How these Arsenal fans reacted to the news of Granit Xhaka’s extension…

Arsenal fans react to Xhaka contract talks

Out of nowhere! Arsenal handing a contract extension to Granit Xhaka could not have been guessed by anyone.

But the Gunners came out with a different trick altogether from their hat, at the time when the club were being linked to Bruno Guimarães, Manuel Locatelli and Ruben Neves.

If Xhaka ends up signing that piece of paper, it will be intriguing to see what actually happens with his future in a few years’ time.

Jack Grealish penned a new deal with Aston Villa last September for five years, but Manchester City have lodged a bid for the Englishman after just one year.

Thus, it won’t be perplexing if Xhaka ends up leaving the Emirates Stadium next summer. And that too for a higher fee as the clubs across Europe will start generating money from matchday tickets.

Regardless, here’s how Arsenal supporters reacted to the news of Granit Xhaka’s likely contract extension:

Oh blimey! God bless those news outlets that reported that Arsenal and Roma have already agreed on the fee and Xhaka’s move to Italy is imminent.

The Gunners might be playing mind games with their Italian counterparts to force them to pay the asking price. But who knows what’s happening behind the scenes.

Things will get a lot clearer in the next few days, or even weeks, given it’s Arsenal.

There was only one writer who stuck his head out and said that Granit Xhaka would not be sold this summer – Step forward Admin Pat!


Yash Bisht


  1. Yash is smart! 2 articles of Xhaka in just over an hour.

    He knows what gets people commenting!

  2. Keeping him is one thing but no need for a new contract at higher wages. Criminally stupid! It will not increase Xhaka’s very limited sale value. Instead, it will make him impossible to sell as no team who wants him will be able to afford him.

    1. Good news as I don’t want him leave. If Xhaka should leave Arsenal, I will want Arsenal 2 replace him with Bissouma. But that’s not gonna happen cuz Arsenal’s not gonna have 3 African players in midfielders at once. Considering their call up 2 Afcon. So our most consistent midfielder should stay put.

    2. Agree. Wage increase espescially. It means Arteta and Edu actually think he’s a good player. There is news Bellerin will be getting a similar reward for being mediocre. We just keep going backwards if these things happen. Total shambles of a club. Seems we are keeping every player that has been a part of our downward spiral as if that will make things any better. Bellerin espescially I dont understand how anyone at hte club can seriously still rate him.

    1. I totally agree with you.. the games we played without him last season were awful to watch.. We cannot replace him this window and please not Neves or Local boy telli is close to his level..

    2. He is coming into his prime. It would have been ridiculous to spend years developing him, through all his mistake, and then, now that he finally seems to have found his stride, sell him for pennies. He is the real deal. Underappreciated much.

  3. Some of those fans’ posts in the article are correct, because Xhaka is totally underrated and underappreciated

    His positioning, forward passes, aerial ability, left foot and work rate are essential in our midfield. He just needs to stay cool and minimize his errors

    However, Arsenal need to make sure his full commitment, by adding some preventive and bonus clauses on his new contract. These are to prevent another intentional neck grabbing incident and other errors, also to boost his performance

      1. He was just a victim of Wenger’s and Emery’s systems. He’s been playing well under Arteta’s, aside from his red card and fatal error

        Favre, Wenger, Emery, Ljungberg, Arteta, Petkovic and Mourinho made (will make) him their key player. His Euro performance also showed his true capabilities, when he was fully loved and supported by the fans

        We can’t replace too many players in one transfer window as well, because the new players need at least one season to adapt

          1. This video can explain it better than my short sentences:


      2. To give him his due, he is mostly reliable these days, and doesn’t get sent off every few games anymore, but surely that isn’t enough to reward him with a new contract.

    1. Yes I agree with you. 👌Keeping Xhaka makes sense. We can now go for Odegard and a backup keeper for Leno.

    2. True mate, that is why in 5 years of Xhaka we have progressed from Wengers fast paced exciting tikki takka to todays boring back and side passing. In 5 years we have won no major trophy – EL or EPL and nowhere close to winning (even the EL Baku game was one of the most boring football finals until Iwobi came on and added some spark). Enough of these excellent/very good “positioning””through passes””long passes” they have won us nothing except taking us from a guaranteed top 4 finish to a scrappy top 8 finish. If at all we intend to move to top 4, Xhaka has to go and take along with him Willian, Bellerin, Koolasinac, Lacazette, Elneny.
      However if this move is to prevent him from running down his contract and walking free, then it is the move in the right direction – only it is with the wrong man. If at this age he is valued some 15M Euros and that cannot be met, then in 2 years time we would not even get 8M for him and plus having him for 2 years means no progress and no silverware for 2 more years.
      Finally, Mikel & Edu have made another blunder which will come back to bite Mikel early in the season.I had high expectations for the comming season, now ith Leno, Xhaka and Laca still there with a few days for the new season, then retaining top 8 would be Mikel’s “top 8 tropheee!”
      No point in spending 50M on Ben, Xhaka will ensure that money will go wasted with his fauls aroung the penalty box and needless set pieces in dangerous areas.

