How the fans view Arsenal’s new signings so far

Who are Arsenal’s most valuable players?


Arsenal is without a doubt a team with many loyal fans, and these fans have a bit of everything to say about Arsenal and their players. Especially now that we have received new signings, it is exciting to look at the fans’ assessments of the players at Arsenal. In fact, there were many who chose to play odds about who should get a contract with Arsenal, it is a pretty fun way to play odds compared to regular odds which is about the result of a match.


We give Arsenal fans the following instruction: “Give the player a score from 1 to 5, where 5 is the most valuable, and 1 is not so valuable”. The numbers were very interesting. Hundreds of self-proclaimed Arsenal fans responded to the survey, so these results should largely give us an idea of ​​what Arsenal fans thought of the various players.


Let’s start with the new signings as it’s been one of the most exciting windows of recent times. As you will remember, there was a lot! After the Burnley match, the average rating for the 6 new signings was 3.81 out of 5. It is very high considering the average value for the whole team which was only 3.10. If we take out Nuno Tavares, who has not started a match yet, the average grade for the new signings will go up to 3.97.


This is what the results looked like:


White 3.95


Ramsdale 3.98


Tomiyasu 3.89


Lokonga 3.85


Tavares 3.03


Ødegaard 4.17


So what can we extract from this data? An important point is that it seems that the fans like the players very much after winning, but in general, as we know many Arsenal fans and hear many opinions, we can think the fans actually like this new group of players.


There will be ups and downs, there will be mistakes, but they all have talent and they will all get better as the season goes on. We also like that the character shines through. Tomiyasu is clearly a great personality in the locker room, and we love watching Aaron Ramsdale making videos for children who have suffered losses. There are little things like this that you think are standard with football players, but we can tell you that there are players who have been to Arsenal where that has not been the case.


Ødegaard, who made a beautiful free kick for Arsenal, has also apparently received a warm welcome from Arsenal fans, which warmed up to the Norwegian’ after the game.


The 5 players fans love the most at the moment are about as expected; this is what the top list looks like when we include all the players in the team :


Saka 4,88


ESR 4.70


Tierney 4.67


Partey 4.66


Ødegaard 4.17


There is nothing confusing here, although we were a little surprised to see midfielder Gabriel just outside the top 5, clearly his performance against Norwich struck. To go into a little more detail, the average age of the five best players was 23 years, although Thomas Partey draws this up quite a bit with his age of 28 years. If you expand the group to the 10 most valued Arsenal players, the age goes down to 22.7.


What does this tell us? It tells us first and foremost that the fans are on board with the summer strategy, that they like the idea of ​​a youthful team, and hopefully they are willing to tackle the ups and downs that will come as part of the learning process this season.


We wanted a Dortmund ++ and we have it in the first place. ++ comes from the fact that we buy expensive players as a supplement to “our youngsters” like Auba and Partey. It also differs from the German side because we buy young elite players with bundles of Premier League experience. But this is definitely a similar model. We do it this way because it is the only way to compete. We can not buy a Premier League winning team, we have to cultivate it ourselves.


This comes with some consequences. Fans must lower their expectations for a league race this season. They must also accept that young players have ups and downs. But in the long run, this was the only way to do things, and I think it’s a very sympathetic plan that 95% of fans will agree with.

Overall, the feedback is positive. The fans like the new team, they like the players, and the direction on paper seems to be a direction that the fans like.


  1. I think to a degree we have made ‘good’ signings. Hopefully they will stop us falling into mediocrity. Will they elevate us into challengers, emphatically no. To go from even being good to challengers is dependent on the manager. I, 100% support the players….the manager is not about support it’s about has he got it? Arteta NO. He will fool you, talk about this and that, but that will not change his deluded style. Also when I saw how he treated William Saliba because someone else signed him, I saw a man with grudges…’ANIMA’, look it up. Any one who has studied Analytical Psychology will understand, grudges and projections. That cannot ever work, all it does is destroy. We have won against two poor teams, there is a long way to go and Arteta still is playing, to my eyes, one paced, uncreative, impotent football. Sorry!

    1. This has always been my problem with Arteta. HIS EGO. Many fans just don’t get it. His lame tactics doesn’t even bother me. As long as he’s willing to sacrifice team results and young players’ careers even to the point of making the club get next to nothing for them just to satisfy HIS EGO, he’s not worthy to be our coach or a coach of any club

      1. Are you saying that Wenger, Fergus, Conte, Zidane et cetera would have been more successful if they were humble. I think an ego is part and parcel of being a top manager, n’est pas?

  2. @Sean- totally agree with your thoughts. Stand by to be slaughtered by some on here for even daring to critisise Arteta. For some he can do no wrong. Another season of what we were forced to endure last year and they will still be saying the same. Just how long will this novice get? Not too much longer I feel. Lose either of our next two games against Brighton and the Spuds and why would he even be surprised at what should be an instant dismissal.

    1. Phil,
      You know how I feel about having no choice but to support whoever is in charge, but I agree that IF we lose to Spurs dishonourably and then lose to Brighton, then we would need to take a serious look at what is going on.

      I mean losing to Spurs anytime is a sackable offence surely? LOL

      BUT; I maintain, If we WIN both games, will you be happy to give Arteta til the end of the season, or would you still want him gone?

      1. I would personally still support him should we at least win one of those games (hopefully beating Spurs of course), praying he learns, and become better.

        My problem with Arteta so far isn’t even just the results but OUR PLAY. I would back him 100% if I can identify the (good) sort of football we play, despite not having the results – at least the excuse of being young, team needing time to gel, and all that would make sense!

        Honestly speaking, even if we’d been picking up the results with our awful style of play, I would still frown at it. Sadly we are hardly a thing close to the Arsenal we’ve been known for. We can’t even keep the ball under Mikel, can’t spray passes anymore, almost abject in attack…
        It’s too often a pain watching Mikel’s Arsenal TBH.

      2. AdPat- I would settle for a win against Spurs in a poor performance. Somehow, with no basis of thought, I actually believe we will turn up on Sunday and play well. We have good players in a team that seems to have no recognisable pattern of play. But a win against Spuds is a win so performance is secondary. The Brighton game is totally different. We will be playing a side that has gelled under a very decent manager and will have a game plan to win. This game I feel will be harder than the Spurs game. Let’s see, but I just never feel confidence in Arteta getting the performance we are capable of. Two losses and he’s got to go. Two wins and the “Process” will continue. Only one or two points and he should be worried. After more than a season and a half, would you seriously back us?

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