How the Shakespeare effect could be positive for Arsenal too….

A positive change like the Leicester change is all we need! By SK

Watching the two games Leicester played against Sevilla, was a thriller! The first leg witnessed a not too convincing display from the Leicester players, but the second leg was explosive from them! What changed? Was it not the same set of players who played the first leg that played the second leg? How come they suddenly realized how to win a game against Sevilla? Well, we may never really know what inspired such a wonderful display from them but one won’t be wrong to assume that a change of manager went a long way in changing their game.

After the first leg, the management of Leicester decided to sack the coach who was in charge at that period. They had seen enough from Master Claudio and they knew he had nothing more to offer. They had to sack him, although it came as a shock to a lot of people. He just won them the premiership trophy a season ago and he did so against all expectations but since the season started, he had found it difficult producing the magic that led them to a title last season. His sacking, coincidentally, brought about a positive change in the team; suddenly, the players got their mojo bac,k and before we knew what was happening, they had started winning games, while also playing good football. So, what worked the magic? The exit of Ranieri or the expertise of Shakespeare, their new coach? Only the players can tell.

How would you guys feel if we had such a positive change at Arsenal? Won’t you wish that whenever Wenger leaves, we will get a coach who will immediately change our team from pretenders to contenders? Are we willing to risk it? Is Arsenal really ready for a post-Wenger period? Well only time can tell but if truth must be told, Wenger will surely leave Arsenal someday and when he leaves, we will have to prep ourselves for whatever comes out next. Sir Alex Ferguson left Manchester United and ’til today, they are still trying to replicate his magic in the team, although Mourinho is presently doing a good job! However, I am strongly convinced that we will enjoy a smooth transition from Wenger to any other coach.

Dear Gooners, we need the positive type of change that qualified Leicester FC for the Champions league quarter final don’t we?

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. Break-on-through says:

    I think the 2-1 over in Seville is when it started, people omit this, that is how you progress through these fixtures.

  2. Ramterta says:

    we have a greedy board.
    An average manager.
    Mediocre players-Yes I am calling them mediocre because they have lost to united kids and 10 2 to bayern amongst many other embarassments therefore far from top players.

    And lastly the naive and gullible fans who support them are the worst of the lot.

    You can see is as difficult as landing on the moon but not impossible

  3. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Wenger said in his press conference yesterday that success means finishing in the top 4.

    I wish someone could have followed that up with why he has lower standards for success than Conte, Mourinho, Guardiola

    Ibra’vic and Mourinho were extremely happy when they won the League Cup, because they want trophies. They are also still in Europa League Cup.

    Success should only be judged by Trophies, not top 4

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