      1. Actually, we have won no major trophy in the last sixteen years. Even with the highly rated players like Fabregas, Nasri, Rosicky, Cazorla, Ozil and Sanchez

        About the boring EL final in Baku, that’s just Emery’s style. We saw that again when he faced us in EL semifinal last season

        Xhaka’s playing style doesn’t suit Wenger’s and Emery’s systems, but he showed a huge improvement under Arteta’s

        1. With Fabregas, Nasri, Rosicky, Sanchez we played good and entertaining football, were in Europe, played some good games (and some bashings too which Mr. Ken will downplay as usual). Emery’s “boring” style according to you won him the EL thrice with Sevilla and once withVillareal. He lost the plot with Arsenal.Why? Because there were no mediocre players like Xhaka in his other two teams. When fans accept mediocrity and mediocre players, the outcome is finishing below WHU by 4 points and above Leeds by 2 points! Let that sink in!!
          Huge improvement under Arteta, yes I agree, he upgraded from yellow to red card!
          Granit Xhaka – 161 appearances 9 goals, 42 yellows, 3 reds!What a legend to play for Arsenal? For those talking about fitness, the man seldom runs or slides or tackles so how can he get injured when he does nothing? Only saving grace he did not get injured sitting in the stands holding a red umbrella like his PAL.

          1. We still didn’t win any major trophy with those highly rated creative players. I’m actually more entertained by today’s Arsenal than our previous teams, but to each his own

            Xhaka seems to be nothing special, but he’s always commited to duels. His tackles, interceptions and shoulder charges have invited rough body contacts from the opponents, but he is always fit to play twice a week and can avoid those rough challenges

          2. GAI – disagree on Xhaka and on your point about being more entertaining today, but did think it interesting you said it. I do think Wenger’s playing style has been romanticised – I remember us being pretty boring to watch for much of his latter years. We have some amazing highlights, but it doesn’t tell the full story – more often than not we were pretty drab and bailed out by RVP turning a nothing cross into a goal, or something similar. Its why Sanchez always looked so angry and tried to do everything himself a lot of the time

          3. Loose……classic

            And to the poster who rated Xhakas skill as crap, not true. Its actually like a virus’s crap… has to but you could never see it.
            To the delusional who talk about his positional sense….please…. he has none. See how he drifts all over the play and rarely is in the right place? Every few games, he will cost us points. Hes the 12th man for the opposition
            Yet this novice is looking to keep him on.
            And we paid $50 mil for an unknown!!!! Who says Stan is the blame? Boyo’s, most owners barring the ruski dont micro manage the team. Its the bloody CEO and underlings and they have failed miserably. SACK THE BOARD

        2. Yes Gai. Arsenal demise should not be pinch on Xhaka alone but also on wrong adopted tactics by the previous coaches and laziness displayed by the players most times. Xhaka actually played better under Arteta apart from Smith Rowe he was our most consistent midfielder last season. Common fans let’s support and give Xhaka a chance. No one can bet on a quick adaptability of any incoming DM or AM. All these factors coaches also put into consideration.

        3. GAI, yes Xhaka improved more under Arteta because MA setup the style that benefits Xhaka but not so much for other players. The slow, sideway passing works for Xhaka and that is why he didn’t fit into wengers and Ue’s team. I don’t have issues with his pace, its just he is not a fast thinker and doesn’t do well under pressure. Also, can you tell us what MA’ system is? You always mentioned that you like MA because he several ideas and tactics than his predecessor, but you have never given examples of any of the ideas.

        4. @GOI
          You are entertained with Arteta’s Arsenal more than the time when we had RVP Nasri and Fabregas?!! Now Im pretty sure you are a troll.. Should have known it with your constant obsession with left footed players when in reality a player preferred food don’t mean much for center backs and midfielders and strikers..

