How the Kroenke family is slowing down Arsenal’s summer business

Arsenal has reportedly just added Fabio Vieira to their squad, and fans expect them to complete the transfer of more players in the coming days.

Reports have also linked the likes of Youri Tielemans and Gabriel Jesus with a move to the Emirates in recent days.

If Arsenal doesn’t act fast, other suitors could beat them to their signatures, and Mikel Arteta is working hard to avoid that.

The Arsenal gaffer is reportedly keen to get all his transfer business done fast.

He is pushing for that to happen, but The Independent reports that Arsenal’s owners, the Kroenke family, are slowing things down.

This is because they have demanded that every transfer decision goes through them before they are approved.

This means they have a major say on who the club brings in before the transfer window closes.

Just Arsenal Opinion

We need to finish our transfer business fast because the next campaign starts earlier than normal.

Getting that done will also help the manager prepare well in preseason with all his players.

It is not such a bad thing if the Kroenkes want the transfer decisions to go through them, they just need to speed up their response time so that we can get more done faster.

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  1. Maybe they’ve begun to question the club’s transfers seeing that they outspent every club last summer and their reward was early exits from the cups, finished 5th playing only one game weekly and completely bottling top four. And so it begins…

    1. so true dgr8xt…that said, it’s difficult to believe that the owners are the stumbling block considering the fact that we just paid over the number for someone who appeared to be off most people’s/team’s radars…so if this is the case and the Kroenke’s are balking at the notion of making more substantial investments this off-season, why would we pursue this course of action before properly redressing our most pressing needs…the whole argument seems incredibly counter-intuitive, in that if I was MA and I knew that I had a finite amount of funds available to me, I would naturally prioritize those positional needs that were of the utmost importance…as such, the Vieira buy suggests that either this whole argument is bogus or maybe MA’s earlier statements weren’t to be believed, regarding our TW objectives moving forward…another cake and eat it too PR-contrived moment of nonsense, meant to provide our MIT and his administrative sidekick with another built-in excuse

      1. Maybe our transfer kitty is about £500m. Else why would we spend €40m on Ødegaard’s position and another €49m on another central defender when our obvious needs of a CF and CM haven’t been addressed properly? Let’s hope MA knows what he’s doing

      2. TRVL
        Glad to see the involvement when so many complained Kroenke wasn’t involved in decisions.

        I always thought Josh or Stan killed Edu’s ludicrous Melo bid; 2 year loan and pay 40 million.

        They’re involved enough to killed that stupid mugging off, thankfully.

        Hopefully they are involved enough to remind Arteta he spent over 100 million last Summer on his defense, do your job and develop them rather than running back to Kroenke wallet.

        Fabio is good if he or potentially Tielemans replace Xhaka, they need to step in and call time on Xhaka at Arsenal.

        Lastly, get a top striker someone to finish off crosses if we continue Artetaball. Otherwise Jesus and Nketiah won’t have an impact if we’re lobbing 50 crosses in games.

  2. In my mind Tielemens and Bissouma would have cost far less than a combination of Vieira and Raphinha…with a great deal more liklihood for success.The main risk should be taken on a new centre forward and rather than bringing in “Lacazette 2.0” in a player who will never be a prolific goalscorer I would rather see a “beast” like Osimhen playing for Arsenal.A player who has the potential to be Arsenal’s “Drogba” but the coach will undoubtedly plump for someone who will be far easier to manage and will undoubtedly spend the next few years working really hard but rarely excite us as fans.

    1. Bissouma is accused for sexual assault and If it’s true he should definitely not become a new Arsenal problem, we have had enough negativity. Seems to be a perfect Spuds…

  3. I wonder what do you gain in finding the negative side in every Arsenal story? Tbh it’s irritating if the kroenkes don’t spend you whine if they do you say they spend to much now you’re saying they’re stalling like we don’t have over 2 months before the window closes please let’s be fair when analyzing our club

    1. AG…I was obviously kidding, as you clearly have the right to your own opinion…I figured that you were referring to others, like myself, who’re far more outspoken when it comes to critiquing our organizational missteps, but I just couldn’t help myself when your comment appeared below the much more innocent critique produced by Joel, who likewise has the right to voice his displeasure in whatever manner he wishes…Cheers

  4. I have still to see this Vieira in an Arsenal shirt. All we have heard is media rubbish
    I have said before that other teams like Liverpool do not mess around. They identify players and sign them.
    All we do is hesitate until someone else comes in and robs us
    It doesn’t really matter because we will flop next season anyway…

  5. All that article says is:

    “There have been similar sentiments at Arsenal, if not quite to the same degree. Mikel Arteta naturally wants progress on more of his targets, but the Kroenke family – like the Glazers – want all major decisions going through them.”

    Presumably they already sanctioned the decision to pursue the transfer of the current targets prior to opening negotiations. I’d expect there’s also an agreed limit per player and an overall budget.

    This seems a bit of a non-story in the Independent tbh. Slow news day maybe.

  6. Please let’s not argue what is wrong and what is right. My question is, what is the way forward for Arsenal football club. It pains me not seeing Arsenal fighting for the title. Enough is enough.

  7. That’s fantastic news, now Arteta has become untouchable and he will only be responsible for our success😁

    Edu will have to ask before he enter the candy shop 😂 It’s probably balderdash all the way to heaven 👋👋

  8. They must sign teremans , Rafinhiah and that Ajax defender. I don’t need Jesus. Cos they are the same quality,size with Nketia. We need a talker striker for aerial balls scamacca is the best for us.

  9. The final say in our transfer deals; slowing down our transfer business: clearly, the Kroenks want to put their fingers in the pie! (despite knowing very little about the league). If they did not trust the process or the manager, why did they hand him a new 3-year contract? Let’s buckle up; the seat belt signs are flashing.

  10. I would be interested to know what criteria the Kroenke’s are using to evaluate the proposed transfers.

    I wonder if they are using a third party to check each transfer.

    It doesn’t sound like ringing endorsement for the Edu Arteta partnership!!

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