How the fans could still persuade Wenger to leave Arsenal this summer

The Arsenal fans have been showing their dissatisfaction with our terrible season by leaving their seats empty at the Emirates for our home games, and it is possible that Arsene Wenger’s pride could be seriously dented by seeing that not even most Arsenal fans are happy with his work.

Charlie Nicholas certainly thinks so. When asked if he thought Wenger would still be in charge next season, Nicholas said yes, but with one proviso… “He would stay, I think so,” Nicholas said.

“He’s been in punishing situations before, managed to manipulate the FA Cup, he’s got the best record in that and then goes out for the first time ever in round three.

“The punishing thing that I see that Arsene might leave this summer is the lack of audience.

“They can tell us there’s 58,000 there if you like but we can see they’ve paid their money but they’re not turning up.

“Arsene Wenger was a major fabric in creating this global branding at Arsenal and that stadium in particular.

“For him to see that the people don’t want to come and watch his teams anymore is punishing.

“It must be cruel, it must be really, really tough. That’s the only way that I can see that Arsene would step aside because I’ve not heard a thing about potential managers ready to take over.”

So do we wonder if he could still step down simply because of the empty seats? Does he care enough about what the fans think for it to affect him that much?

Darren N


  1. Gelz says:

    Personally I don’t think Wenger would step down because of the empty seats, that’ll will be the boards decision, he already thinks its only because we have nothing to play for in the league and just like at the end of every season he has convinced himself he can turn it around next season. The decision isn’t and shouldnt be of his choosing, he is an employee, albeit an underachieving one. IMO the board wouldn’t be making all these changes if they thought Wenger was still the man to take us forward.

  2. Innit says:

    Wenger will not resign on his own volition
    £9 million (or whatever is exact amount) @ year is a lot of money. He also won’t get full control and this kind of job security at another top club. He will be stupid to resign.
    Also we all know about his stubbornness and arrogance

    He must either be sacked or leave by “mutual aggreement” ie sacked in a nice way.

    I expect him to be manager next season sadly, especially if we win Europa League

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      Innit, a very rational response. Wenger will have his excuses lined up for why the Emirates has empty seats and he will not countenance that it has any thing to do with him.
      If he is not sacked/leaving by mutual agreement before next season, it is unreasonable for gooners to sacrifice their season tickets due to the length of the waiting list. It would not be easy to get the season ticket back when the atmosphere improves.
      My wish list for the rest of this season is:
      1. Arsenal wins the Europa League;
      2. Arsenal overhauls Chelsea in the EPL; and
      3. jon fox wins his bet.

      1. If we don’t win Europa League Chelsea can keep 5th spot. Am really not interested in yet another unwanted Europa League campaign. It has been excruciatingly boring for the most part and an inconvenient distraction that I will be happy to avoid next season.

  3. Ted-Esi Samson says:

    empty seats might not be enough. Wenger is strong willed, he is an optimist and would not see anything the way we see it. he probably feels winning the Europa league or starting next season strongly will bring back the fans.

  4. Sean says:

    If Arsene wins the Europa League he will NOT leave Arsenal especially after winning a 1st European Trophy, passage back into group stages of UCL, bigger budget to work with & having the UCL as a bargaining tool to sign better players than we originally would being in the Europa next season.

    His words he does not break contracts, he has one year left in the summer & the board will not sack him regardless of what happens this season out of respect for what he has done for the club & for the man himself! Only way is Arsene stepping down & do any of you think that will happen, honestly? I dont. As for fans not turning up it doesnt matter as the club got their money already before they even were planning to go to the fixture!

    Would be a fitting way to leave wimning the Europa league & leaving the all stated above for a younger hungrier manager full of new ideas to take the reigns at the Emirates.

    1. Mike says:

      Yeah the board wouldn’t worry because fans already paid for their seat. But come to think of it the board should be more worried because if Wenger stays the probability of many empty seats next season is high and that means less money for the board. The board should be really concern. Wenger should step down if he really love the Club.