    3. And his fitness… his fitness is superb…
      He never gets injured not even knocks or illness or fatigue..

    4. When Chiellini grabbed Saka’s shirt by the neck and hauled him down for daring to dribble past him, so many people thought it bravery and a characteristic of a no nonsense experienced player. Xhaka does a similar thing in preventing a player from gaining advantage by professional fowling him, and he’s demonised. Some fans just take delight in abusing an running down our players and at the end of it all crying out that our players are valued at peanuts because they are not good enough. The annoying thing is the hype of players who are not better than the one we have, it’s crazy. I don’t mind Xhaka staying except we are bringing a player who is well proven to be far better than him, not Neves not Bissouma, how many of the big team have bided for these hyped players?. Can’t imagine fans calling for Lacazette to be replaced by Tammy Abraham who is no better than nketia and for 40m?!

      1. I thought Chiellini was condemned by the pundits and the English fans for that incident

        Lacazette would likely be sacrificed, because Aubameyang is almost unsaleable. Had Aubameyang not signed the contract extension, he would’ve likely been sold first

  4. I keep saying after white we or not signing anyone that’s our window 3 good players but or great like mikel edu and stan promised and we be lucky to finish 8th this season more like 10 th to 12 th

  5. Xhaka is available on the cheap and Roma are the only club on the continent interested in him. Hmmm. Xhaka doesn’t make bench for a single one of the other top 6 clubs (are we even still considered part of that btw? ). Ask rival fans if they want him and you’ll get a laugh. Only Arsenal fans seems to rate him, even when he makes awful mistakes, does useless passes all game, and has been here for FIVE years now and hasn’t convinced in a single season yet?? I can’t believe anyone is celebrating this.

    1. Oh I am celebrating this and I will paint a picture.. when Giroud was about to leave a lot of fans said good riddance but he in fact went to a better team like his national team and the rest is history.. Arsenal fans don’t want to admit that the full team including the coach is shit and pin all the failures on a scapegoat Xhaka the same thing that drove Winaljdum to quit Liverpool.. our player of the season did not make the premier league team of the season but Xhaka did and guess what it was only Arsenal fans who were surprised he did because we have gotten to a point where we can no longer see without bias.. I had already predicted another Martinez situation but MA seems like he is starting to live up to the hype.

      1. What a load of Baloney Xhaka did not make the premier league team of the season. RUBBISH! Is that you xhaka?

        1. He was in the CIES team of the season, which bases its decisions purely on hard facts from OPTA stats that take into account the efficiency of players at both an individual and collective level.
          You are what we call an emotional fan, once your image of a player is tainted, then he can do no right.

          1. CEIS Balony, the only true team of the year is the premier league team of the season and xhaka didn’t even make the reserve team. Please please tell me why this fabulous player cant even attract a bid from anyone in the world of more than 15 mil, if hes as good as you are trying to say he is? Dont just go on my opinions, go on facts!

        2. I think xhaka should stay could is aproven player and he knows league and the clud as well than this local man telli who wil need time to acquire the league

      2. there’s actual reasons to defend Gini. He’s been part of everything good that has happened to Liverpool. Xhaka has literally been a part of everything bad. We bought him when we were a UCL team and he’s been a part of every midfield that has seen us regress and you don’t think he’s one of the problems?? Again, show me out of our rivals who wants him and who takes him as a serious player? He’s a joke.

    2. RSH, you are so right in your assessment. Roma were the only club in for a Swizz international midfielder and offered £12 million plus £3 million add ons, apparently.
      Mediocrity beckons for Arsenal after signing Xhaka for an additional 2 years (total of 4 years) on an upgraded contract. Look forward to more of the player individually responsible for more mistakes leading to goals than any other in the EPL since he has been at Arsenal. The output of goals from midfield may increase, but on the wrong side of the score sheet.

  6. My observation.. Bruno, Neves or Locatelli are not better than Granit not even by sight.. We cannot all make decisions for the club I believe the people who make the decisions have a better perspective than all of us blog suckers!!!

    1. And Xhaka has done WHAT in the 5 years he has been here? Apart from more yellows and reds than anyone, more mistakes leading to goals than anyone, slagging fans off, disrespecting the club and basically contributing nothing, except best stats passing backwards. All the above are facts, not opinion.

      1. I think it is clear to myself and everyone else that you don’t like Xhaka and I will like to say you have an opinion but for me I am super excited if he extends you are not and that’s okay because we cannot all get what we want.. I don’t think the club will want to keep him if they don’t trust him like say for example Ozil.. don’t get emotional but I think if we support our players rather than antagonize them they are more likely to perform better.. I don’t want to get started with us fans and the problems we inflicted our club.. since forcing Wenger out.. we just have a thing for scapegoating!!!

