in the quarter finals at home to Watford at the weekend, it might just be the very thing to get us back into top gear. The draw away to the spuds might not have got us any closer to the title, especially after Leicester went and got all three points in their game, but it was an encouraging performance which also helped to put the brakes on\ Tottenham.

If we can push on from that performance and go on the sort of run that we normally see from Arsenal at this point in the season then you never know. And a thumping win at Hull followed by progress to the semi-finals would certainly help to give the team some much needed confidence.

So as well as being our best chance of a trophy, could the FA cup save our season in more ways than one?

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  1. Liverpool Away at crystal palace

    Liverpool with a Red

    Liverpool comes from behind with a red to win the match

    phew!….. We haven’t done that in a very very Long time!

    1. That’s true other teams plays with 10 players better than us with 11. I don’t think the fa cup can save our season it is a trophy that will just shut our demands for new players and to cover the fact that Arsenal is not improving but just moving backwards. Everybody was ecstatic after Sanchez goal but please Arsenal fans do not act as if it was a miracle that we got the draw with spuds and since when was a point from the spuds under any circumstances enough for Arsenal please do not exaggerate and look at the table and see that we are 8 points behind Leicester in the season which was our easiest chance to win the title. Last week at the Swansea game the fans were really frustrated each time we were passing backward or when players were holding too much to the ball. This pressure should continue so that these players know that they are playing for Arsenal and that his name is more important than the team.

  2. Seriously has this become the bench mark of sucess at Arsenal? Not taking anything away from the F.A cup…. its like friging De Javu.. we talk so much about the talent our squad poses and how were on the cusp of sucess after rebuilding blah blah blah… But like the last 3 season fail to make use of the opportunities awarded to them… I Respect and Love Mr Wenger for what he has done for the club… but wake up people were stagnating under him..

    1. Finally some sense around here! How can one draw away at Spurs be such a huge turnaround to our season? Winning the FA cup will give Wenger another new contract and will just mask the real problem. I love the FA cup, but I’ll sack it for some common sense. The old man needs to go this summer.

  3. The FA cup would be good. i’ll take it, but the main issue pissing everyone is how on earth did we let the league slip away ?? even if we win rest of our match i doubt we’ll win the not being negative here but i dont see Leicester City dropping enough point for us to over take them.. Spurs will cus they’ve got tough matches… Leicester is a team full of below average players, Spurs is a team full of average players yet these two teams are the biggest thing in the league this season because they have determination,hunger, fighting spirit and the bloooody cohesion Wenger has been screaming right from last season.( which reminds me,have we loaned out cohesion cus he’s never on the pitch or bench) so Arsenal with a couple of world class players in Ozil,Sanchez,Cech,Santi and Koscienly are behind. the FA cup alone wont satiate the ego and pride of we the fans.. I wish the players have the hunger we the fans have… and don’t tell me City,Man utd n Chelsea are far worst✋✋✋ .. that should be the problem of their own fans not us??? ,their performance shouldn’t justify wherever we end up every season.. Now we drew and seems fans are turning the hear on Arsene Wenger down..SMH…God bless every fan who’s interested in the success of Arsenal FC

    1. Its not turning on Wenger its simply asking the question….. WHY cant we win the premier league… regardless of the perfomances of other Premier league contenders. If were supposed to learn from our mistakes why is it then we keep repeating them?

      1. Because Wenger doesn’t want to learn from them. No title challenging team would keep Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky and refuse to replace them, none, nada, zero. Only at Arsenal is it ok to keep players we don’t need because it “saves money”. Fans should see it clearly that Wenger doesn’t want Arsenal to be or remain at the top like Fergie’s United, he’s just happy being in top 4 and winning the title would just be a lucky bonus for him.

      2. wenger’s actions lead directly to wenger’s failure to achieve his goals. but he cannot connect the dots. if you were serious, why would you not strengthen in summer? why would you go into a season w flam,arteta and roziscky??? why would you sub on flam at barcelona? why would you not have a backup when coq got injured? on this site, we all groaned when he didnt buy backup, when he failed to get a WC striker. its not just a ref decision here/there, its not just an injury or two here/there (they happen every season: why does he not plan for it?), it is that he puts career development of giroud/theo above getting a world-class striker. because he persists too long with ramsey/ox/theo even tho they are subpar. because his squad is not deep enough , given that 33% of it is injured. wenger fails to buy each summer, has sub-par players on his squad, subs late, doesnt sub enough etc etc. he keeps making same mistakes and we keep coming 4th.

  4. How does the FA cup get to save our season?………The Giants were all asleep and This was supposed to be the right time to Lift the EPL in a very very Long whiLe……… How did we bottle everything up so early in the day?

    Bites me!

    1. We are not Premier League contenders under Wenger.. lets just establish that now… A man with genuine intent to win the league would firstly adress the the issue of squad depth both from a tactical perspective as in being able to bring in different personel an completley alter the way the team plays… you cant keep using the same players and the same formation and tactics every game teams will work it out … you wonder why Giroud is on a goal drought. Also injuries no one likes the but the are a reality of playing a’contact sport’.. but when the only replacements are people like Alex Iwobi whos only clam to fame is a couple of reserve matches no proffesional league experience is that seriously the side you expect to win the league? We have never and probably will never ave a greater opportunity to win the league and if t cant be done now under Wengers philosophy it would probably never be done until he goes.