  5. qone says:

    winning or not the europa league, empty seats and other things, one who is arrogant will stay, because he is so selfish and dont care about the club – ġooner for ever

    1. You dare talk about arrogance? You, a total nobody who thinks he knows better than Mesut Ozil? Than Aubameyang? Than Lacazette? Get off your high horse. The problem with Arsenal are the idiot fans who attack their own club and have the arrogance to believe they know better than the players themselves. Ridiculous. “Selfish” that’s rich coming from fans who believe they are simply entitled to trophies without having to support their club, but rather attack their own players–effectively helping the opposition. I don’t know what’s worse, the hypocrisy or the apparent illiteracy.

      1. qone says:

        i love the club more then you think and i need the club to e where its belong at the top. yes mr wenger is arrogant and must leave – ġooner for ever

      2. John0711 says:

        Another newby who has no clue

      3. RichSAAlao says:

        You have really described and defined most Arsenal fans by their thinking and expression, and that’s who they are.
        Really highly football sense illitrates.

  6. The fans are the problem with Arsenal. Even when we were in 1st place these idiots were organizing pathetic 5-man “protests” to embarrass the whole club in the media and flying banners over the stadium to demoralize the entire team before games. Nobody sabotages the team or gives us more “mental fragility” than these piece of shit “fans”. Had they not sabotaged the team that season we could have won the league. Thanks for that you spineless twats.

    All these people care about is their minute of fame on social media. You’ll notice now that these execrable “fans” are no longer coming to games our performances are improving. By all means stay away. Even better, start supporting Tottenham instead, everything you’ve been doing thus far has helped the opposition anyway so might as well start showing your true colors and do your damage to another club.

    Fans are an extension of the team and a team is as good as its weakest link–the fans. So while top talent come from across the world to play for Wenger and the manager has the support of all the players what are the “fans” doing? Everything they can to undermine the team, attacking their own players in social media, abusing them and throwing things at them and booing them while they’re on the pitch, and when there are losses do they take any of the blame? No. Meanwhile, they have a team that legitimately could win the Premier League but rather than support what do they do? Attack their own players and their own club. You pitiful losers cause losses! We must lose 10-20 points a season because of you!

    They don’t deserve Wenger or any of the talent at the club, they deserve to be relegated for a decade and receive the reward their behavior merits. Absolutely pathetic. I wish I could persuade all of these idiots to leave Arsenal, we’d be 100% better without them and the woeful, defeatist stupidity they represent. We need supporters with solidarity and a warrior mentality, not whiny bitches that collapse into hysterics at the drop of a hat.

    1. Phil says:

      You blame the supporters?So you expect US SUPPORTERS who pay the HIGHEST TICKET PRICES to be satisfied with what is happening to OUR FOOTBALL CLUB?So the Manager is blameless and is not accountable for us being a Football Club in a downward spiral?And that is the fault of the supporters is it?
      So it is the fault of the supporters that Wenger has managed the players HE BOUGHT and COACHED(sic) to a position of SIXTH PLACE in the Premiere League?Look at the table Moron.And you blame the fans.
      You are just one of those who couldn’t wait to see his name posted.I bet your Mummy is so proud of you.I thought Pires would never be beaten for First place as the Village Idiot But CONGRATULATIONS.You Win.Even Pires has never managed to post something so completely one dimensionally incorrect as you.And you know what?You come across as STUPID enough to actually believe what you are saying.Honestly pal I can assure you that posts like this will only have everyone LAUGH AT YOU.Even those minority who still worship Wenger have NEVER blamed the Supporters for our rapid demise.
      Ridiculous post.Ridiculous comments.From a ridiculous person.

    2. Sue says:

      Stephan…. pfft!!!!!

  7. A full stadium for the Atletico Madrid game, which is what we need if we are to beat them, will prove Wenger right in his claim fans are keeping off only because we have nothing to play for. Am afraid the board might misread this as the fans’ approval for Wenger’s continued tenure. We are certainly in a conundrum, a Europa League Trophy comes with a two year Wenger contract string attached..elimination comes with no champions league next season, sigh.