        1. No xhaka, it isnt opinion, i stated pure facts and im still waiting an answer to a simple question.

          1. Oh Reggie
            I forgot Xhaka is the only player who can do it all.
            So you think Kante can do it all without good players around him?

            Now let me give you some examples of bad players who performs in a better team and good players who are above average in a poor team

            Pedro was like a world class in Barça team
            Anderson was like one in Man Utd
            Salah wasn’t a world class till Liverpool
            So is Mane.
            Sterling wasn’t one till Pep’s arrival

            All this players will be absolutely poor with all the players around Xhaka and the way the team is managed during his time here.

            Fabregas teams was miles better than what Xhaka played with.

            Cazorla’s team was miles better also.

            Arsenal lose all credibility immediately Cazorla got injured.
            Xhaka was called Xhaka boom boom when he was playing alongside Cazorla before his injury.

            Xhaka wasn’t the cause of losing top 4.
            I see many people blaming him for the error he committed against Brighton for not making top 4 but forgot we lose more than 5 chances in that same match and none talk about Auba losing a penalty in dying minute against Spurs, Mustafi blunder against Crystal palace.

            People were hailing Martinez and Auba for winning us the fa cup but they forgot Xhaka was in that same team and if truly he’s our problem, we won’t win the trophy.

            A team go down together as one.

            Fabregas and Sanchez went to Barça and I don’t see them winning CL till both left the team.
            The came in 2011 and left in 2014, accidentally means Barcelona won CL a season before they came and a season after they left.
            Does that mean Fabregas wasn’t better than Rakitic at the time or was Pedro, Sandro and Munir better than Sanchez at the time?

            If Xhaka is playing for Man city, I know Pep will figure out how to use him to win a trophy exactly how Arteta and Swiss coach figured how to use him.

            If a player wasn’t play to his strength he will surely become useless. Bergkamp was useless before Wenger came to his rescue, Henry, so many players like that.

            And some say, why are clubs not lying up for him.
            That’s a funny questions cos every team is not like Arsenal who only went for players they don’t need.
            How many top teams bid for DMF?

            Some are even shouting for Arsenal to sign Marc Roca last season (OZZIEGUNNER) especially.
            Please tell me how many appearance he has now? Nobody is calling for him to replace Xhaka now.

            We are fans, let act like one and stop acting as if you will do a better job than people who are managing it.
            If coaches see something in Xhaka, then he must has a special thing in him which we don’t see.

            Take the hatred of Xhaka away from your heart and maybe you will come to realize he got more passion and he’s far better than many players in our team.

            Nobody is saying Xhaka is world-class but one thing I know is that, Xhaka is not the cause of our predicament.

      1. Bobs, Yes he is, i see what he actually brings and doesnt bring and i repeat, WHY CANT WE GIVE HIM AWAY NOW HE IS AVAILABLE?

        1. @Reggie You are entitled to your opinion. But unfortunately wishes are just wishes. You may be personal with Xhaka and hate him but on the ground Xhaka is in the books and you will do nothing about it. You Will see Mr Utility man running the show nxt season till you get used to it. Just putting the reality as it is.

          1. Dont put words into people’s mouth, no time was hate mentioned at all. I dont rate him because of what he does and doesn’t do. Dont write rubbish!

          2. @Reggie Now look you’re getting personal yet again. I beseech you to look at this Xhaka issue with the objectivity it deserves. You’re just Biased against him and you really HATE him. Ratings are about strengths and weakness. On your part you’re only ranting!

  7. So those on this site who pretend to have contacts I guess will now admit to making things up or just report whatever the papers say

  8. There’s only one loser in this speculative equation and that’s clearly any fans who mistakenly thought this club was serious about making the necessary changes…I can’t even fully express my present frustrations with this organization, without being summarily removed from this site for a considerable period of time

    1. TRVL4e, just shows Arsenal has sunk so low that a player can disrespect the Club, the captain’s armband and the supporters, who pay your wages and be rewarded for it.
      If Granit Xhaka was such a great midfielder, why wasn’t Arsenal inundated with offers at £20 million? Roma only offered £12 million, plus £3 million add ons. Yet Arsenal offers him an upgraded contract and ignores Yves Bissouma, who actually wants to play for the Club!

      1. Why wasn’t Bissouma signed by any other club then?
        Not even a bid from any club and yet Liverpool need a midfielder to replace Wiljadinum.

        Ain’t you shouting last year for us to sign Marc Roca.
        When he wasn’t performing at Bayern, why are clubs not bidding for him?

        You’re acting as if you know it all.

        Every coaches has is own pattern and knows all players who fit how he plays.

