How this Arsenal star delivered words of encouragement to his struggling teammate yesterday

Most Arsenal players struggled in their match against Liverpool yesterday, but Nuno Tavares arguably delivered the worst performance in the second half.

The Portuguese star made a poor pass which resulted in Diogo Jota’s goal, and he struggled to cope with the Reds’ pressing.

However, he had support from his teammates, and Football London reports that Ainsley Maitland-Niles urged him to “keep going Nuno” when he made the mistake that resulted in the goal.

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This action just shows the mindset of this Arsenal team and the togetherness that they have right now.

Mikel Arteta inherited a divided dressing room and he needed to get everyone on the same page before he can achieve success.

The Spaniard is doing a great job in that regard and fans will hope it continues.

The game against Liverpool was always going to be tough, and, unsurprisingly, the Reds won.

We expect Arteta to take lessons from the match and ensure that Arsenal does not repeat the same mistakes in upcoming games.

Tavares has enjoyed a fine run in the team, but his performance against Liverpool confirms he still has some development to do and Kieran Tierney is still our main left-back.

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  1. Arteta should have replaced him after that error because that subsequently made things worse for him. In the build up to the 4th goal, Tierney might have helped.
    It’s however a time to draw lessons from the defeat and not to blame anyone. the team is still young; the manager too

  2. I agree that the squad are, seemingly, more united now than for a long time.

    I also think that the Norwich squad are united, along with the Newcastle squad, so things are going well.

    As for AMN, we have been told that he is not up to the standards we require, but at least he knows what wearing the shirt means – let’s hope he gets more playing time, just in case anyone else needs moral support!!!

      The final paragraph I do understand but what are you trying to say or imply with the second paragraph?

      1. Well Jon, I would have thought that any team would have the kind of relationship with each other that the article describes – it’s not really a “wow” moment is it?
        Somehow though, it’s being turned into a plus for MA.

      2. @Jon not sure about you or anyone else, but I understood what @ken is trying to say. Not only that, it makes sense to me as well.

    2. Not sure about Norwich ken but, Manchester, Newcastle, West Ham and Leeds are United. Last time i looked i didn’t think we were united.

  3. In the line up before the match, I had suggested Tierney instead of Nuno. Not that Nuno is a bad player, but Tierney is much better defensively and has big match experience. Different tactics and different players are needed for different situations and different matches. That said, it is great of AMN to give moral support to Nuno, goes to show how much AMN values the shirt and the badge.

    1. The match wasn’t about them not being active defensively, as I assumed they were. But, they looked fidgety which played a role in them giving the ball away in dangerous areas. Everyone suggesting that Nuno didn’t do well defensively, in that match, all got it wrong. Giving the ball away still remain a thing of worry and should be dealt with, asap! Thomas partey, as highly as I think of him, was anonymous in that match, likewise, lokonga didn’t do quite well , although, he started well like the rest of the team. Ramsdale saved us from total detonation, likewise, Gabriel.

  4. The defense was solid even more than Klopp expected, That’s why he was furious, he didn’t expect us to be that organise..
    I think the boys lost focus and were immediately distracted after Arteta and Klopps row with each other..

    Am not Arteta’s biggest fan but I think despite the goals we conceded our defense is improved, and he has definitely put in alot of work in that department

    I don’t know if Partey Should be given a break he doesn’t look like the Partey we are still expecting.
    Lokonga’s game is sometimes tide to a better performance from anyone he pairs with… If his central midfielder flops he also flops as well, if his pairing plays well he plays well too.

    I feel we need to add a left winger and commanding central midfielder to compete again. We need good, strong and direct wingers on both flanks who can hold the ball on their own and play..

    without this players are much talked about process will take longer than expected

  5. I think you could be right about Klopp buddy, he made a couple of subtle but clever changes at half time and the game changed irreversibly unfortunately, he got his players to shut us down quickly in midfield and we couldn’t get out

    To some earlier comments though I’m not convinced that Tierney is a better defender/option to Tavares myself, I like KT, really exciting, marauding going forward but gets caught out defensively

    OK Tavares made a very visible mistake on Saturday but I thought he had a good first half, keeping Salah pretty quiet, the only chance Salah got was on our front post with a move coming from our right after Ben White got “sacked”

    Teirney played in all three of our opening League games, in a defence conceding nine goals, although I still think Leno was fouled for Brentford’s second goal I think KT and Saka could have been better on the back stick. Both Chelsea’s goals came down KT’s flank, again with Saka in front of him and the second in particular showed poor defensive awareness from them both

    I’d stick with Tavares against Newcastle, if for no other reason than to support him after his error at Anfield, but also because at the moment I honestly believe he is a better option that KT

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