  8. John Wick says:

    It’s disgusting that we’re fighting with Burnley yes Burnley for 6th place and it’s almost may! As things stand we’re 2 points ahead of them, let’s not forget they went like 10 games without a win earlier on! Arsene Wenger should hang his head in shame look at what Liverpool are doing with a good manager but we’re stuck an old pensioner who’s long past his best but still doesn’t realize it! His record against the top teams is a joke the away form this season is relegation form and now we have fans abandoning games because they’ve become bored and disillusioned by it all but that won’t bother Wenger he’ll be around next season and probably year after that our board don’t have the bottle to tell him his time is up they don’t wanna upset him so they’ll feed fans with the same rubbish they’ve been doing for years we believe next season we’ll challenge for the title we have a world class manager who’s hungrier than ever blah blah blah

  9. Daniel Chimbayo says:

    I just want Arsenal to lift EUROPA trophy. Even if winning EUROPA league will mean Arsene being our manager the next 1000 years I don’t care. All I want is at least some European trophy. It hurts me when some fans are praying for the team to lose, this is witchcraft, do you know how our players have toiled to reach thus far?

  10. Ozziegunner says:

    Sorry Stephan, the fans are not responsible for the problems at Arsenal.
    The fans have been very patient over the years, particularly since the move from Highbury to the Emirates. They have continued to invest in season tickets, match day tickets home and away, purchases of club shirts and other paraphernalia and travel. All the time being promised that Arsenal would be competing with the top clubs in the EPL and Europe, while watching the decline of this great club.
    West Ham United fans haven’t had as much to complain about compared to Arsenal fans and look how they have reacted; a bit more robustly than a few signs.
    This is Arsenal FC not Arsene FC.

    1. Marco vella says:

      Nope sorry fans have been turning way back since 2011 dont give me all this patience crap.if i want to watch arsenal I have to buy a plane ticket look for accomodations buy a ticket for the game whixh is more than some people pay thats for sure so why am I not a self entitled like you are its because I rationalise things I live in reality not on FIFA something that people who have an agenda against wenger wont ever admit.In all these years not once did I see a comment regarding the marketing department at arsenal and how they underachieve each and every year.Listen guys if you had enough than please go and support another team that hears the fans stupid ideas like west ham for example who are in the position that they are because they caved in to the fans demands.

  11. John0711 says:

    Stephen Latosha how are the fans to blame you sound like wenger
    Did the fans buy Xhaka and mustafi
    Or on the other hand did the fans get all the credit when we had the invincibles

    Nice to see new fans but get a grip

  12. Aussie Jack says:

    Latest tweet from Donald Trump. The way things are going in Washington I`ll be managing Arsenal next season. That`ll be fun folks. See you then….

  13. Nothing changed says:

    Wenger doesn’t care about what the fans think. And in a way, a manager should not care. He is the one responsible for results so he should pick the tactics, players and training methods. Not the fans. Having said that, in healthy organizations managers are held accountable for results but Wenger is not.

    Wenger does have an ego though and gets upset when people challenge him too much. Players that seem to have spoken out seem to get punished at the first sight of not bowing down to him or his methods. And fans get ridiculed or marginalized at times.

    Nothing would make me happier than seeing that man leave. Let him go and try to win a CL with PSG or Bayern but leave us alone.

  14. Me says:

    Josh Kroenke has just been appointed Vice President of Kroenke Holdings therefore the decision will be given to him (as far as I know) of whether Wenger stays or not.
    JK has publicly stated that the decision would not be based upon sentimental reasons but rather based upon business performance i.e. performance on the pitch.
    As I stated previously the club can absorb from a financial point of view the empty seats this season because they were already paid for – but empty seats next season, especially early in the season would be a result of fans not renewing their season tickets or a lack of one-off purchases of tickets which is feasible considering the fans unhappiness.
    The club is reliant on its fan base and now it cannot survive without it. I cannot see them putting Wenger before profit and survival – it would be business suicide.
    If we fail to win the Europa League I simply cannot see Wenger surviving…

  15. TW14-TH14 says:

    You know the rules… No swearing or personal abuse please

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