        How many big teams are fighting for DMF?
        why was it only Juve bidding for Locatelli and why didn’t they up there bid if he was that good?

        I don’t see club fighting on players like before, you know why? Cos players of today are not much better than each other.

        If you miss out on Joghinho you buy Rodri.
        Miss out on Neymar, you buy Griezmann.
        Miss out on Upamecon(spelling) you buy Konate.
        How many teams were fighting for this players?
        There signings was even easy and both defenders was signed around 30M but how are you sure the signing will bear fruit like Marc Roca?

        We are just fans who need so and so players but we never know who is gonna work out.

        We bought Cazorla for 15M and nobody put in a bid of 20M atleast Mata generate a bidding war and more money. Does that mean Mata was the better player?

        1. Bob’s, maybe Bissouma wasn’t sold because Brighton doesn’t want to sell, Bissouma wants Arsenal or it’s because clubs (even Real Madrid and Barcelona) are in dire financial states, because of lack of bums on seats.
          I don’t claim to know it all, but Marc Roca would have improved the Arsenal midfield. Do you honestly believe that the current Arsenal midfield, including Granit Xhaka, given that Cellabos and Odegaard are gone, can improve on two seasons of eighth place?

        2. I’m not a supporter or hater of Xhaka, so I will not participate. However, I hope you comment and post more. I like your reasoning, you use a lot of comparison. You are rare in JA.

      2. And it’s cool for supporters to chant insults at a player because they pay him? How do we fans even live with ourselves? We got what we deserved from Xhaka and I hold no grudges against the man……still our most consistent player by a mile…..Xhaka ddnt disrespect the club, he just gave us a bit of our medicine …..Maybe we will eventually learn a little about what true support means!!!!!

  9. If anyone has actually cared to look at our games in the last 5 years since xhaka joined, we have slipped down the league and we are often over run in midfield against teams. He actually controls nothing and get bamboozled, hence the massive amount of fouls, yellow and red cards. Xhaka is a Donkey and the Emirates is his beach.

    1. How can one player be responsible for a club’s 5 years regression?
      Even Messi in place of Xaka would have kept Arsenal in top 4. The problem is more than one individual responsibility. From Theo to Giroud. From Giroud to Ozil. Now it’s Xaka’s fault we finished 8th.

      1. and he never said xhaka was responsible alone, but he has been a problem, in particular in our midfield. IT’s true, he cannot control a game, slows down our midfield to a tremendous degree and is riddled with errors. ppl need to look at our rivals midfield options and wake up. We’ll be back in 8th with Xhaka as a starter.

        1. Thank you RCH, people do try and put words in your mouth when they are correct. Xhaka is part of the reason of Arsenals slide and on his own. But he is one of the few left still plying his trade of mediocrity and we need shit of him to progress. Well just one of the many things we need to happen anyway.

        2. How many years does Sagna, Fabregas and Van Persie play for Arsenal and yet not a single Trophy?
          Does that mean they made the team regress because they are there more than there fellow Defenders, Midfielders and Forwards?

          I picked those 3 because they are the best at there territory and spend more years in Arsenal than their fellow team mates just like Xhaka was the best in his territory and spend more years than others.

          Is easy to point to one player but a player will never make a team. They win together, they lose together.

          Man Utd 2012/2013 midfielders are
          an old age Carrick, Cleverly and out of form Kagawa and yet won the league.
          They conceded a whooping 43 goals but still has more goal diff than Man City, Chelsea and Arsenal who conceded less 32, 36, 35.
          Which means there Midfield and defends are not performing well.
          But there forward were doing a good job.
          If Xhaka is commiting error, why is our forward not scoring?
          Giroud has no goals or assist in World Cup and yet he played all important game and they win the trophy.

          If Xhaka is only passing side ways and backward, why was he in top 7 in Europe and top 2 in Epl behind Rodri for number of passes forward?

          Everybody likes to cherry pick what suite him but all coaches that see him play has there reason for choosing him.

          Why do you think Arsenal never burge on letting him go cheaply?
          How many of our players have we stood so firm on?

          1. Bobs, I for one have never argued that Granit Xhaka wasn’t one of Arsenal’s most consistent players. He also has a high “utilisation factor” regarding availability for selection. However over two seasons Arsenal have finished eighth and thus to compete with the clubs above and move up the League table, the midfield (including Xhaka) needs major upgrade.

          2. The 3 players you just named left Arsenal and went on to win trophies!as far as I know nor Barca City Utd want to sign Xhaka!