  5. Unless we win all of our last 9 games, we arent going to win the title… So, we arent going to win the title.

    Unless we beat Barcelona by 3 goals, we aren’t progressing in the Champions league… So, we aren’t progressing in the champions league.

    The FA Cup is all that’s left. It may not be the most prestigious trophy out there, but winning it 3 times in a row is something that hasn’t been done for a very, very long time. That’s an achievement we could be proud of.

    1. It would be an appropriate swansong for AW to end his carrer at Arsenal with too. He could end on a high.

      1. i’m all for us trebling on the FA cup but i hope it does not become an excuse for wenger to stick around. he’s so delusional, he may interpret it as “i’m still good, i will hang around for another 30 years”.

        he should go not only if we fail to hull on tue, but also if we fail at any other FA game after that. in fact he should go regardless. its too late. he has failed to boost his troops, failed to motivate them, to manage and lead them and failed to discipline them when they fail to execute his plans.

  6. We as any EPL club should respect the great FA cup. And we should play the best team we have to try and find some form. When we play CL football on Tuesday or Wednesday we seem to play well at the weekend so 2 games in 4 days is fine. But I get the feeling he AW will play a soft team to rest players. Let’s face it we won’t win the EPL and we need to be very careful about getting 4th place because we have dropped lots of points and they are all behind up coming fast. We need a run in the cup and a good run to the end of the season now because if we don’t get CL football we can’t buy the players we need or want

    1. no he wont play a soft team:
      bellerin, gabriel, mert, monreal/gibbs,
      elneny for cdm,
      ramsey for b2b,
      campbell, ozil, sanchez,
      [walcott to come on for sanchez so sanchez can play on weekend too]

  7. Why teams always turns up against us?!!Looking at WBA they are very poor vs 10 Man UTD,but wait when they face us,they become world class!!!!

    1. smatz: its bec when we get to their 30yd line, we slow down and form a semi-circle and pass back and forth for too long. it allows the opposition to organise their defence etc. MU and others play faster and switch sides more often than we do.

  8. We don’t need to buy players ,the players we have need to give 100% each match.Why do you think Leicester are top of the league , each player gives everything every time they play.For them to win the league would be the best thing for football.It would show every team they have a chance of the title ,if they put the effort in and you don’t need to spend money for success.We won’t win the FA cup we’ll loose to Chelsea

  9. Wenger juz need FA cup glory to renew his contract…then he’ll be saying to media…”I don’t believe why Arsenal fans still angry”…

  10. Well consider that we have the same sponsor, and for some reason we seem to pick all the lucky fixutes, we should win it.

    But still, this season is a bad page in the epl history. not that arsenal sucks ( like always) but other teams like Chelsea, City, Liverpool are also having a shoker.

    english football is falling behind big time.

  11. It would be great to win FA Cup but this season the PL was ours for the taking and now we are in a scrap for fourth place. We all know the games where we failed to produce the goods.

    It would have been great to win the PL this year, Wenger could have retired on a high note just like Fergie. Unfortunately the likely failure to win the PL this year with the poor form of Chelsea, manu and manc means that we cannot win the PL in some future year with the current set up at the club. We are at a point where something has to change and that is almost certainly the manager, much as it pains me to say it, wenger has done such a good job for the club, building a new stadium and keeping us in the top four. I think this season proves that he no longer has the ability to win the PL, the team cannot sustain good form for long enough.

  12. Seriously guys, we should be on 60+ points by now. With the open league we should be dominating, but we have been found out, and Mr Wenger has NO answer to teams taking us on.

    Also, I think there is a level of teams raising their game when they play us, but we need to accept that and find a way around it. We have no flexibility and no game plan outside of passing the ball a lot. Lastly, we have a goal shortage, and good as a few signings have been, we needed at least 2 more heavy hitters to make us better, but the tight fisted one bought a backup midfielder (admittedly a decent one) but no proven goalscorer.

    We should hang our heads in shame, because we have thrown this title away. It’s beyond annoying.

    1. I agree we need a really top class striker. However, this season with the way manc, manu and chelsea have played then the team we have should have won the PL.
      For next season we need a WC striker and backup for le Coq, just like we needed for this season.
      I agree, we have thrown the title away and its beyond annoying.
      I am getting to the point of being certain that AW cannot motivate the team for sufficient time to win the PL.

    2. i asked myself: how is it that when we attack , it looks like all 11 tottenham are behind the ball, but when i see manu v w.ham etc, only 6-7 defenders are behind the ball? its because our buildup is slow. then we pass the ball back and forth for ever. if u do that and u’re barca, then a sanchez or messi makes a great run and there’s an end product to all that possession. but for us, we either force it into giroud, or pass it to ramsey/theo and they shoot directly at the GK.

  13. Yes …i want the FA cup.
    I posted before that we have to be realistic of what we ask from our CURRENT team…..At beginning of season, i was hoping that our players have developped further to be able to provide consistant good performances. I think they did develop….but unfortunately….not far enough for the PL. Especially that our playing strategy is an open book to the whole world. They still cant come up with something like Ramzy’s goal at spurs or theo’s first goal against licester…..the kind of plays that i doupt any defence can stop when we need those plays.
    So, lets get the FA cup. I think it will bring us some deserved little happyness and dont tell me that lets not win it so AW runs out of execuses. Really?

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