      2. Very typical of Arsenal fans to scapegoat players and managers….And almost every player we do this to comes back to haunt us…..boy!!!! I can’t wait for the day Ozil deals us a lethal blow soon…..Maybe we will learn to be objective about our criticisms and do so smartly. We blame Leno, Xhaka,Auba,Bellerin,Pepe and so on…. Some day it will be Saka and Smith Rowe……we never get tired …lol

        1. So if it’s not down to players and coach why do you think we have gone from a title chasing team to a CL regular team to an FA cup is glory team to a top 6 is ok team to a fighting for a top 6 team to a mid table team … no one says it’s about one player anymore than those endlessly criticizing ozil .. wrongly imo … that his departure would turn things around … xhaka is symbolic of the mediocrity that has enveloped the club .. he’s a Maureen type player dogged limited skills but loyal … no one else will pick up his wage tab in a year’s time

        2. Artemis, if i/we are so wrong about our players/manager tell me why we are so poor now? What curse has been put on us if not?

        3. Ozil, has yet to deal a “lethal blow” for Fenerbahce in Turkey, let alone against Arsenal.
          The important thing is that Arsenal has to win its way back into Europe, for Ozil to even get the opportunity.
          Thus Artemis, you may be waiting a long time on two counts.

        4. we’re in 8th and you think all the players we have are just fine, and are being wrongfully accused of poor performances. Explain how we are in 8th then? If all these players that nobody wants are so amazing?

  10. I’ll be very happy if Xhaka remains in the club, i have said it time without number that he is a good player he proved that last season in the second part of last season under arteta, he also proved it at the just concluded European tournament. Selling him is not the problem but who is going to replace him? most of the players line up for his replacement are not better than him, he knows much about the team, then why can’t we keep him. Although, i am of the opinion that his contract must be sorted out bcos he has less than two years, therefore, so that he won’t go for free later. Our priorities should be attacking midfielder this is a season.

  11. Granit Xhaka EPL Stats only..
    App=161,Goals=9,Assist=15,Shots=161,shot on target=48,Shot accuracy=30%,Crosses=285,Crosses accuracy=25%,Big chance created=14,Yellow card=42,Red=3,Fouls=234,Errors leading to goals=9,Headed goal=0,Goal with right foot=0,Goal with left foot=9,Free kicks=3,Interceptions=156,Clearance=242,Duels won=774,Duels lost=723…

  12. Xhaka great player but too many sluggish back and sideway passes ..ruins a good counter attack…
    He doesn’t suit our style of play just as alcantara is not suited to Liverpool’s style of play…..great players but in wrong systems…

    I rather have lokonga and partey with Azeez elneny deputizing…..xhaka can only play left centerback for me

    1. Instrooments, you and I certainly have differing views on what constitutes a “great player” at Arsenal FC.

      1. That a player is great in Arsenal doesn’t make him great in other clubs.
        Henry was a part player in Barca
        Viera a part player in Juve and Inter
        Petit in Barça and Chelsea
        Fabregas in Barca
        Sanchez wasn’t great till he came here and back to a part player after he left.

        All this are great and talk about players here at Arsenal but not in there team after they left us.

        So not been great in Arsenal doesn’t mean you can’t be great at other clubs.

        Boateng was nothing in Man city but was great in Bayern Munich.

        1. Thierry Henry “not great” at Barcelona:
          2007/08 playing on the wing not CF, top scorer for club, 19 goals, 9 assists;
          2008/09 playing left wing, 26 goals, 10 assists;
          2010/11 due to the emergence played only 15 games.
          Patrick Viera “not great” at Juventus in an injury affected season 2005/06 31 games, 5 goals.
          “Not great” due to injury at Inter Milan 2006/10, 67 games, 6 goals.
          “Not great” at Manchester City 2010/11, 28 games, 3 goals.
          Yes Arsenal got the best years from 2 great players, but players do age.

          1. Bob’s I only went over the careers post Arsenal of the first two players you mentioned Henry and Viera to show the weakness of your argument, without even mentioning the trophies they won!

          2. Winning trophy doesn’t mean you’re great.
            Henry was a good player at Barça not great, Viera was a good player at Juventus not great.

            With your Logic, Hleb was great at Barça cos he won more trophy than Viera in Juve?

            Anyway we all have our definition of great.

            And why not talk about Sanchez at Arsenal before and after moving from Arsenal?

  13. My Kudos go to Arteta and Ecu for their deciding to extend Xhaka’s contract deal at Arsenal. This has necessarily comes about after the Italian club side Roma who said they want him this summer window but failed to stump up his Arsenal valuation transfer fee to pay for his transferring to them Roma.

    Xhaka is a very competent Arsenal senior team player during last season’s campaign in the PL. And who was the heartbeat engine in the team on the field of play last season in the PL. Besides his being a machine like player in human- person, he was reported to have played 36 PL games for Arsenal last season. Which is a prove to his being a machine in human-being disguise. A robot like? Like “The Terminator”? Don’t mind me am just joking.

    But honestly speaking, Xhaka is a machine who was hardly injured for Arsenal last season. And he was always looking to be fit and in-form playing regularly and he’s strong.

    So therefore, Arsenal keeping Xhaka this summer after his Roma move collapsing that sees Arsenal extending his deal at club seemingly this summer. Say, by 3 more years will be a wise decision taken by Arsenal if they took it.

    One reason for this is the money which would have been spent to replace him will not be spent but kept in the club’s transfer kitty.

    But nevertheless, for the 2nd reason, I think I can still see Arsenal sign Martin Odegaard on another loan deal from Real Madrid during this summer transfer window. But likely with the option from RM to make the loan deal permanent the following next season. But if it happens so, Arsenal should try to negotiate transfer fee cost with RM and terms with Odegaard agreed in principle in advance ahead of actualising the making of the transfer permanent.

    And If the transfer loan happens this summer. Arsenal should guaranteed themselves the signing of Odegaard permanently next upper season by negotiating his transferred to them avoiding RM making a fresh demands from Arsenal in high transfer fee for Odegaard’s if they fail to agree with RM this summer to make the deal for Odegaard permanent when Odegaard loaning to Arsenal expired next May.

    And besides, Odegaard will also serve as a suitable guarantee option to cover for the would be bound Afcon absentees Arsenal midfield players of: Partey, Elneny (if he’s still at Arsenal when Afcon is ON) and newly signed Lokonga.

  14. It makes sense to keep xhaka if no team is matching the asking price.
    We have been really bad at selling our players for less money and it is time we stand our ground.

    Do we need an upgrade on xhaka ?
    Definitely Yes.
    But we have other positions which need immediate attention and the funds can be better utilized for CAM, RB, GK which are priority

    Considering Partey’s form I think xhaka can compliment him well also Keeping him this year means we can have right development for lokonga

  15. Xhaka is very good player. If Arsenal are not getting right offer to replace him then makes sense to extend his contract & protect his value for next 1,2 years. Arsenal badly needs creative MFs who can score few goals not another defensive MF. So selling Xhaka cheap and spending more for his replacement does not make sense

  16. Seems to me that around75% of Gooners want Xhaka gone but the rest like himand want himto stay. Also seems to me that MA is in the 75% BUT has comeup against the reality of the Kroenke lie that we were going to spend around £250mill this summer.

    We are now stuck around £75/80mill but have failed to get the mountain of deadwood sold. Hardly surprising that no one wants our proven failures. Which club in their right mind would want the like of Elneny Kolas, Bellerin, and of course the sainted “Xhaka”!
    So we have decided to keep him, for the time being, as we are not financially able to compete for PROPER midfielders with pace mobility non rash attitudes.
    So Gooners, do not blame the manager; blame the owner who is once again treating our club as dirt. He has garnered countless millions in the good times and who knows WHERE all the money went when we regularly qualified for Europe all those years! Clue: the answer is IN HIS POCKET!

    NOW when we need his REAL help, his non actions say “Tough, you little people, I am a multi billionaire and I CARE NOTHING FOR YOU OR YOUR PONY LITTLE CLUB, so s.d off and stop bothering me”.

    So we are stuck with such as XHAKA, instead of say MADDISON OR AOUAR and THAT ilk! SIGH!

    1. But jon, Arteta asked him to stay, when the financial situation was better, Xhaka had more time left on his contract and Arsenal could have got their asking price.

      1. OZZIE , YES I THINK MA made that mistake and has now learnt from it; thus he tried to offload Xhaka but has failed. He will not be held ranson though by Roma and knows that with Kroenke not properly backing him , to get a top relacement for Xhaka would cost far more than we’d get for him.
        Mistakes have consequences, as we are still finding out from Gazidis and even Wengers time, with Xhaka and Bellerin, both in particular.
        I do however see a big quality difference with the new players chosen by MA from the many duffers brought in under our last previous TWO managers.
        THAT IS WHY I will give him the time he needs and which he has not yet been allowed by our army of hasty judgers, esp our young fans. I bear in mind that MA is forced through circumstance(which means Kroenke!) to still use a number of regulars he himself had not chosen to buy.

        1. I love it when you spout rubbish out from your messages.
          It shows how low you know about life in general.

          Kroenke was to blame when we are selling our players for cheap and yet Kroenke to blame when we hold on to our players.

          I’m 100% sure Arteta don’t want Xhaka to go and reason he insisted on Roma paying the actual amount.

          If Kroenke don’t care when we gives out players for free, why will he care now? Guenz and Mavro still went for less.

          Cos you support Arteta doesn’t change the fact that Arteta does not want him to stay.
          Roma bid 15M and 2M short of the actual value. So why didn’t Arteta accept 15M, add 2M from the 50M from Ben’s money since the midfield was our actual priority?

          So Kroenke support him to buy White for 50M but refuse to budge on 2M valuation of Xhaka?

          It shows how bitter and sentimental you’re as a person.

          Every Arsenal fans want an upgrade on Xhaka and even want Kroenke out of the club but nobody was been sentimental as you covering the ass of Arteta to spite Kroenke.

          I know Dharmes know more than you and he said on Sky sport that, Xhaka was in Arteta’s plan. Let the season begins and see if Xhaka won’t be in his plan.

          One thing I know for sure is that, if Arteta is desperate to offload Xhaka,
          he would have surely sell Xhaka for any amount and add it to Lonkonga’s money making 33M to get his type of midfielder. But he didn’t.

          But let blame Kroenke who has no issue with Arteta loaning out a 27M Saliba and get him a 50M White. But blame him for not allowing him to sell Xhaka for 2M diff in value to get a 30M-50M midfielder.

          You always talk about REALITY but you need to live it cos you don’t.

          You smell of sentiment everytime you spout.

          You need to act like some people like..

          I don’t actually agree with them but they are not sentimental. Not using one to spite the other.

          1. Bob’s, what I do agree with is Arsenal drawing a line in the sand as far as their valuation of players whether buying or selling. I would rather Granit Xhaka be retained by Arsenal, than the Club bend over and have Roma buy a Swiss international player on the cheap. Similarly in paying more than what Arsenal valued him at for Emi Buendia (if the Club was even in for him). Arsenal was right to walk away. No one in life can afford to be a soft touch, because you keep being taken advantage of. Similarl

  17. When Chiellini grabbed Saka’s shirt by the neck and hauled him down for daring to dribble past him, so many people thought it bravery and a characteristic of a no nonsense experienced player. Xhaka does a similar thing in preventing a player from gaining advantage by professional fowling him, and he’s demonised. Some fans just take delight in abusing an running down our players and at the end of it all crying out that our players are valued at peanuts because they are not good enough. The annoying thing is the hype of players who are not better than the one we have, it’s crazy. I don’t mind Xhaka staying except we are bringing a player who is well proven to be far better than him, not Neves not Bissouma, how many of the big team have bided for these hyped players?. Can’t imagine fans calling for Lacazette to be replaced by Tammy Abraham who is no better than nketia and for 40m?!

  18. Wow we are clearly determined to keep that 8th place slot. The ‘Tortoise’ Xhaka will surely make sure we are safe from being challenged by Burnley and Newcastle. Maybe if we keep Bellerin too we could even finish 10th.

    Before I heard this Xhaka & Bellerin bullcrap, I was beginning to see us genuinely improving. Seems their are some at Arsenal who may be into self-harm. I really hope Xhaka is just a ‘story with no basis. Xhaka is ‘Mr Slooooooowwww’. Bellerin is ‘Mr Lossst’.

  19. If this is true Arsenal are setting Xhaka up for another showdown with the fans. With a majority of fans wanting him gone, a full emirates stadium is going to turn on him the minute he has one of his well documented “brain freezes” and gets a silly red card or give away a goal. I hope they turn on Arteta and Edu too.

    1. Funny enough, if Xhaka makes no mistakes, fan will pick another player to criticize.

      Believe me, if Xhaka is sold today and Bissouma came in and play rubbish for 2 seasons, the knife will be on his neck. No fans will ever accept he was in support of the club signing Bissouma.

      95% of fans was shouting give Auba whatever he wants (even our so called legends) as if they know tomorrow.
      Nobody saw this coming. I I happened to have a friend who said, Auba won’t be on form and I nearly slapped him but so shameful he was right.

      I remember many fans want us to sign Dunk, Bissouma, Lamptey, Trossand and White, which still baffles me that why are they not closer to Arsenal in league table if they are that good?

  20. What has happened to website? Has it been invaded by xtra terrestrial. They think they are writing editorial of this site. No one read them especially containing little or nothing that is cheerful. Let me know when they are gone

  21. To sum it all up, overall a lot of words and emotions wasted on a player who has cotributed little and is preventing the club from moving forward.

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